The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.109


After entering the door, Chloe glanced back at the butler in the courtyard and sighed:

"Your man sure is oily, huh."


Qin Huaibei looked at her oddly: "Why do you always like to use such strange adjectives?"

He had no idea what she meant.

However, Chloe didn't seem to have any intention of explaining it to him. She just lazily yawned and said, "Don't get it? Good."

Qin Huaibei: "..."

Some people just deserved a beating, damn it.

The group of five arrived on the second floor of the villa, where Qin Huaibei's room was located. There were also a few guest rooms along the corridor.

Qin Huaibei opened the guest room doors one by one:

"There are spare clothes in the wardrobes, all clean. Feel free to pick what you want to wear."

After saying that, he bid them farewell and returned to his own room.

After temporarily separating from her companions, Chloe closed and locked the guest room door, then opened the wardrobe to choose some clothes.

She usually wore the black combat uniform from The No.1 Military Academy. Now, as she opened the wardrobe and glanced at the array of casual wear, she felt a little out of sorts.

Chloe closed her eyes and randomly picked out a white hoodie and a pair of jeans, then immediately went to take a shower.

She had gotten herself drenched from playing too hard earlier, which felt really uncomfortable.

By the time Chloe came out of the shower and changed into her new clothes, Qin Huaibei, Daniel, and Anderson were already waiting outside her guest room.

Daniel's short hair was still dripping wet. He was squatting and leaning against the door, muttering, "Strange, how can girls take so long to shower?"

Judging by the time, it had already been nearly half an hour.

Daniel felt like he was going to grow moss from boredom.

Qin Huaibei didn't understand either, but he expressed his respect for it.

The three of them leaned against the door and wall, their minds blank, their expressions dazed.

Until suddenly, the door panel behind Daniel was violently pounded on.

Daniel jumped in fright, leaping up from the floor.

"What the heck? My back is going to be bruised."

It was Chloe's door panel that he had been leaning against.

While Daniel was confused and startled, Anderson rose from the wall and twisted the doorknob, entering the room with no expression on his face.

Daniel and Qin Huaibei looked at each other for a while, then consciously moved positions and squatted outside Katherine's door instead.

Daniel whispered, "When will he treat us the way he treats Chloe?"

Qin Huaibei glanced at him sideways: "Be content with what you have."

Meanwhile, inside Chloe's guest room.

Chloe had already dressed herself, wrapped in a pure white bath towel, her wet black hair clinging to it in tangles.

When Anderson entered, he saw Chloe sitting leisurely on a chair by the table, with a holographic screen in front of her, her slender, fair fingers lightly tapping on it.

He didn't speak, but silently picked up the bat plush toy that Chloe had thrown against the door panel earlier and placed it back on the bed. Then he took a hairdryer from the bedside table and carefully began drying Chloe's hair.

The young lady's hair was not only long, but also very thick and lush.

Whenever Chloe trained, she would complain about wanting to cut her hair because it got too hot.

But Anderson liked the young lady's hair very much, so each time he would soothe her when she got angry and preserve this mane of raven locks.

After all, she had kept her hair this long, so if it were cut abruptly, the young lady would be upset later on as well.

Anderson was lost in thought, but his hands never stopped moving.

The hairdryer soon dried her previously damp hair.

For them as vampires, drying hair was merely a matter of opening their fingers and casting a spell. But Chloe enjoyed Anderson's attentive service, so ever since Anderson had started accompanying her, she no longer used magic to dry her hair.

"Enough, stop it, you'll dry my hair out if you keep going."

Chloe waved Anderson's hand away, turning her head and complaining.

Anderson instinctively apologized, then put the hairdryer away.

After finishing all this, Anderson looked up and happened to see Chloe propping her chin, calmly watching him.

Anderson was momentarily at a loss, standing there awkwardly, unsure of where to put his hands and feet.

Seeing him so clumsy, Chloe couldn't help but laugh out loud:

"You're such a dope, just like Xavier, always worrying too much."

As she spoke these rather puzzling words, she gestured for Anderson to come over.

Seeing this, Anderson hesitated for a moment, then obediently walked over.

Chloe must have closed the terminal at some point, as the holographic screen had disappeared.

She reached out and gently pinched Anderson's chin, her gaze carefully studying every feature on his face, as if admiring it, or scrutinizing it.

Anderson didn't dare breathe heavily, meekly closing his eyes.

Seeing his demeanor, Chloe couldn't help but find it amusing: "What are you doing? If someone didn't know better, they'd think the young lady was bullying a fair maiden."

As she spoke, she released her grip on Anderson's chin and said nonchalantly:

"Sure, you're quite handsome. But so what if you're handsome? Does that mean the young lady will have anything to do with you in the future?"

"If that's the case, then why doesn't Xavier worry about Qin Huaibei and Daniel too?"

Although Daniel was a bit silly, he was still a dashing, untamed little wolf from the jungle.

Thinking of this, Chloe snickered: "Don't you agree?"

Anderson remained silent.

He felt that neither himself, nor Qin Huaibei, nor Daniel, could ever truly match the young lady.

Ever since Chloe had picked him up and brought him home, Anderson had been destined to give his life for her protection.

In fact, even Anderson himself didn't quite understand why Xavier harbored such hostility towards him.

He just... wanted to protect the young lady, that's all.

Anderson's expression grew pensive until Chloe shook him out of it and reopened the terminal:

"Oh, right, I need to tell you something."

Anderson raised his eyes: "What is it?"

"The head of the Francis Family just contacted me," Chloe's smile faded a little. "He said he wants to talk to you."

Upon hearing this, Anderson's brow furrowed slightly.

Chloe reacted the same way.

Anderson was considered a cast-off from the Francis Family, and after all these years, the Francis Family had never sought him out again. Chloe had thought they wouldn't bother finding him anymore.

But unexpectedly, as soon as she finished showering and casually swiped through the terminal, she saw a message from the head of the Francis Family.

Come to think of it, their intention was understandable.

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