The Lucky Wife Reborn In the 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability - C.805 - : Are You Alright?


Chapter 805: Are You Alright?

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“What’S wrong?” Yang Jingyi tilted her head and looked at him curiously. Zhang Mingyuan smiled, “It’s nothing. I’m just curious. Especially that Ji Yuanyuan. She’s quite low-key, but the clothes she wears are not cheap.” Yang Jingyi wasn’t too happy to hear him talk about her friend, but she still pulled herself together and said, “Her family is rich. Her husband is rich, too.” Zhang Mingyuan nodded thoughtfully and then reached out to hold Yang jingyi’s hand, “Let’s eat at my place tonight? Yaya went to my mother’s place.” Zhang Mingyuan’s words were too obvious. Yang Jingyi wasn’t a young girl who didn’t understand the world, so she naturally understood.

However, she hesitated for a moment and said in a whisper, “My mom called me home for dinner tonight. Maybe next time.”

Zhang Mingyuan looked a little disappointed, but he still forced a smile and said, “Then next time.”

“Let’s go. I’ll send you home.” Zhang Mingyuan said.

After getting into the car, Yang Jingyi leaned her head against the window and pretended to play with her phone.

To be honest, although she was protective of Zhang Mingyuan in front of Ji Yuanyuan, she did not have much feelings for him.

She just felt that Zhang Mingyuan was quite suitable for her.

Ever since she broke up with Xi Xin’an, she has not had much hope for a relationship.

It seemed like she didn’t know how to love anymore…

To be more precise, she didn’t dare to love anymore.

Once, she loved someone wholeheartedly and wanted to give up everything she had.

However, in the blink of an eye, she had lost everything. This feeling could take half of her life.

She did not want to experience it again.

Although she did not want to experience love again, she wanted to get married.

After all, people had to get married.

She was still young. She still had room to choose if she set her sights on a divorced man with a child.

If she were to wait until she was older, she might only be chosen by others. Although Zhang Mingyuan was nine years older than her, his conditions were not bad.

He was good-looking, had a car and a house, and his income was not low.

Moreover, he had no plans to have a second child.

It was pretty in line with her requirements. Although they do not have any feelings for each other now, they will develop feelings for each other over time.

However, she did not dare to let her mother know yet.

She knew what her situation was, but she was worthy of anyone in her mother’s eyes.

Therefore, she planned to wait for a period of time until she and Zhang Mingyuan developed a relationship before telling her mother.

Yang Jingyi leaned against the window and sighed.

However, this was too difficult.

She opened QQand scrolled through the Qzone.

Looking at the cute little boy on the screen, Yang Jingyi’s hand suddenly trembled.

That was Xi Xin’an’s account. She did not delete him from her friend list when they broke up that year.

It had been so many years. Although he had kept her as a friend, he had never contacted her again.

Moreover, not long after they broke up, WeChat became popular.

Everyone started to use WeChat, but QQwas rarely used.

It had been a long time since she had opened the Qzone.

Xi Xin’an’s son had grown up quite a bit. He was quite cute and looked a little like Xi Xin’an.

She didn’t know why, but she felt a little flustered.

She was looking at her ex-boyfriend’s Qzone in front of her current boyfriend. “What are you thinking about? Why do you look like you have a deep grudge?” While waiting for the red light, Zhang Mingyuan turned his head and looked at Yang Jingyi strangely.

Yang Jingyi’s hand trembled. She put her phone on her lap and looked up as calmly as she could, “Nothing. I’m thinking about work.”

Zhang Mingyuan did not suspect anything. He smiled. “Today is the weekend. What work are you thinking about?”

“I just remembered that there was something wrong with the form I gave the leader on Friday afternoon,” Yang Jingyi sighed.

Zhang Mingyuan raised his eyebrows, “Then when you get home later, hurry up, edit it, and send it to the leader again. Don’t delay things.” As he spoke, the red light ended. Zhang Mingyuan focused on the front and stepped on the accelerator.

In the passenger seat, Yang Jingyi secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She subconsciously glanced at Zhang Mingyuan.

Seeing that Zhang Mingyuan did not notice her, she lowered her head and picked up her phone again.

However, she was stunned when she looked at the phone screen.

She actually liked Xi Xin’an’s post.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she quickly unliked it.

It had only been a minute, Xi Xin’an definitely did not notice. As long as she canceled it, Xi Xinan wouldn’t receive a notification, right? After canceling the ‘like’ comment, she heaved a sigh of relief and exited the space.

On the chat interface, the top message was sent by Xi Xin’an a minute ago.

“How are you?”

Yang Jingyi’s eyes reddened at those words.

Her hands were trembling slightly. She did not reply to Xi Xin’an’s message but logged out of QQ.

She turned her head and looked out the window, not wanting Zhang Mingyuan to see her losing her composure.

She only managed to suppress her emotions when she reached the door of her house.

After Zhang Mingyuan left, she dragged her heavy body upstairs.

Hu Chunli wasn’t at home. The supermarket’s business was getting bigger and bigger, and Hu Chunli had more and more work to do.

Even though it was the weekend, she was still swamped.

Yang Jingyi returned to her room in a daze and lay on the bed. She felt dizzy.

The room was so quiet that she could hear her own heartbeat.

She stared at the ceiling and took out her phone from her pocket after a while. When he opened QQ, Xi Xin’an’s chat box had already been pushed to the bottom by the group messages.

Yang Jingyi slid down a few times before she found his.

She clicked on Xi Xin’an’s profile picture and hesitated for a few seconds before deleting Xi Xin’an from her friend list.

Yang Jingyi let out a long sigh.

She stared at the ceiling in a daze and suddenly burst into tears. On the other side, Fang Xinyi left after sending Ji Yuanyuan off. At home, Qin Junshan was having his lunch break.

Cheng Shuqin brought Tangtang to the living room to do a puzzle.

Tangtang was very focused. Even though Ji Yuanyuan had returned, she was not distracted. She was still fighting seriously.

“Mom, I’ll accompany her to play for a while. You can go and sleep for a while,” Ji Yuanyuan whispered when she saw Cheng Shuqin’s tired face.

Cheng Shuqin looked at Tangtang. Seeing that she didn’t look like she was going to sleep soon, she nodded, “Then I’ll go and sleep for a while.” Cheng Shuqin stood up and left. Ji Yuanyuan sat opposite Tangtang. Tangtang did not notice it at all. She was focused on the puzzle on the ground. When the puzzle was completed, she looked up and said, “Grandma…” “Mommy, look at my puzzle.” Her eyes lit up when she saw Ji Yuanyuan. Ji Yuanyuan lowered her head to take a look. The puzzle on the carpet was Queen Elsa, whom Tangtang liked.

“Wow, Tangtang is really amazing. You even completed such a difficult puzzle.” Ji Yuanyuan praised sincerely..

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