Star Odyssey - C.2781: Opportunity

Star Odyssey

C.2781: Opportunity

In the Transcendent Universe, the Lilliputians were happily dancing beneath the stairs, and Bai Qian felt quite relaxed as she watched them.

Zuo Lao spoke up, "Madam, your proposal concerning the Three Monarchs Universe was not approved by Lord Wei. Will this anger Lord Wei?"

Bai Qian calmly replied, "Luo Shan worked with the You family and attempted to overthrow Lord Wei. Right now, Luo Shan has gone missing. Taking this opportunity to eliminate the Three Monarchs Universe will only help Lord Wei."

Zuo Lao still felt nervous that they had not first discussed such a major action with Lord Wei. How could they excuse their actions when Lord Wei left seclusion?

However, Zuo Lao was unable to change Bai Qian's decision.

Bai Qian's eyes flickered. She knew that this action was incredibly risky. While it was true that Lord Wei wanted to deal with Luo Shan, Lord Wei had his own plans for doing so, and what Bai Qian had done would ruin those plans. However, the arrow had already been nocked, and she had had no choice but to take action, as this was the only way the Origin Universe could possibly be allowed to join the Sixverse Association. Once that happened, Bai Qian would have further opportunities to work with Lu Yin and escape from her current predicament.

That was her only goal.

No one could say when Lord Wei would leave seclusion. It was possible that when he did so, Lu Yin would not only have dealt with the Three Monarchs Universe, but also be ready to free Bai Qian from her deal with Lord Wei.


In the Three Monarchs Universe, Chen Le waited to speak with Lu Yin.

Ever since Lu Yin had arrogantly strutted about the Three Monarchs Universe, Chen Le had wanted to talk to him and ask him what he was thinking. The opportunity to do so had finally arrived.

"Just what do you want to do?" Chen Le asked in a strained voice as he stared at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin laughed at the question. "It seems that you like asking these kinds of questions."

Chen Le grew angry. "You humiliated me in front of the entire Three Monarchs Universe! If Lord Xing hadn't appeared, how could I have saved my face?"

"Then don’t." Lu Yin looked at Chen Le. "You know that Luo Shan is missing."

Chen Le's eyes flickered. "I just received word."

Lu Yin stared into Chen Le’s eyes. "It's time to get rid of the Three Monarchs Universe."

Chen Le's face twitched. "What do you want to do?"

A smile spread across Lu Yin's face. "Are you willing to do this?"

Chen Le's eyes flickered, but he said nothing as he looked at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin did not rush the man and quietly waited.

After a while, Chen Le finally spoke. "Given the Cyclic Universe’s attitude towards the Origin Universe, they will never agree."

Lu Yin laughed. "So, are you saying that you don't dare?"

A sharp glint flashed across Chen Le’s eyes. "You lied to me."

"How did I lie to you?"

"Why didn’t you tell me about the grudge between the Lu family and the Cyclic Universe?"

This was a question that had been burning inside of Chen Le for a long time. He had not initially known about that matter, but after the spatial passage between the two universes had opened, and after the Three Monarchs Universe challenged the Heavens Sect, news of Lu Yin had entered the Sixverse Association. Chen Le was a Monarch, which was equal to a Progenitor, and he had access to information about the Heavens Sect, as well as about Lu Yin and the truth behind the Lu family's exile.

This information was available upon request, but Chen Le had never thought to investigate Lu Yin. However, learning about these matters had made the Monarch regretful about agreeing to cooperate with Lu Yin.

If Chen Le had known from the beginning that Lu Yin was an enemy of the Cyclic Universe, as well as Sovereign Shao Yin’s enemy, the Monarch would have never agreed to work with Lu Yin, not even under the threat of death.

It would have been better to remain under Mr. Daheng’s control than risk being associated with Lu Yin.

Lu Yin watched as Chen Le's expression changed from calm to angry, and he could not hold back from laughing. "Chen Le, Chen Le, it's such a shame that a peak powerhouse like you is so timid."

Chen Le clenched his fists as Lu Yin continued to mock him. "When you led the Mo Courtyard, you were under Mr. Daheng’s control and were forced to work for him. After becoming a Monarch, you agreed to work with me because you feared Mr. Daheng and were worried that he would continue to control you. In fact, you were also worried that Luo Shan would learn of your betrayal. You fear this and that, so how did you ever manage to become a peak powerhouse?"

Chen Le angrily shot back, "Don’t you also fear the Great Sovereign? Didn’t you accept your punishment and go to the Endless Frontier?"

"Am I a peak powerhouse?" Lu Yin instantly retorted.

Chen Le was startled, but Lu Yin continued, "How old am I, and what is my actual cultivation? You are very familiar with my history and what I’ve gone through. What about the Great Sovereign? He’s someone from the same generation as my Origin Universe’s Origin Progenitor and is even more powerful than the Three Realms Six Dao. Even if the ancestor of my Lu family faced the Great Sovereign, he would have to refer to the Great Sovereign as senior. The amount of time that I, Lu Yin, have cultivated can’t even be regarded as a fraction of the Great Sovereign’s life. If I were from the same generation, the Great Sovereign would not be a problem right now.

"After I become a Progenitor, what will the Great Sovereign be able to do to me?

"I fear for my Heavens Sect, my family, friends, and all of the people I care about—the people I protect. What about you? You care only about yourself, and fear only what might happen to you.

"Have you ever had a statue erected in your honor? Have you ever been truly respected, cared about, and even worshiped?

"Have you ever been regarded as a pillar of strength in people's hearts?"

Chen Le clenched his fists as he seemed to remember something, and his breathing quickened. "Stop talking."

Lu Yin roared, "Have you ever truly cared about anyone?"

"Stop talking!" Chen Le shouted, glaring at Lu Yin like a crazed animal.

Lu Yin glared right back at the man.

Chen Le closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He took some time to calm himself and recover. "I don't want to be a tool that you use to achieve your Lu family’s revenge on the Cyclic Universe."

Lu Yin solemnly declared, "Right now, it’s time for the Origin Universe to join the Sixverse Association."

Chen Le struggled. He feared that Lu Yin would try to take revenge against the Cyclic Universe, but he also feared both Mr. Daheng and Luo Shan. The Monarch had too many worries, to the point where he was confused about what to do.

"I might as well tell you that even if the Origin Universe is not able to join the Sixverse Association, the Three Monarchs Universe is already doomed to be eliminated," Lu Yin stated.

Chen Le was startled. "Is the Three Monarchs Universe going to be eliminated from the Sixverse Association?"

"Luo Shan has gone missing. Do you know where Monarch Mu is? As for Monarch Xing, I already know where her people from the Starlight Universe are located. Do you think that she can escape? The Three Monarchs Universe is no longer worthy of that name. If this universe can only survive by being supported by the four ruling powers, do you really think the Great Sovereign will allow it to stay in the Sixverse Association?

"Will Lord Wei agree? Don't forget that Luo Shan worked with Sovereign Shao Yin and the You family to attack the ruler of the Transcendent Universe. Lord Wei already wants to destroy Luo Shan and eliminate the Three Monarchs Universe, and he merely did not have the opportunity thus far. That chance has just arrived, and I’ve received word that the Transcendent Universe has submitted a proposal to the Great Sovereign for the Three Monarchs Universe to be removed from the Sixverse Association and annexed to the Endless Frontier, while one of the parallel universes from that battlefield will be selected to replace your universe.

"Even if the Origin Universe doesn’t replace the Three Monarchs Universe, another universe will be chosen to do so. There’s no avoiding the fact that this universe will become a part of the Endless Frontier.

"Cultivation is cruel, and no one will care about any of their emotional ties to the Three Monarchs Universe. The strong will rise up, while the weak will be eliminated. That is the law of survival."

Chen Le did not want to believe it, but he knew that Lu Yin was right. Lord Wei would undoubtedly go after the Three Monarchs Universe, and with Monarch Mu as Lu Yin’s captive and Monarch Luo missing, if Monarch Xing also left, then their universe would be utterly destroyed.

Could they rely on the four ruling powers to stay as a member of the Sixverse Association? How would that ever be allowed?

The Three Monarchs Universe had already been destabilized.

"You still don't believe me? Do you think that the Progenitors from the four ruling powers can help you protect the Three Monarchs Universe?" Lu Yin sneered at Chen Le. "In that case, what do you think will happen when the Heavens Sect goes to war with the four ruling powers?"

A quiver ran through Chen Le's body, and he looked up at Lu Yin in shock.

The young man’s eyes were icy cold with depths that the Monarch could not see through. "You already know about the hatred between me and the four ruling powers. War could erupt at any moment. Leng Qing has broken through to become a Progenitor, and Monarch Mu has submitted to me. I already have the means to force Monarch Xing to submit as well, and I have even more Progenitors. Do you think that I need to be afraid? The Great Sovereign has ordered that no one from the Sixverse Association is allowed to enter the Origin Universe without permission, which means that no one can interfere with the internal affairs of my Origin Universe.

"As soon as war breaks out, or even the hint of war, people like Bai Sheng will return."

Chen Le retorted, "The Great Sovereign ordered Bai Sheng and the others to help protect the Sixverse Association. How can they go back?"

"Those conditions don’t state that they have to remain in the Three Monarchs Universe. Rather, they are required to help protect the Sixverse Association," Lu Yin replied.

Fear entered Chen Le’s eyes as he stared at Lu Yin. This person was too vicious. He was actually taking advantage of the four ruling power’s orders to force Bai Sheng and the other Progenitors to abandon the Three Monarchs Universe. As soon as this happened, their universe would lose almost all of their peak powerhouses. How could such a universe be allowed to remain as a member of the Sixverse Association?

Even if the Great Sovereign wanted the Three Monarchs Universe to remain, what powerhouses would protect the universe?

Chen Le did not even know if the four ruling powers still had the strength to fight against the Heavens Sect. He did not know anything about Bai Wangyuan and Wang Fan's strength, and he could not even guess. Chen Le could only go by the numbers, and it was impossible for the four ruling powers’ remaining Progenitors to stop the Heavens Sect. Lu Yin had too many Progenitors on his side.

It was easy to see the final results.

Of course, Lu Yin was trying to intimidate Chen Le. There was no denying that Bai Wangyuan, Wang Fan, and Xia Shenji were terrible opponents, not to mention the unfathomable Bai Xian'er who had some sort of mysterious relationship with the Cyclic Universe. She would be even more difficult to deal with. It was not yet time for Lu Yin to start a war. Before that happened, he first needed the Origin Universe to join the Sixverse Association, or at least determine the true limits of Bai Wangyuan's strength.

Even so, none of that stopped Lu Yin from scaring Chen Le. The Monarch was too fearful, and Lu Yin knew that every one of his words would strike like a hammer.

"The Great Sovereign has forbidden anyone from entering the Origin Universe without permission, so how can I join the Heavens Sect?" Chen Le spoke slowly as he asked this question.

Lu Yin smiled. "Outsiders are forbidden from entering my universe, but the Heavens Sect belongs to the Origin Universe. How can the Great Sovereign forbid our people from returning home?"

Chen Le still felt terribly worried.

"If you are truly that scared, then just go to the Voidforce Universe. If I invite you there as Xuan Qi, no one will be able to say a thing," Lu Yin added.

Chen Le exhaled. "What about the spatial passage?"

"I have found three Array Grandmaster who can reseal it. As long as Luo Shan or the others aren’t here to stop me, nothing can prevent me from sealing the spatial passage. When that happens, this universe will be added to the Endless Frontier. Senior Chen Le, the Heavens Sect welcomes you."

Chen Le’s head rose, and he looked at Lu Yin in confusion. "The Heavens Sect?"

In the end, the man was still forced to join.

At this time, Lu Yin let out a sigh of relief. Chen Le had been the biggest obstacle to Lu Yin’s plans. While the two of them were working together, Chen Le truthfully wanted to see Lu Yin dead. Before Lu Yin went to the Endless Frontier, he and Chen Le had looked at each other, and Lu Yin had seen the hatred deep in the Monarch’s eyes.

Chen Le had not truly surrendered to Lu Yin, but rather been forced into a corner. For such a person, it would be best to anoint him as a champion.

With Chen Le taken care of, Monarch Xing would be easy to deal with.

Lu Yin had repeatedly asked about the matter, but Chen Le had always insisted that Monarch Xing’s greatest concern was the people from the Starlight Universe.

The Starlight Universe was a part of the Endless Frontier, but Monarch Xing had moved the inhabitants of that universe to the Three Monarchs Universe for safety.

It was impossible for Chen Le to step forward to assist the woman, as he would never be willing to risk exposing himself.

Lu Yin did not meet with Monarch Xing as Xuan Qi, but instead reverted to his own appearance. He suppressed his aura and hid his cultivation before making his way to the rainbow wall to secretly meet with Monarch Xing.

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