The Lucky Wife Reborn In the 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability - C.819 - : Yuanyuan, Sorry


Chapter 819: Yuanyuan, Sorry

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Qin Mucheng massaged his head and took a sip of water.

It was honey water, and it was sweet.

Yuanyuan must have poured it for him.

Qin Mucheng slowly finished a glass of water before getting up from the bed.

Just as he was about to change his clothes, he realized that he still reeked of alcohol.

He vaguely remembered that he hadn’t showered the previous night.

He took a shower on the third floor, cleaned up, and went downstairs.

Qin Junshan had not woken up yet. After all, he was old and drank more than him last night. It was normal that he could not get up.

Qin Mucheng had just come downstairs when Cheng Shuqin said, “I’ve left you some food. Hurry up and sit down.”

Qin Mucheng responded and sat down at the dining table.

He took out his phone from his pocket and turned it on.

Her phone had run out of battery last night and turned off automatically.

Ji Yuanyuan had noticed it at some point and charged his phone.

After he turned it on, he heard all kinds of notifications.

The phone froze for a while before returning to normal.

There were many people looking for him, and Shao Xiuqi seemed to be the most anxious.

He had called him twice at around ten o’clock last night, but his phone had been turned off at that time, so he naturally didn’t receive it.

This morning, at around eight o’clock, this guy called three more times in a row.

Qin Mucheng hurriedly called back, and Shao Xiuqi picked up very quickly.

“Is there something urgent? My phone ran out of battery after drinking last night.”

“I heard that you went to the hotel two days ago and beat up Cao Xiangrong?” Shao Xiuqi asked anxiously.

Qin Mucheng hummed, “How did you know?”

“Brother Lin Zhi told me.”

“Then how did Lin Zhi know?”

“Gu Zhiyan told him.”

“Gu Zhiyan?” Qin Mucheng raised his eyebrows. “She knows Lin Zhi?”

“Yeah, I think it’s strange too. I’ve never heard Brother Lin Zhi mention it before. The two of them actually know each other.”

Qin Mucheng looked thoughtful when he heard Shao Xiuqi’s words.

“Why did you hit Cao Xiangrong? Because of the loan from the Gu family? Was Sheng He so short of money now? If it really doesn’t work, I’ll lend you some.”

“There’s no need for now. We’ll talk about it later.” Qin Mucheng rubbed his eyebrows in discomfort.

“Daddy, who are you talking to?”

Tangtang appeared beside him and asked in a childish voice.

Qin Mucheng turned his head sideways. He lifted her up with one hand and placed her on his knee. “It’s Uncle Shao. Say hello to him.”

“Hello, Uncle Shao!” Tangtang immediately went forward and said into the phone.

Shao Xiuqi had something to say to Qin Mucheng, but when he heard Tangtang’s voice, his thoughts were interrupted.

During the National Day holiday, the hospital was still very busy.

During lunch, Ji Yuanyuan bumped into Cao Xiaorui in the canteen.

It had been two years since Cao Xiaorui graduated. After working for two years, she was already used to life in the hospital.

Therefore, she seemed to be in a good state.

She sat down opposite Ji Yuanyuan with a tray in her hand.

She ate a few mouthfuls by herself. Suddenly, she said, “Something is going on on Teacher Wu’s side recently. Do you know?”

“What’s going on?” Ji Yuanyuan looked up at Cao Xiaorui and asked curiously.

“When I got off work that day, I happened to see a man waiting for her at the entrance of the hospital. After the two of them met up, they walked out together. Although there was no intimate physical movement, but…”

Halfway through her sentence, she winked at Ji Yuanyuan. “The two of them were so close that their shoulders touched. You know how Teacher Wu is. If there’s nothing going on, would she be so close to a man?”

“What if it’s Teacher Wu’s brother or younger brother?” Ji Yuanyuan thought about it and retorted seriously.

Cao Xiaorui knocked the plate angrily. “Hey, there are some feelings that can’t be described. Although I’m far away, my intuition tells me that that man and Teacher Wu are definitely in that kind of relationship.”

Ji Yuanyuan looked at her with amusement. “Just say boyfriends or girlfriends. Why are you saying ‘that kind of relationship’? It’s as if there’s something shameful about it.”

Cao Xiaorui rolled her eyes in anger. “Even if they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, they were at least in the ambiguous stage. Teacher Wu is dating someone. Aren’t you curious?”

This was indeed a surprising thing.

Wu Qiuyun was actually interested in men!

What kind of charm did this man have?

After thinking for a while, Ji Yuanyuan asked seriously, “Did you see what that man looked like? Could it be a doctor or professor from our hospital?”

Cao Xiaorui shook her head regretfully. “No, they’re very far away. I can only see that the man is quite tall and strong.”

Ji Yuanyuan hummed and was about to speak when the phone in her pocket rang several times. It was a WeChat notification.

She took out her phone with one hand and opened WeChat.

The message popped up. Ji Yuanyuan frowned when she saw the person who sent her the message.

It was Zhang Mingyuan. He had sent her three messages, but she did not open them, so she could only see the last one.

“Are you free tomorrow?”

Cao Xiaorui saw her frown and asked curiously, “What’s wrong? From whom?”

Ji Yuanyuan casually opened the message. “Nobody, just a friend I’m not very familiar with.”

Opening the dialog box, three messages appeared in front of Ji Yuanyuan.

“Yaya has always wanted to apologize to your daughter. The first time we met, Yaya was in a bad mood and said some bad things.”

“If it’s convenient for you, I’d like to bring Yaya to apologize to you and your daughter in person.”

“Are you free tomorrow?”

Ji Yuanyuan couldn’t take it anymore. She took a screenshot of the message, opened Zhang Mingyuan’s account, and deleted him.

The first time they had contacted each other privately, she could treat it as Zhang Mingyuan’s desperation because his daughter was sick.

However, this was already the second time. He had made it very clear that he wanted to bring his daughter to apologize to Tangtang and her.

He didn’t mention Jingyi at all.

After deleting the message, she took a deep breath and was about to close the screen when a message suddenly popped up.

Ji Yuanyuan was stunned when she saw the message.

“Yuanyuan, I’m sorry.” The message from Gao Qionghui was simple.

Looking at this message, a strange thought appeared in Ji Yuanyuan’s mind.

She hesitated for a while before replying to Gao Qionghui, “Do you have Gu Zhiyan’s contact information?”

When Gao Qionghui and Cao Xiangrong were together, she knew about Gu Zhiyan’s existence.

She said that Cao Xiangrong had gotten up from her bed several times to look for Gu Zhiyan.

After sending this message, Ji Yuanyuan felt a little regretful.

Wasn’t this question hurting Gao Qionghui’s pride? Perhaps she should explain herself.

Just as she was about to retract her words, Gao Qionghui replied, “I have her number.”

Ji Yuanyuan took a deep breath and stood up with the plate. “Take your time to eat. I’ll be leaving first..”

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