The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.103


The following day, in the vast training hall, the main squad of The No.1 Military Academy was in serious training, except for Anderson and Chloe.

Anderson sat in front of a mirror, earbuds in his ears playing classic mainland melodies that praised true feelings and true love in the mortal world.

In his hands was a picture book collection that eulogized justice.

The young man's emerald green eyes carried a rare sense of despair.

Chloe sat beside him, urging him, "Read it, why have you stopped reading?"

She gloated, "This is an order from Instructor Ren herself. You must listen to these songs and read these books. Don't slack off, I'm here to supervise you."

Anderson's expression was peculiar.

To be honest, if he had known that Ren Yunying's way of supervising him to improve his violent tendencies involved such tasks, he would not have so brazenly disfigured the Brut Military Academy students in front of everyone.

Both the old-fashioned, crumbly songs playing in his earphones and the children's picture book clearly meant for six-year-olds were causing Anderson immense suffering.

He had originally thought his dear lady would sympathize with him, but it turned out he was mistaken.

How could Chloe feel pity for him when she could barely stop herself from laughing at his predicament?

For a moment, Anderson's eyes betrayed his hurt.

Chloe rarely saw Anderson like this, and she felt a dark sense of pleasure, patting his shoulder.

"Continue, I'm here to keep you company. You don't need to feel embarrassed."

As she finished speaking, the other members of The No.1 Military Academy's main squad also turned their gazes towards them.

It was a subtle yet malicious gaze, undoubtedly these seeming diligent little rabbits had no interest in training at all, but rather hoped to see Anderson's embarrassment!

Chloe didn't care, because she felt the same way.

Anderson let out a deep sigh, and finally began reluctantly reciting the story from the picture book.

"Once upon a time, there was an evil dragon who wanted to marry the princess as his wife. So on a stormy night, he spread his ugly wings and flew towards the kingdom where the princess lived..."

Anderson paused, a hint of disgust in his eyes.

But Chloe seemed engrossed, urging him, "And then? Go on!"

Anderson gave her a helpless look and continued reading.

It was a very clichéd story of a hero defeating the dragon and marrying the princess, and who knows from what dark corner Ren Yunying dug out this book - it was just like her.

Just this worn-out story alone made Anderson exude an air of dejection and decadence.

The other members of The No.1 Military Academy's main squad could barely hold in their laughter, and eventually gave up pretending, tossing their training equipment aside to crowd in front of Anderson, listening with rapt attention like little children.

Anderson: '...'

He closed his eyes in anguish.

The entire morning, Anderson was forced to sit in front of the mirror, reciting that asinine children's picture book to his teammates, his heart filled with desolation.

It was... too painful!

It wasn't until lunchtime, when Ren Yunying entered the training hall and knocked to call them for a meal, that Qin Huaibei and the others reluctantly left.

Chloe extended her hand to pull Anderson up from the floor, ready to go out with him.

They saw Ren Yunying standing with her arms folded, looking leisurely at them, her jet-black eyes lingering meaningfully on Anderson before curling her lips into a smile.

"How was it?"

Anderson had been reading picture books all morning, his mouth now dry.

He unconsciously licked his lips, then said with difficulty, "It was fine, thank you for your guidance, Instructor Ren."

Hearing this, Ren Yunying's mood brightened, nodding, "Not bad, you're showing some awareness."

Her eyes glinted with amusement, "From now on, I'll personally pick out songs and picture books for you. Remember to read them every day to cultivate your character, understand?"

Anderson's expression was blank, "...I understand."

Ren Yunying smiled with satisfaction, then left the training hall.

This was all part of her painstaking efforts - The No.1 Military Academy could not produce a mindless killing machine, but rather a flesh-and-blood, intelligent, and empathetic human weapon.

In this regard, Chloe was better than Anderson, so when Anderson's fatal flaw emerged, Ren Yunying immediately thought of Chloe.

She was the most suitable and capable person to supervise him.

Thinking of this, Ren Yunying shook her head and finally said, "Tonight at 8 p.m., come to my office. I've called in a specialized psychologist for you to cooperate with the examination."

The expression on Anderson's lips became more restrained, and he obediently nodded, "Okay."

After Ren Yunying left, Chloe yawned and laughed, "See, this is what you get for going overboard during the competition. You're getting punished."

Anderson pursed his lips without responding. After a long silence, he said, "I was too angry. I've never been like that before. I'm sorry."

"You don't need to apologize to me," Chloe turned to look at him, her dark red eyes sparkling, "I admire what you did. If you hadn't acted, I wouldn't have gone easy on them either when I got out."

With that, without seeing Anderson's reaction, Chloe happily skipped ahead.

Time for lunch, what was there to dwell on?

That would only cause more trouble.

The spaceship was large, with various rooms closely adjoined. To reach the dining hall, they had to pass by the Brut Military Academy's training room.

Chloe considered herself a vengeful person. Although Anderson had already gotten revenge for her, if she couldn't give Kamen a good beating herself, she would still feel some regret.

Coincidentally, as Chloe deliberately slowed her pace, the Brut Military Academy's training room happened to be open, and Chloe locked eyes with Kamen directly.

Chloe narrowed her eyes, looking at him with relish.

Kamen, however, immediately turned pale, frantically retreating to close the door.

"Hey, what are you running for?"

With that, Chloe immediately reached out and grabbed the door frame.

Her strength was immense. Once she grabbed the frame, no matter how hard Kamen tried to pull, the door to the training room remained unmoved.

Chloe's smile was faint, her expression innocently pure. She even tilted her head slightly to peek inside their training room before turning her dark red eyes back, laughing lightly, "Why so tense? I just wanted to chat with you."

The girl in front of him appeared harmless, but Kamen wasn't foolish enough to actually open the door and confront her.

His voice trembled, "What do you want? Go away!"

Hearing this, Chloe blinked her eyes as if hurt, "Why so fierce all of a sudden? Did I do something wrong? Or..."

Chloe's gaze turned cold, "Or are you guilty of wrongdoing, and can't face me squarely?"

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