The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth - C.156


Sui Yu and Ye Anning both heaved a sigh of relief: "Dad, this is easy to explain."

Sui Jinhong snorted coldly: "Then you'd better get out of my sight, and don't let me see you for the next few days."

He needed to calm down!

Sui Yu got up nimbly: "Dad, we'll leave now."

With a wave of his hand, he held Ye Anning's hand and left with his brothers and sisters.

Sui Jinhong grew even angrier: "I told you to leave! I didn't tell your sisters to leave!"

However, everyone pretended not to hear him and one by one rushed back to Liu Hua's house.

Sui Jinhong was so angry that he almost turned his back on them.

As they snuck back home, they looked up and met Liu Hua's gossipy gaze: "Sui Yu, did your dad beat you up?"

Sui Yu wiped his sweat: "Mom, why do I feel like you're actually hoping I got beaten?"

Liu Hua yawned: "No, no, not really hoping, just a little bit hoping."

Sui Yu: "..."

Sui Yan nodded solemnly: "Me too."

Sui Yu pinched his sister's ear: "That's not what you said when you asked me to buy you hair ties."

Sui Yan covered her ear and ran to Liu Hua: "Mom!"

Liu Hua hugged her daughter with a smile: "Alright, since your dad didn't say anything, I won't either... but you still have to remember to treat Anning well."

Sui Yan emphatically agreed with her mother: "Yes!"

Liu Hua high-fived Sui Yan: "Let's go eat."

Sui Yu and Ye Anning exchanged a helpless glance, then couldn't help but smile at the same time.

Shen Nian clicked her tongue and shook her head: "You're lucky nothing serious happened, but how did Liu Aunt find out about you two?"

Ye Anning remembered this incident and gritted her teeth: "It's all because of Sui Yu!"

Sui Yu looked confused: "What did I do?"

Ye Anning rushed up to him and pulled open her collar slightly. She lowered her voice: "Was this bite mark made by you or a dog?"

Sui Yu's eyes darkened, and he smirked: "Who told you to make me angry?"

Ye Anning realized belatedly: "But those novels weren't written by me!"

Sui Yu didn't care: "Does that matter to you?"

Ye Anning: "..."

She stomped over to Sui Yan: "Yan, let me beat up your carrot again."

Sui Yan bravely put her hands on her hips and faced her sister: "No! The carrot is too pitiful! Always being beaten by sister!"

The little girl said fiercely: "If sister wants to beat something up, beat the other Pikachu!"

Ye Anning and Shen Nian, who had caught up, both burst out laughing. Ye Anning forced herself to be serious for two seconds and said with difficulty: "Alright then."

How could such a little girl always say the most innocent things in the fiercest tone!

After the commotion and lunch, Liu Hua reminded the family: "We might leave tomorrow or the day after, so we'll have a farewell dinner together tonight."

Ye Anning and Shen Nian had been mentally prepared, so they weren't too reluctant to part with their boyfriends.

Instead, they were more reluctant to part with Sui Yan.

But Sui Yan remembered an important matter: "Mom, I haven't seen Lu Yunling yet."

Liu Hua didn't really want her daughter to see that girl, and she felt helpless: "Does Yan really have to go?"

Sui Yan cupped her face and whined: "I want to go!"

Sui Yu finished cleaning up and walked over, wiping his hands: "Mom, I'll take Yan and the others to see her this afternoon."

Liu Hua sighed: "Fine, fine, go if you want to, but remember to protect your sister."

Sui Yan blew a kiss at her mother: "Muah~ Mom is the best!"


For Sui Yu and the others, going to see Lu Yunling was a very risky thing. They even brought Ti Zi along, breaking the rules.

Qi Linhan sat next to Ti Zi, looking at Sui Yan through the car window of the other vehicle. He turned to Ti Zi: "Ti Zi, we decided together to take Yan to see Lu Yunling this time."

Ti Zi squinted her eyes but didn't react.

But Qi Linhan continued: "I know that one day, Yan will recover her memories, but no matter when that day comes, and no matter if Yan forgives us then, at least she still has you, Liu Aunt and Xiao Hui."

"She will definitely live a good life."

Ti Zi lifted her head and looked at Qi Linhan for a long while, eventually nodding slightly.

Qi Linhan and the others had always been avoiding the issue of Sui Yan regaining her memories. But at this moment, they finally faced it.

The rest of the journey was silent, with no one mentioning the matter.

Sui Yan thought everyone was worried that Lu Yunling would cause trouble again. She nibbled on a piece of candy and looked around: "Sister, it looks so remote out here, don't tell me the brothers want to sell the world's cutest Yan?"

Ye Anning played along to lighten the mood: "Hmm... if we sell Yan, how much can we get?"

Shen Nian couldn't help but laugh: "Little Yan could only be sold for four dollars back then."

Sui Yan didn't expect her dark history to be brought up, and she covered Shen Nian's mouth: "Nian, don't say anymore!"

Ye Anning teased the little girl: "Then Yan..."

Sui Yan cut her sister off: "Back then, Yan told the brothers to spend ten dollars to buy sister!"

Ye Anning: "..."

Sui Yan acted smug: "See, the brother and sister were going to date so early!"

Ye Anning clenched her fist and twisted her wrist: "Why so early?"

Sui Yan quickly changed her tune: "Not doing anything, the brother and sister were just such good students! Amazing!"

Ye Anning forced a smile as she squeezed her sister's face: "Yan is the smartest!"

"Yan, we're here, get ready to leave the car." Sui Zhi called from the front.

Sui Yan and the others immediately stopped fooling around: "Got it!"



A particularly haggard-looking girl lay on the ground. She opened her eyes in a daze, instinctively slamming her throbbing temple.

Where was this place?

Why was she wearing a prison uniform?

What was going on?

Lu Yunling struggled to her feet and looked around irritably.

Wasn't she just at Sui Yan's funeral? Sui Yan was already dead, but her good days had just begun!

She angrily pounded on the iron door in front of her. "Is anyone there?"

"What's all the yelling about? Tired of living?" A few women dressed in prison garb sat not far from the iron door, tossing what was in their hands rudely to the ground. "Has last night's beating not taught you a lesson yet?"

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