Star Odyssey - C.2777: The Power Of Confinement

Star Odyssey

C.2777: The Power Of Confinement

Nothing could hide from Heaven’s Sight, and they even let Lu Yin see through sequence particles. He looked at the Sky-Devouring Nine Wolves and saw that each of the nine wolf heads contained sequence particles. With those, the wolf heads were like puppets on strings, controlled by an invisible hand hidden in the void. However, Lu Yin had no way of understanding what laws the sequence particles represented or how they could alter a universe.

If Lu Yin had not seen Old Mo use the power of darkness, he would have never been able to tell what law the man had touched upon based solely off of what Heaven’s Sight revealed.

What had Forgotten Ruins God mastered?

Lu Yin felt odd, as he realized that he had never seen her use the power of sequence particles before!

"Seeing you now, you look just like when I last saw you on the rear battlefield," Lu Yin said, deliberately keeping his voice calm and revealing no emotions whatsoever.

The corners of Forgotten Ruins God's mouth curved upwards into a charming arc. "Are you complimenting me for being as beautiful as ever? Very well, I accept!"

Abruptly, the disturbing sensation vanished, and everyone discovered that they had been sweating without even realizing it. One by one, they turned to look at Forgotten Ruins God, though their expressions were completely different from before. This was one of the Seven Skygods.

When Monarch Xing arrived, she immediately noticed Forgotten Ruins God and became extremely wary.

"Little Lu Yin, you’ve finally stepped onto this stage." Forgotten Ruins God’s eyes sparkled in an enchanting manner that made people unwilling to look directly at her.

Lu Yin nodded. "This is your stage."

Forgotten Ruins God smiled. "That’s right, this is our stage. Only by stepping onto this stage can you obtain the opportunity to dance with us. I wonder, just how long you can follow my steps for?"

"We can find out, as long as you’re not afraid of me stepping on your feet," Lu Yin replied confidently.

The woman gave him a tender smile. "I’m just a feeble woman, and it will hurt if someone steps on my toes, which I don’t want. In that case," She paused as her eyes instantly turned frigid. "Get off the stage!"

The void shattered, and a pair of slitted, scarlet eyes suddenly appeared right before Lu Yin. At the same time, a sky-shattering punch shot towards Lu Yin. It shattered the void and tore through all of the defensive measures present. Once pure strength reached a certain level, it was possible to instantly eliminate anything.

Chen Le was badly startled, as this was the corpse king that he had just been fighting. The red eyes Corpse King Transformation had raised the monster’s already fearsome physical strength to the level where it could fight against both Chen Le’s arrows and Bai Sheng's stick. The corpse king was a true monster.

The fist wind parted the void like a curtain as the corpse king stepped forward. The soles of its feet shattered space with a sound that caused the universe to shake and countless people to start bleeding.

This punch would be difficult for most Progenitors to endure.

"Watch out!" Monarch Xing screamed.

Lu Yin's pupils dilated, and a purplish-black substance spread across his two arms. At the same time, his arms dried up and became desiccated as he used Extremes Must Be Reversed. His head rose, and he took a step forward, the Immovable Heavenly King Elephant appearing behind him as he roared to the sky and threw his own punch.

The two fists collided, and a deafening sound many times louder than anything before exploded out in space. Part of the rainbow wall was instantly destroyed as a terrifying shockwave swept out in all directions. Ripples could be seen as they traveled through space, tearing open the void and revealing the endless black Hollow.

This was the result of a purely physical impact.

Lu Yin and the corpse king were very close to each other, and their fists were actually touching. He stared into the corpse king’s eyes, who was staring right back at Lu Yin.

Even though this corpse king was not as physically powerful as the monstrous one that had ambushed Lu Yin in the Sixth Mainland, it was still freakishly powerful. Bit by bit, the horrifying force behind the fist increased, and Lu Yin’s arm, which had died up due to Extremes Must Be Reversed, was visibly recovering. Behind him, the Immovable Heavenly King Elephant was becoming increasingly blurry, and Lu Yin was almost forced back.

He had become a peak Envoy, which had improved his physical strength slightly, while also improving his cultivation. However, he still was not strong enough to overpower the corpse king.

The pupils in the center of the corpse king's red eyes shrank to pinpricks as the power in its fist rose. The corpse king’s eyes were changing, moving towards the Specter Eye Transformation, which consequently caused the monster’s strength to spike.

Lu Yin gritted his teeth, and veins popped out across his body. When it came to physical might, he had never been outmatched by anyone in the Lu family. He was a descendent of the Lu family and their heir. He was Lu Xiaoxuan, as well as Lu Yin.

He would not lose—no, he could not lose, especially not in the Three Monarchs Universe. He could not afford to lose while the four ruling powers and the Three Monarchs Universe were watching.

The Withered Bark that had settled within Lu Yin’s chest shook slightly, and a gray energy flowed about as Extremes Must Be Reversed reacted with the power of time. It spread across the fatesand continent, and then through his chest and across his body. At this moment, Lu Yin had a strange feeling; had time stopped? No, he could still feel the unstoppable power of the corpse king pressing against him, which meant that time had not stopped at all. In that case, what had happened?

Lu Yin’s fist seemed to be trapped in something before it met the corpse king’s fist, and while it felt as though time had frozen, Lu Yin could feel that he was still exerting his full strength. The power that he was releasing seemed to mesh with the power of frozen time again and again. It continued to repeat, and Lu Yin finally realized that this sensation was very similar to the secret technique that Chu Yuan had once used: the Realm of Time.

The Realm of Time was able to freeze time around a single element. It allowed Chu Yuan to repeatedly attack with his sword, stacking the attacks before releasing all of them in a single blow that possessed much greater power than what he was capable of releasing on his own. Theoretically, there was no limit to how many attacks the Realm of Time could stack: one, two, three, a hundred, a thousand, or even tens of thousands—its only limiting factor was how long the Realm of Time could be maintained for.

Lu Yin had almost been defeated by that secret technique, and according to Chu Yuan, it had been created by the Origin Progenitor.

At this moment, all of Lu Yin’s power was concentrated on his fist, but it was not released. This was extremely similar to the Realm of Time, and it was the Withered Bark’s power of time that allowed Lu Yin to accomplish this feat.

A single punch possessed limited power, but if Lu Yin could stack up tens, hundreds, or even thousands of punches into a single attack, just how powerful would it be?

The corpse king was still attacking, its fist relentlessly pressing down against Lu Yin, but for Lu Yin, it seemed as though the moment had been stretched out. He froze thirty of his own punches and then released them all at once.

The moment the Withered Bark’s power of time was released, the corpse king's eyes finished the Specter Eye Transformation, which caused its strength to increase tenfold again. Its punch became even more powerful, reaching a level where the corpse king could instantly defeat a peak powerhouse like Chen Le.

At that same time, Lu Yin released an attack of thirty combined punches.


There was no sound, only the arrival of the Hollow that devoured the void.

Bai Sheng, Chen Le, and the others watching were all horrified, and they fled from the scene.

For the first time, Monarch Xing's expression changed as she also fled from the Hollow.

It was even difficult for Progenitors and other peak powerhouses to create such a terrifying large pocket of the Hollow.

This punch had been stronger than any other that Lu Yin had ever unleashed. He had used the power of Extremes Must Be Reversed to launch a counterattack that was reinforced by Wielder realm battleforce and the visualization method of the Immovable Heavenly King Elephant. On top of all that, the attack had been stacked up thirty times. Never before had Lu Yin unleashed such a powerful attack on his own. While it was much weaker than when he attacked with the slipper, this attack was far more shocking than the slipper.

After all, Lu Yin had released such an incredibly powerful punch with only the strength of a peak Envoy.

Before, Chen Le and many others had not believed that Lu Yin was personally capable of fighting against Progenitors. Instead, they had assumed that he used external objects and powers to reach that level. This was true even of Bai Wangyuan and the others from the four ruling powers. They believed that the Investiture of the Gods, the Champions’ Stage, the slipper, and everything else was what gave Lu Yin the confidence to fight against Progenitors.

However, Lu Yin’s punch had just completely overturned their previous understanding.

The corpse king and Lu Yin both flew back, neither causing any damage to the other.

The physical strength of a corpse king that had undergone a Specter Eye Transformation was terrifying. If Lu Yin had not managed to use the Withered Bark to locally freeze time and layer thirty punches, he would have never been able to match up against it. At that point, he would have been forced to use the slipper.

The Hollow devoured a section of the rainbow wall before slowly shrinking and fading away.

Lu Yin gasped for breath as he stared into the distance.

When he explored the Sixth Mainland, he had been ambushed by a freakishly powerful corpse king. That monster had been wary of Lu Yin’s slipper, which had prevented him from being able to land even a single attack. At this moment, he had finally obtained the strength that he needed to stand up to such a monster. While he was still undoubtedly much weaker than the corpse king, if Lu Yin became a Semi-Progenitor, then he would be able to use this newly discovered technique with Heaven’s Sight and the power in his chest. He was confident that this combination could actually contest that freakish corpse king.

The battlefield was silent.

Monarch Xing and the others were all staring at Lu Yin in shock. Had this boy really just evenly exchanged blows against a Progenitor-level corpse king while only having the cultivation of a peak Envoy? Even more shockingly, that corpse king had used the Specter Eye Transformation. The Monarchs and Progenitors all asked themselves if they could match Lu Yin’s feat, but they all knew that they would have been at the corpse king’s mercy. That was the corpse king that Lu Yin had just pushed back.

Forgotten Ruins God was just as surprised as anyone else, and her eyes glowed as she stared at Lu Yin. A smile returned to her lips. "Little Lu, it appears that you don't want to step down from this stage."

Lu Yin felt inspired by the method that he had just discovered which allowed him to merge multiple attacks together. With this, he would no longer only be able to release attacks as powerful as a Progenitor through using objects like the slipper. "I look forward to dancing with you."

"Haha, alright, that’s enough fun for one day. We’ll find a chance to have more fun again some day." With that, the Sky-Devouring Nine Wolves disappeared, and Forgotten Ruins God left the battlefield.

All of the Aeternals receded like a tide.

It seemed that the attack had been launched just to say hello to Lu Yin.

Only Lu Yin was aware of just how much danger he had just faced. That corpse king had truly been capable of killing him.

He was certain that Aeternus had already come up with a way to deal with him. After all, the slipper and everything else that Lu Yin had revealed so far could be countered by Forgotten Ruins God. That singular punch was what had managed to resolve the crisis.

He had been careless, and only now did he realize that he should not have visited the rainbow wall, even if it was just a matter of time before such a confrontation eventually occurred.

Luckily, Lu Yin had managed to comprehend a new way to utilize the power of time with his attacks, which granted him a new powerful attack. With the ability to combine thirty punches into a single attack, who could block Lu Yin’s fists? Not even a Specter Eye Transformation corpse king had been able to stop the attack, which meant it would be even more difficult for a human to be able to block the attack.

For the moment, the fighting stopped. Countless cultivators stared at Lu Yin from both inside and outside of the rainbow wall, stunned.

Monarch Xing had been able to sense Lu Yin's strength, and she understood why he was able to confront Luo Shan.

Specter Progenitor said nothing, but there was fear in his eyes as he looked at Lu Yin. Lu Xiaoxuan was growing ever more powerful. They had already tried everything possible to restrain him, including working with the Sixverse Association. However, nothing had worked. How on earth would they deal with him?

Lu Yin suddenly glanced at Specter Progenitor and frowned. "The God of Death’s death energy is being held by a mere shadow of Wang Fan. Do you really believe that you are qualified to use it?"

Specter Progenitor replied in a low voice, "That is not up to you. I have been cultivating death energy for far longer than you."

Lu Yin retorted, "The day will come when I extract all of your death energy."

Specter Progenitor’s eyes glinted as he clenched his halberd. He really wanted to cooperate with Bai Sheng and the others to get rid of Lu Yin, but even if Specter Progenitor was willing to do so, Bai Sheng and Xia Qin would never agree to such actions. Besides, Lu Xiaoxuan would not be easy to kill, and he still had his Investiture of the Gods as well. The youth had never used that or his Champions’ Stage.

"Lu Xiaoxuan, you are getting more and more overbearing," Bai Sheng said with a sigh.

Lu Yin looked over. "Did you play a role in my Lu family’s exile?"

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