The Art of Chaotic Divinity - C.118: Get Up and Go Call Someone!

The Art of Chaotic Divinity

C.118: Get Up and Go Call Someone!

"It's rebellion... Have you all rebelled? Don't any of you want to live anymore?"

The disciples of the Iron Blood Alliance, used to bullying others, usually made the ordinary inner sect disciples bow their heads in submission. But now, suddenly, there were so many disciples standing up in rebellion against them at the same time.

Among those rebellious disciples were also direct disciples in the Pulse Formation Realm. When they had first joined the inner sect, they too had suffered oppression from the Iron Blood Alliance.

"You're the ones who are wrong! You are the tumors and root of calamity in the sect!"

"We support Senior Uncle Ling Feng. The Iron Blood Alliance is utterly unnecessary!"

"Senior Uncle Ling Feng, we swear to stand by you through thick and thin!"

The anger that had been suppressed in their hearts finally erupted completely.

One disciple after another drew their weapons, surrounding the Iron Blood Alliance's Pulse Formation Realm experts.

There was strength in numbers!

So what if there were only a dozen or so in the Pulse Formation Realm? Hundreds of inner sect disciples had gathered outside the Iron Blood Alliance!

Among the crowd, Lin Xian'er mingled, and in Ling Feng, she saw something she had never seen before.

That was passion!

A youth's passion!

Fearless against tyranny, finding joy in wielding the sword!

"Y-You've all turned against us!" Under the encirclement of the crowd, the members of the Iron Blood Alliance looked pale with fear.

'Strength in numbers' wasn't just a saying. With only a dozen or so people surrounded by hundreds, the overwhelming pressure was especially evident.


Wang Qiang clenched his fists tightly, tears welling up in his eyes.

Jiang Wanqing, Su Hongxiu, Zhou Yan, one by one, clenched their fists excitedly. They had never imagined that Ling Feng could actually stir up everyone's emotions and ignite the passion in their hearts.

"Righteousness will receive abundant support, while unrighteousness will receive little support!"

Ling Feng stepped on Huang Gou's cheek. With a crunch, Huang Gou's right hand was crushed under Ling Feng's foot.


The sound of a pig-like scream echoed as Huang Gou writhed in pain, cold sweat pouring down his face. He pointed at Ling Feng with his left hand, cursing loudly, "D-D-Do you know? You're finished! Completely finished! Do you realize that the leader of our Iron Blood Alliance is Senior Brother Jing Wuxue!? You're doomed! You've gotten yourself into big trouble!"

In response, Ling Feng mercilessly kicked him again.


Huang Gou's left leg was directly broken by Ling Feng, with the shattered bones piercing through the muscles of his thigh, causing fresh blood to gush out like a torrent.


Huang Gou's entire body trembled violently. "Damn it, bastard, bastard...!"

As Huang Gou continued to curse incessantly, his mind even blanked out from the pain. Tears and snot streamed down his face, and the agony was so intense that he nearly passed out.

Naturally, Ling Feng wouldn't let him off so easily by just fainting. The pain inflicted on Luo Jianying by Huang Gou would be repaid tenfold!

"Beat these bastards to death!"

In the crowd, it was unclear who first roared, but the disciples who had surrounded the Iron Blood Alliance members finally reacted. They rushed forward, grabbing hold of them one by one. With slaps and punches raining down, they reduced those Pulse Formation Realm cultivators of the Iron Blood Alliance to tears and pleas for mercy, making them soil themselves in fear.

Inside the hall of the Iron Blood Alliance, more and more members were alerted to the situation. They rushed out one by one, only to be suppressed by the overwhelming numbers and the enemy's tactics. For every one that emerged, there were others to meet them, and they were all beaten within an inch of their lives, bloodied and barely breathing.

These people were usually so arrogant, treating ordinary disciples without power or influence as if they were pigs and dogs.

Now, those ordinary disciples had the opportunity to turn the tables, so naturally, each and every one of them resorted to ruthless tactics!

Of course, there were also some members of the Iron Blood Alliance who had some skills. Despite being outnumbered by dozens of people, they managed to hold their ground. However, Lin Xian'er intervened covertly and swiftly dealt with them using a concealed weapon, teaching them a lesson they wouldn't forget.

From the very beginning of the battle, Ling Feng's side completely dominated with overwhelming superiority.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bones in Huang Gou's body, under Ling Feng's feet, played an extremely crisp crackling symphony, and soon, almost no intact bones could be found in Huang Gou.

Ling Feng deliberately avoided all of his vital points, leaving him with his life intact, not allowing him to die so easily.

"D-Don't hit me, please don't hit me!"

Huang Gou felt his nerves going numb. He laid in a pool of blood, filled with regret in his heart.

If he had known that Luo Jianying was under Ling Feng's protection, even if he had a hundred times more courage, he wouldn't dare to touch a hair on Luo Jianying's head.

With a kick, Ling Feng pushed Huang Gou away, then stood with his hands behind his back, his handsome face looking exceptionally stern.

The members stationed inside the Iron Blood Alliance headquarters had been basically taken care of, but the true experts had not yet appeared.

To uproot the Iron Blood Alliance completely, their leader must also pay a sufficient price.

Under the crimson sunset.

With a resounding boom, the grand gate of the Iron Blood Alliance was kicked down by Ling Feng.

The lingering rays of the setting sun bathed Ling Feng's solitary and towering figure, lending his slender form and handsome face a golden sheen.

His clothes billowed in the wind, exuding an indescribable and unique charm, as if in that moment, he had transformed into an invincible golden war god!

Accompanied by him, those disciples who went crazy together raised their fists high, emitting earth-shattering shouts.

"Ling Feng!"

"Ling Feng!"

The feeling of avenging past humiliations is simply exhilarating!

Jiang Wanqing and Su Hongxiu watched Ling Feng's figure, admiration gleaming in their beautiful eyes.

The current Ling Feng is truly dashing and cool!

Even Lin Xian'er, hidden in the crowd, couldn't help but secretly admire him. This guy, he's pretty cool indeed!

At the thought of this, a blush rose involuntarily on her exquisite face.

Fortunately, all eyes were focused on Ling Feng.

At that moment, he was the center of the world!

Ling Feng slowly turned around and grabbed Liu Quanhai, who was lying on the ground pretending to be dead.

With Ling Feng himself taking action, he exercised restraint. Despite having twisted both of Liu Quanhai's hands, he should have regained consciousness by now, even if he had passed out from the pain.

"Don't play dead. Get up and go call someone!"

With a cold stare, Ling Feng fixed his gaze on Liu Quanhai. Liu Quanhai, no longer daring to feign unconsciousness, quickly opened his eyes and stammered, "W-What did you say?"

He was somewhat confused about the situation.

"Go and summon the top cultivators of your Iron Blood Alliance, especially that guy named Jing Wuxue! I'll give you only the time it takes for an incense stick to burn. If Jing Wuxue doesn't show up within that time, his Iron Blood Alliance will become a sea of fire today! And his life will vanish forever along with the words 'Iron Blood Alliance!'"

Ling Feng's gaze pierced through Liu Quanhai like a sharp blade, instilling fear that made him tremble uncontrollably.

"Tell him he has only one chance to save his life!"

As Ling Feng talked, he threw Liu Quanhai aside. The reason he didn't cripple Liu Quanhai's legs was to keep him as a lackey to deliver a message to Jing Wuxue.


Liu Quanhai stood still for a moment, bewildered. He wondered if Ling Feng had gone mad. After beating up so many people from the Iron Blood Alliance, wasn't he satisfied? Now he wanted to teach Jing Wuxue a lesson too?

He glanced at Ling Feng several times, then finally gritted his teeth and descended the steps. Like a dog that had lost its home, he sprinted away.

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