The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth - C.148


Ye Anning smiled meaningfully: "You don't understand this, there's more, like the domineering construction foreman who falls in love with me, the village belle and the village bully's love story..."

Shen Nian hugged Sui Yan and teased her: "Sui Yan, when your brother comes back, let him become the village chief."

Sui Yan lowered her head and peeled an orange, the little girl unconsciously responded: "Then will Sister become the village belle?"

Ye Anning curled her lips: "Of course not, if anyone, it would be your brother who becomes the village belle. I'm more suited to be the village bully."

As they let their imaginations run wild, Shen Nian really got inspired: "Actually, I thought of a really fun combination."

Ye Anning sat next to her to watch her type: "What is it?"

Sui Anqing came back holding a few practice books. As soon as he entered, he saw the three sisters huddled around Shen Nian's computer screen.

He asked Xu Mo, who had been there, a bit puzzled: "What mischief are they up to again?"

Xu Mo shook his head helplessly: "Who knows?"

The two innocent and pure little boys exchanged a glance and shook their heads at the same time.

Meanwhile, Sui Yan lazily leaned on Shen Nian's shoulder, eating an orange while watching the content on the computer: "Nian Nian, what are you writing?"

Shen Nian kept typing, her tone extremely pleased: "A domineering CEO and his hacker best friend, a silly superstar and a cunning doctor."

Sui Yan didn't understand, but she clapped her hands supportively: "So impressive!"

Ye Anning looked shocked: "You can't even avoid using your own man for fan pairing, can you? That's so cruel!"

Shen Nian cleared her throat: "Well, as long as just the three of us know about this, don't tell anyone else."

Xu Mo secretly overheard that sentence, and he narrowed his eyes dangerously: "We all heard it."

Shen Nian cautiously stopped typing: "What?"

Xu Mo tilted his chin towards Sui Yan: "Sister, I want the gift you promised me."

Sui Yan held up the last slice of orange, puzzled: "Huh?"

Shen Nian nodded without hesitation: "Okay, I'll take you and your sister to buy you a gift tomorrow."

Ye Anning looked disdainful: "Who does that?"

Sui Anqing reacted a bit late: "I want a gift chosen by Sister Sui Yan too!"

Xu Mo covered his mouth: "Sister already gave you a gift last time, you can't ask for another one now."

Sui Anqing acted stubborn: "No way!"

Xu Mo said calmly: "Then you won't be able to copy my homework anymore."

Sui Anqing: "...Then I won't ask for a gift this time."

Ye Anning looked puzzled: "Sui Anqing, you copy homework?"

Sui Anqing argued: "...No, no, I don't!"

Sui Yan raised her hand: "Wait, why isn't anyone asking me? You can't ask for gifts on your own!"

Xu Mo pursed his lips: "But if I don't ask, you'll forget to buy me a gift."

Sui Yan became assertive: "Who says that? I already picked out a gift and bought it using Brother's phone. I guarantee the express delivery will arrive today!"

Xu Mo expressed doubt: "Really? Sister, you can't lie to me."

Sui Yan patted her chest: "I definitely won't lie to you."

Although the situation developed a bit unexpectedly, Shen Nian still took the opportunity to say: "Then you have to keep my secret and not tell anyone about that thing."

Xu Mo understood immediately: "What thing? I clearly don't know anything."

Shen Nian nodded in satisfaction. Ye Anning clicked her tongue in admiration: "Sui Anqing, look at how smart Little Mo is, and then look at yourself!"

Sui Anqing protested inexplicably: "Hmph!"

The three girls and two boys stayed at home. At noon, Shen Nian's mother brought them a meal and then let them continue playing on their own.

Sui Yan patted her belly contentedly: "Sister, when will Brother and the others be back?"

Ye Anning yawned: "Not that soon, they might not be back until late."

Sui Yan sighed: "Okay."

The little girl swung her little legs idly and started blowing bubbles out of boredom.

Xu Mo appeared calm, but his heart was still waiting for the gift his sister promised him.

Fortunately, he didn't have to wait long, as the doorbell of their house rang.

He was the first to react: "Sister, is that your express delivery?"

Sui Yan licked the corner of her mouth: "Huh? Let me go check."

Ye Anning frowned: "Sui Yan, let's go together."

Sui Yan held her sister's shoulder: "No, if you go with me, you'll see the gift I want to give to Little Mo."

Xu Mo also frowned: "Sister, then don't go get the delivery. Just let the person leave it at the door."

Sui Yan put on her fluffy slippers: "It's fine, Ti Zi can go with me to get the delivery. Ti Zi, let's go!"

Ti Zi stood up lazily, exuding the aura of the Wolf King.

Ye Anning and the others felt a bit reassured: "Then we'll wait for Sui Yan at the door. As soon as you get the delivery, come right back, okay?"

Sui Yan blinked at her sister: "Okay~ Don't worry, Sister!"

The little girl had no worries as she swayed out the door with Ti Zi.

Ye Anning and the others followed worriedly, but they only went as far as the door and stopped, watching Sui Yan talking to the Delivery Guy from a distance.

Sui Yan took a large semi-transparent box from the Delivery Guy. The Delivery Guy reminded her: "Little girl, this is a fragile item. Do you want to check it first?"

Sui Yan nodded innocently: "Okay."

She squatted down seriously and placed the box on the ground to inspect its contents.

The Delivery Guy looked at the small girl squatting on the ground, then glanced sideways at the Wolf King behind her.

He hesitated for two seconds, then quickly struck out at Sui Yan.




All of this happened in just a few seconds. Ye Anning was on high alert from the start. When she saw the Delivery Guy attack her sister, she immediately wanted to rush over.

But before she could take her first step, everyone saw the originally squatting Sui Yan suddenly reach out and grab the Delivery Guy's wrist, then execute a clean and sharp shoulder throw...

The Delivery Guy was thrown to the ground by the tiny little girl, completely unable to fight back.

And in the next second after he hit the ground, Ti Zi fiercely pounced on him, pinning the Delivery Guy down and growling at him.

Ye Anning's mind went blank. She rushed over to Shen Nian and her two younger brothers, exclaiming, "Sui Yan! Are you alright?"

Sui Yan scratched his head in a daze, "Sister, I'm fine."

Shouldn't the one who had a problem be the delivery guy?

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