The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth - C.161


Sui Yan dragged her younger brother and ran over, not forgetting to call Ti Zi, "Ti Zi! We're going to eat!"

Bai Yuanmo forcefully joined the group of children, walking up to Sui Yan, "Sui Yan, do you like those little fish?"

Sui Yan instinctively licked the corner of her mouth, pursing her lips and looking rather upright, "I like them, the little fish are super cute!"

Xu Mo whispered, "Big brother, my sister actually wants to eat braised..." Mmph!

Sui Yan smiled and covered her younger brother's mouth, "Brother, don't listen to Xu Mo's nonsense."

Bai Yuanmo: "...Alright." So who's really talking nonsense?

Suddenly, Sui Yu strode over and hooked his arm around his sister's neck, "Sui Yan, let's go! We're going to eat braised fish and sweet and sour fish!"

Sui Yan: "..." Stealing her spotlight again?

In the end, this group inevitably caused another ruckus before finally scampering off to the restaurant with laughter.

Hu Qingyun and Luo Yuxuan had already been standing at the restaurant entrance, looking around. When they saw the little girl hopping over, they felt especially delighted.

"Sui Yan, come let Auntie give you a hug!"

Sui Yan ran over and hugged Hu Qingyun, pouting, "Big Auntie, I'm not a little kid anymore."

How can she keep hugging everyone every day!

Luo Yuxuan laughed, "Sui Yan, how are you not a little kid? In our family, besides Xu Mo, you're the youngest."

Sui Yan obediently hugged Luo Yuxuan as well, "Little Auntie, but there's still Xu Mo who's younger! Anyway, I'm not a little kid!"

Xu Mo followed behind his sister, "Who is it that whines and acts spoiled with Mom every day? My sister is clearly the most childish!"

Sui Yan glanced at her brother, "We're talking about age here! What does that have to do with being childish or not?"

Xu Mo gave a meaningful "Oh," then mercilessly walked past his sister into the restaurant.

The others also entered with laughter and chatter, while Sui Yan had already seated herself at the place marked with her name.

Everyone's chairs were uniformly antique-looking, except for Sui Yan's chair which had a soft, fluffy pink cushion.

She sat on the fluffy chair and waved at Ti Zi, "Ti Zi! Come here quickly!"

Liu Hua couldn't help but frown, "Sister-in-law, you shouldn't pamper Sui Yan with special treatment. If you keep spoiling her like this, she'll get completely out of hand."

Liu Hua clearly remembered how Sui Yan had been spoiled rotten as a child, throwing tantrums and crying whenever things didn't go her way.

Sui Yan furrowed her brows, "Mom, I've grown up now, I won't be like when I was little!"

Liu Hua remained unmoved, "So who is it that throws fits at home every day, demanding an extra piece of chocolate?"

Sui Yan: "..."

She quickly turned and pointed at Ti Zi and Xu Mo, "It's Ti Zi and Xu Mo! They're the ones who love chocolate the most and never listen!"

Ti Zi and Xu Mo: "?"

Utterly ridiculous!

Hu Qingyun and Luo Yuxuan were amused by the little girl, laughing as they helped the elderly inside, "Sui Yan is still a little girl, we should dote on her a bit. Right, Dad and Mom?"

Yang Huijun and Old Master Bai both smiled, "That's right, our little one is well-behaved and won't be spoiled by pampering."

This statement made not only Liu Hua, but even Sui Yan herself blush.

She shyly touched her face and loudly called out to everyone, "Grandpa, Grandma, when are we going to start eating? I'm so hungry!"

All the adults present indulged Sui Yan, "Alright, let's start eating then, we don't need to be so formal at home."

Bai Qingrui and Bai Yuanmo, who had been constrained by family rules for over twenty years, smiled without comment.

As soon as Sui Yan finished eating, she started secretly calling to Xu Mo across from her, "Xu Mo, are you done eating?"

Xu Mo looked up from his bowl, puzzled, "Sister, what's up?"

Sui Yan covered her mouth with her hand, "Let's go play."

Liu Hua tapped the little girl's head with disdain, "Don't rush your brother to finish eating!"

Sui Yan pouted, "I'm not! I'm saying we'll go play after Xu Mo finishes eating."

Under the table, Ti Zi tugged at Sui Yan's pants leg while nibbling, "Woof woof~"

Sui Yan, I'm done eating! Let's go play!

Sui Yan stroked Ti Zi's fur, "Ti Zi, wait a bit more, we'll wait for Xu Mo to finish, then we'll all go play together. I'll give you another piece of meat!"

Xu Mo was pleased with his sister's actions and unknowingly sped up his eating.

Sui Yu sighed, "Sui Yan doesn't like playing with her brother anymore."

Sui Yan was startled, "Brother, I do!"

Sui Zhi calmly nodded, "That's right."

Qiao Ze shrugged, "Haven't you gotten used to it yet?"

Bai Qingrui was a bit confused by the three of them, but that didn't stop him from joining in, "Maybe the brothers did something to upset Sui Yan again."

Bai Yuanmo looked bewildered, unable to understand the situation, but he was greatly impressed.

So he quickly joined his younger brothers, "The brothers didn't mean to upset Sui Yan."

The few grown men exchanged glances, each appreciating the other's acting skills.

As for everyone else: "..."

Faced with everyone's stares, Sui Yan was only stunned for less than two seconds before quickly regaining her composure.

She pouted pitifully, "Sui Yan never disliked her brothers, why are they slandering me in front of Grandpa, Grandma, and the uncles and aunties?"

The brothers: "?" Turning the tables on them?

This little Sui Yan is too crafty!

Liu Hua laughed and lightly tapped Sui Yan, "You bunch of rascals, where did you learn all these words? We're eating now, no more mischief!"

Hu Qingyun also laughed nonstop, "This is how it should be, our family has become so lively ever since we had Sui Yan."

Yang Huijun and Old Master Bai also smiled affectionately, "Alright, alright, you little rascals, go play in the courtyard after you've finished eating."

Sui Yan obediently replied, "Yes, Grandma!"

With the elders' intervention, Sui Yu and the others didn't continue their antics.

Unexpectedly, this little girl's skills had improved quite a bit lately, even able to discern their subtle implications.

She even turned the tables on them!

Sui Yan didn't care about her dramatic brothers, dragging the just-finished Xu Mo and Ti Zi to run into the courtyard.

Being pulled by his sister, Xu Mo felt a bit helpless as he asked, "Sister, what are we going to play?"

Sui Yan looked around for a while, then ran to the corner of the wall and dug out a stick. "Look at this," he said. "We can use this stick as a fishing rod, and go fishing in the small pond."

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