The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth - C.154


Sui Yu and Qiao Ze simultaneously raised their heads, their eyes almost shooting out red lights.

Time to hunt!

Sui Zhi and Qi Linhan, along with Sui Yan, watched in confusion as Sui Yu and Qiao Ze rushed out to catch someone.

In less than half a minute, Ye Anning and Shen Nian were caught and brought back.

Qi Linhan curiously asked the little girl beside him, "What did your sisters write about?"

Sui Yan scratched her head, "A domineering CEO and his hacker best friend, a silly top streamer and a cunning doctor."

Qi Linhan: "..." He seemed to have realized something.

Sui Zhi, who had just finished reading a part of the content: "..."

Sui Yu dragged Ye Anning over, pressed her shoulder to make her sit, "Come on, explain."

Ye Anning nervously looked around, "Um, this... it's not what I wrote!"

Shen Nian, who had just been caught by Qiao Ze, "... This was just an accident."

Qiao Ze raised his chin, "An accident that we discovered?"

Shen Nian: "Um... well..."

Ye Anning frantically shifted the blame, "Yes! Exactly! It has nothing to do with me!"

Shen Nian turned her head sharply, "Then who was the one discussing with me until late last night?"

Sui Yu nodded, "Good point, no wonder you didn't reply to my messages last night."

Ye Anning: "..."

Qi Linhan, who had quietly walked over to Sui Zhi to read the text together, felt a bit disgusted, "I feel dirty."

Sui Zhi's gaze was complicated. He suddenly raised his head and shouted at Sui Yu and Qiao Ze, "Quick, teach them a lesson!"

This is so troublesome and annoying!

Sui Yan didn't know the consequences of this incident being discovered; she only knew that her sister beat up her rag doll the next day.

She pouted unhappily, "Sister, don't hit my carrot!"

Ye Anning released the carrot, which was about the same size as the little girl, "Then should I hit you instead?"

Sui Yan said very sincerely, "Then, sister, you should hit my carrot."

It would surely be happy to be hit instead of its owner.

So in front of the little girl, Ye Anning mercilessly beat up the carrot again.

Shen Nian lazily watched as Ye Anning finished beating the carrot, then she rotated her wrist, "That's about enough, now you can give Sui Yan a beating."

Sui Yan stepped back and said weakly, "Sister, you've already hit the carrot, you can't hit Sui Yan too."

Ye Anning smiled, "I never said that hitting the carrot means I won't hit you."

Sui Yan: "... Mommy, help!"

The little girl ran towards her room, but as soon as she left the room, she bumped into Liu Hua who was just coming upstairs.

"Oww! Mommy!" Sui Yan was startled but quickly hid behind Liu Hua after realizing it was her.

Liu Hua was also taken aback, "Sui Yan, what are you doing?"

Sui Yan peeked her head out, "Mommy, sister wants to hit me."

As she spoke, Ye Anning and Shen Nian followed out of the room at a leisurely pace.

Ye Anning saw Liu Hua and felt a bit confused, "Auntie."

Liu Hua squinted, feeling like she saw something unusual on Ye Anning's neck.

She patted Sui Yan's shoulder, "Sui Yan, you and Nian Nian go downstairs and have something to eat first. Mom has something to talk to your sister about."

Although Sui Yan was usually unreliable, she was unexpectedly sensitive this time, "Mommy, no! I want to stay with sister."

The little girl thought her mom had discovered that her brother and sister were dating, so she wanted to help cover for her sister.

Ye Anning was also a bit nervous, "Auntie, what's wrong?"

Shen Nian didn't say anything, feeling that this was a hurdle Sui Yu and Ye Anning would eventually have to face; there was no way to avoid it forever.

Liu Hua was full of black lines, "Why are you all so tense? Am I that scary?"

Shen Nian pulled Sui Yan downstairs, "Then we'll go downstairs first, Auntie."

Ye Anning couldn't help but silently criticize Shen Nian, then became even more nervous, "Auntie..."

Liu Hua hesitated before speaking, "Anning, have you started dating?"

Ye Anning looked blankly in the direction Liu Hua was looking, towards her own neck, and her face flushed red. She fumbled with her collar, "Auntie, I... I am..."

Liu Hua was somewhat amused, "I'm not asking about that, after all, you're an adult now. I just want to tell you that girls need to protect themselves."

She said so much because she treated Ye Anning like her own child. After all, it's easier for girls to be taken advantage of in these situations.

"Mom, what are you guys talking about?" Sui Yu came upstairs after hearing the commotion, his hand resting on the stair railing as he asked in confusion.

Liu Hua looked helplessly at Ye Anning, whose face had turned even redder, and waved at her son, "It has nothing to do with you, I'm talking to your sister."

In Sui Yu's mind, Ye Anning was definitely not his sister, so he was even more confused, "But isn't Sui Yan downstairs?"

Liu Hua frowned, intending to correct Sui Yu's words, but when she turned her head, due to the angle, she also happened to see the red mark on Sui Yu's collarbone.

Liu Hua: "..." What's going on with these kids?

Sui Yu still didn't realize the severity of the issue as he took a few steps upstairs, "Aren't you two coming downstairs?"

Liu Hua suddenly realized something while standing in the middle of Ye Anning and Sui Yu.

Didn't Anning spend the night at her house with Sui Yan last night? And Sui Yu hasn't been out much recently, has he?

"Are you two together?" Liu Hua's expression gradually became one of shock.

Sui Yu and Ye Anning were both a bit dazed, and Sui Yu's words came out stuttered, "Mom, did you hear something?"

Liu Hua pointed at their necks, "It's too obvious."

Sui Yu and Ye Anning simultaneously lowered their heads, then looked at each other simultaneously.




The three were speechless.

Ye Anning now only wanted to bury herself.

Sui Yu tried to organize his words, "Mom, let me explain."

Liu Hua spread her hands, "Why explain to me? You should explain to your own father."

Sui Yu's eyes lit up, "Mom, does that mean you don't object to us being together?"

Liu Hua thought for a moment, "Although you two are nominally siblings, you're not on the same household registration and have no blood relation. Why would I object?"

She added, "Besides, would it matter if I objected? Anning is so great, I don't want you to disappoint her."

Ye Anning sniffed, "Auntie..."

Liu Hua looked at the unusually gentle Ye Anning and frowned, "But indulge in casual encounters, is this what I taught you? How old is Anning? Just wait for your dad and Auntie Ye to beat you up."

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