The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth - C.151


Sui Yan nodded firmly, "Yes, I want to watch over her here as well."

Qi Linhan pondered for a moment, "Then Sui Yan can stay here."

If the young lady was to remain, surely the others would stay as well.

Sui Yu tugged on the little tuft of hair on the man's head, "Hey, speak up!"

The man: "..."

Xu Mo couldn't bear to watch any longer. He reached out and yanked the handkerchief stuffed in the man's mouth, "Speak now."

The man: "...Uh, wait a minute, what do you need me to say?"

Sui Yu dragged a chair and sat down in front of him, looking down at him, "Who sent you? Did they send you to capture Sui Yan or to harm her?"

Sui Yan tugged on the man's tuft again, "Yeah, speak up!"

Unnamed man: "I was sent to capture her, but I don't know the specific reason."

Sui Zhi kicked him, "Do you know Lu Yunling?"

The man hesitated for two seconds, but upon seeing the increasingly fierce looks on the others' faces, he immediately spoke up, "I know him!"

He added, "Well, not really know him. My employer knows that this Lu Yunling person has a conflict with this young lady, so he took advantage of the situation. He trapped her with some words..."

His voice gradually trailed off until there was no sound.

Qiao Ze smiled, "So who is your employer?"

The man shook his head frantically, "I really don't know that. We've only communicated anonymously."

Qi Linhan suddenly spoke up, "Look up and smile."

The man: "?" With a confused look, he raised his head, and then he heard a click.

"Wait! I've told you everything! Why are you taking a photo?"

Qi Linhan looked at him calmly, "Shut up."

Sui Yan leaned over to take a look, "Brother Linhan, what are you doing? I have a lot of his photos here too."

The man: "..."

Qi Linhan smiled and patted the girl's head, "It's nothing, you'll know in a moment."

Sui Yu also turned to look, "Can you find him?"

Qi Linhan typed a few keystrokes, "Yes, it'll just take some time."

Liu Hua elbowed Xu Yi, "Go call Bai Qingrui and have him take this man to the police station."

The man stared at the group's actions with his mouth agape. He hurriedly spoke up, "Wait! Let's negotiate, don't send me to the police station!"

Xu Mo took out a long sword that the family had collected, "No need to go to the police station, as long as you can withstand these ten strikes."

The man: "...Then just send me to the police station."

The man, still unaware of the severity of the situation, thought that being sent to the police station would at most damage his reputation and make it difficult to take jobs in the future. But being struck ten times would definitely cost him his life.

Xu Yi took the sword back from his son, "Child, why are you grabbing things randomly? This blade has been sharpened, be careful."

Xu Mo huffed, "I was just trying to scare him."

"Found it." Qi Linhan finally stopped typing, squinting his eyes with an unhappy expression.

Sui Yu and Liu Hua were the first to lean over and look, while Sui Yan was rudely pushed aside. She jumped up and down, wanting to see, "Brother! Move aside a bit!"

Sui Yu placed his large hand on his sister's head, "Wait a moment, and you can see. Don't cause any trouble first."

Liu Hua silently looked at the contents on the computer screen and couldn't help but laugh scornfully, "So it was all because of that prescription?"

She clearly saw that the employer behind this man was an ordinary-looking woman.

However, the information showed that this employer was a high-ranking official at a research institute in the Capital.

Qi Linhan also massaged his brow, "The people from the National Research Institute are quite unreliable, letting their competitors know about such matters."

Sui Yu's expression was grim at first, but soon he fell into deep thought, "That research institute is backed by a public company. I've had dinner with their executives before."

He just didn't expect that now they would send someone to capture Sui Yan over a prescription...

Qiao Ze was quite familiar with these matters. He glanced at Sui Yu, "You didn't invest in this public company, did you?"

Sui Yu scoffed, "Of course not. The quality of their drugs has been declining, not nearly as good as their peak period."

He wasn't foolish enough to throw money at them.

Qiao Ze nodded, "That's good. I was going to warn you that the quality of their drugs is deteriorating, and they'll go bankrupt sooner or later."

Although Liu Hua wasn't very familiar with other companies in the industry, she deeply resented the act of lowering drug quality.

She frowned, "Then they've hit a wall this time."

Sui Yan, who was always tinkering with medicines at home, also felt a bit uncomfortable at the moment, "They're so unreasonable! I'll go report them."

Sui Zhi unconditionally supported her sister, "Yes!"

Ye Anning couldn't help but speak up, "That won't work. Their drugs haven't caused any major issues, so reporting them won't be of much use."

Sui Yu's gaze deepened, "Yes, but... their drugs may not have been without major issues."

Qi Linhan understood immediately, "I'll look into it."

Qiao Ze reminded, "You can specifically check the neurological drugs. I recall they had a batch of problematic drugs before, but that incident was covered up."

The still-bound man was utterly confused.

What... what's going on? During the brief moment he zoned out, this group had already dug up his employer's background?

Moreover, the target of his mission this time seemed to be no ordinary person. It seemed he had been deceived?

Sui Yan found the conversation a bit boring since she couldn't really help with researching information. Her gaze fell back on the man.

The young lady poked the man with the sheathed long sword, "Hey!"

"Wh-What! Kid, can we talk this through? Don't wave that sword around!" The man trembled in fear, not daring to move rashly.

Sui Yan didn't initially plan to play with him, but his reaction made her think it was quite amusing.

So the girl rudely poked the man again, "I won't! What are you afraid of? I haven't even drawn the sword."

The man: "..." Help...!!

*Knock knock*

"Xu Mo, go open the door, it should be your Qingrui brother coming," Xu Yi patted his son's shoulder.

Xu Mo got up reluctantly: "Okay."

Given his sister's experience of retrieving the parcel today, Xu Mo deliberately hid behind the door and peeked through the peephole to make sure it was Bai Qingrui before opening the door.

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