The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth - C.144


With Qi Linhan's words, everyone else also relaxed.

Liu Hua smiled faintly: "Since that's the case, we'd better fight it out quickly."

Having never seen their brother and parents in such a state before, Sui Yan and Xu Mo were stunned. Sui Yan blinked: "Mom, so what are we going to do to Lu Yunling?"

The few adults who had forgotten to avoid the little ones were startled, wondering if they were being too cruel and might scare the children.

However, Xu Mo had already raised his hand high: "Mom, I can help too. I want to kill those two!"

Sui Yan looked around, then raised her hand fiercely: "Yes! Me too!"

Although she was fine now, that scene had been too terrifying!

If it weren't for Brother Qi Linhan saving her, if it weren't for Big Brother pulling Sister back, they would have been hit by the car!

Liu Hua was startled by the two kids, but when she came to her senses, she smiled: "Good! Not bad for my own little ones. Xu Mo, come help us plan. Sui Yan, be a good girl and do your homework."

Sui Yan was dissatisfied: "Why? Little brother gets to play with you, but I can't!"

Sui Yu slowly developed a question mark on his head: "Play?"

Sui Zhi's face was full of blacklines: "You little brat, you think this is a game?"

Xu Mo felt he had finally scored against his sister, grinning smugly: "Short stuff, don't meddle in adult affairs."

Sui Yan: "?"

She was so angry she wanted to scratch him: "Xu Mo!"

Liu Hua suppressed a laugh and mediated: "Alright, alright, let's not talk about this today. Everyone go to sleep, we'll discuss it tomorrow."

Sui Yan felt her young soul had taken a critical hit of 10,000 damage. Aggrieved, she went to find Ti Zi: "I'm not playing with you guys anymore, just Ti Zi."

This wouldn't do!

Xu Mo grabbed his sister's hand: "Sis, I'm sorry, don't be mad."

Sui Yan clenched her fist and waved it in front of her brother: "If you call me names again, I'll hit you! See how big my fists are like steamed buns?"

Unable to resist, Qi Linhan quipped: "Taro buns? Red bean or green bean filling?"

Sui Yan: "...Humph!"

The little girl stamped her foot, shook off her brother's hand and ran upstairs.

Watching their feisty little daughter, Liu Hua smiled and said: "It should be a custard bun."

No matter how old the children were, in her eyes they were all cute little bundles.

Xu Mo had to facepalm: "Mom, Dad, you guys discuss. I'll go check on Sis."

This bunch was just too sassy!

Of course, he wouldn't admit that he was quite sassy himself.

With so much happening these past few days, Sui Yan was truly exhausted, so she slept straight through until noon the next day.

In the living room outside her room, a group had gathered in a circle.

Ye Anning nibbled on a small pastry: "Where's Qiao Ze? I didn't see him today. Shen Nian didn't come either."

Without looking up from his phone, Sui Yu said: "He got caught trying to steal someone's little cabbage, and my mom took him to the neighbors to sort out their feelings."

Sui Zhi looked a little worried at the clarification Weibo post he made last night: "Bro, I can't take this anymore. Such an ambiguous clarification will only make people think I'm being evasive."

Sui Yu waved his hand: "It's fine, let the matter brew for a while first. We'll do some public relations later."

Qi Linhan sent a file to Sui Yu from his computer: "Take a look at this, I worked on it last night."

Sui Yu guessed it was a file related to the incident with Sui Yan, and opened it right away. After reading it, he said slowly: "You have to make sure these pieces of evidence leave them no chance to retaliate."

Qi Linhan was quite confident about this: "That's for sure."

"Did I miss anything? Where were you guys at?" Shen Nian came over carrying a bag of snacks.

Ye Anning eagerly gossiped: "You came alone?"

Mentioning this, Shen Nian was a little helpless: "Qiao Ze got held back by my dad. Don't know what they're saying at my place. They wouldn't let me listen, so I came here."

Ye Anning clicked her tongue and shook her head: "Life's tough."

Sui Zhi idly pulled at a tassel on the edge of the carpet: "What's the big deal? You and Sui Yu are definitely going to have it tougher later. Hang in there, big bro!"

Sui Yu narrowed his eyes, then quickly returned to his usual calm demeanor: "You don't need to tell me."

Ye Anning, who had been so eager to gossip earlier, fell silent when it came to her own affairs.

Qi Linhan yawned, about to say something, but shifted his body slightly: "Sui Yan, why are you eavesdropping? Come over here!"

No one knew when, but Sui Yan had been squatting by her room door, blatantly eavesdropping. She stood up defiantly: "I wasn't eavesdropping, I've been squatting here for a while. You guys just didn't see me!"

Shen Nian beckoned to the little girl: "Brat, come here."

Sui Yan ran over and sat down expertly between Shen Nian and Ye Anning.

Ye Anning pinched her little sister's cheek: "What did Sui Yan overhear just now?"

Sui Yan smiled a little foolishly: "Sis, you're definitely together with Big Bro now."

Sui Yu grabbed a cushion and threw it at his sister: "How did you know?"

Ye Anning reached out and caught the cushion midair, tossing it back to Sui Yu: "Just say it, why throw a cushion at Sui Yan?"

Sui Yu touched his nose, not daring to make a sound.

Sui Yan had a very understanding look: "At first I wasn't sure, but now I am."

Ye Anning didn't intend to hide it from her sister anyway, so she rubbed Sui Yan's face: "Well, Sui Yan is really smart."

Sui Yan surreptitiously stole Sui Zhi's phone to play games: "Of course, Sui Yan is the smartest!"

The little girl effortlessly unlocked her brother's phone with the fingerprint lock, then browsed for games she had previously downloaded.

While playing, she had to comment: "Bro, can't you change that wallpaper?"

Sui Zhi gently kicked Sui Yan's slippers: "Isn't the wallpaper you? What should I change it to?"

Sui Yan was unsatisfied: "I don't think that photo highlights my...coolness! I want to take a new one!"

Sui Zhi seemed puzzled: "Coolness? I didn't know you had any."

Whether to say it or not, everyone in the family was quite good-looking, except for Sui Xiao Yan who lacked that handsome charm.

No matter how you looked at her, she was just cute and adorable.

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