Star Odyssey - C.2772: A Show of Force

Star Odyssey

C.2772: A Show of Force

Lu Yin had relied on the Origin Sutra to remember himself during the last step of the Sky Beyond the Sky Trial. He was a grasshopper, but rather Lu Yin. He had then jumped on top of the heads of the people in the street and stomped on them to take the last step and ascend beyond the sky.

If not for the Origin Sutra, Lu Yin would also have been imprinted with the memory of being trampled to death by Bai Wangyuan, which would have rendered him unable to stand up to Bai Wangyuan later on.

Bai Wangyuan was too sinister, using such a method to control everyone.

How many of the people who surpassed the Sky Beyond the Sky could overcome it like Lu Yin? For example, how had Bai Sheng succeeded? What did Bai Wangyuan mean to that man?

The more freely accessible the trial was, the more people Bai Wangyuan could suppress. While there would be no impact on the people in the short term, everyone who was capable of passing the Sky Beyond the Sky was exceptionally talented. Typically, such people only showed up once during the passing of countless years.

"Lu Xiaoxuan, Xian'er is not in the sect, and you are not welcome here. You may leave," Bai Qi said while staring at Lu Yin warily, afraid that he might attack.

Lu Yin looked back down at Bai Qi. "Have you ever challenged the Sky Beyond the Sky trial?"

Bai Qi was stunned. She could not understand why Lu Yin would ask that question. "Of course I have."

Lu Yin asked nothing more. Judging by Bai Qi's reaction, she likely did not know the truth of the trial.

Bai Wangyuan was truly vicious, not even sparing his own daughter.

It now made sense why Lu Xiaoxuan and the other Seven Heroes had never challenged Bai Wangyuan’s trial. Lu Yin wondered if his family had stopped him from challenging it.

However, there were some other members of the Lu family who had challenged the trial, and some had even passed the Sky Beyond the Sky.

Did the Lu family know the truth about the trial?

Lu Yin looked away. There was no point in considering such things at this moment. Bai Xian'er was indeed absent, which meant that he had made the trip for nothing.

However, Lu Yin had already made the trip, and he could not just waste his time.

His body disappeared and quickly reappeared high up in the sky. He raised a hand and formed a palm aimed at the land. A powerful aura swept through the world, causing ripples in the void and making everyone's scalp numb.

Bai Qi exclaimed, "Lu Xiaoxuan, what are you doing?"

Everyone looked up as Lu Yin prepared to release a palm strike. The attack crushed the void, revealing the endless darkness of the Hollow as it fell right in front of the Celestial Frost Sect’s main gate. The spatial fractures shot out in every direction like raging monsters, stirring up powerful shockwaves. The ground was ripped up, and destruction spread everywhere. Lu Yin’s palm had nearly broken through the Higher Realm.

The Celestial Frost Sect shook as all of its disciples grew pale while blankly staring on.

Who could take such a powerful attack?

The children and the other youths who had been hoping to join the Celestial Frost Sect were initially frightened by the attack, but then their eyes started to light up. This attack had left an indelible imprint on their young hearts. This single palm strike had replaced their entire understanding of the world and opened up a new worldview for them.

How could a person do such a thing? A palm strike that could break through the entire Higher Realm had to be invincible.

They wanted to know, in the current universe, who had the courage to behave so arrogantly right in front of the Celestial Frost Sect’s gate? This was open provocation, or even an open challenge.

Lu Yin laughed loudly as he left. "The Celestial Frost Sect is useless! Why not come to my Heavens Sect?"

As his voice slowly faded away, the countless eyes staring at him remained glazed over.

Bai Qi's face was now completely white. It was clear that Lu Xiaoxuan no longer cared about the Celestial Frost Sect at all, which meant that he no longer feared the four ruling powers.

If he was willing to treat the Celestial Frost Sect so antagonistically, then it was possible that he might openly and directly attack the sect at any moment. If that happened, who could stop him? Ancestor, since you were the one who acted against the Lu family, why haven’t you completely eradicated them yet? If you weren’t able to upend the problem at its root, then why did we even provoke the Lu family in the first place?

The young people who had gathered in front of the sect’s gate were all excited and admiring Lu Yin. The Heavens Sect? Could they really join the Heavens Sect?

Lu Yin had planted a seed in their little hearts, but nothing more.

Even if they wanted to go to the Heavens Sect, and even if Lu Yin wanted them to join, the Celestial Frost Sect would not allow such a thing to happen. It would be too humiliating and damaging to their reputation.

Even so, Lu Yin had done enough. He had given a powerful demonstration, and even if all of these young people did join the Celestial Frost Sect, they would reflexively fear him if they faced Lu Yin in the future. That was the effect that he wanted.

In the past, he had possessed no real strength, but at present, he felt like there would be no problem if he gave a little demonstration of his abilities. After all, the Celestial Frost Sect, Shenwu's Sky, and the Wang family would never let him go.

In that case, he would just do whatever he wanted.

Lu Yin visited Shenwu's Sky and threw a palm strike outside of the sect that penetrated through the Higher Realm. After that, he continued on to pay a visit to the Wang family.

The Wang family’s continent was floating high in the sky, protected by its Mountain and Sea. He did not attack the continent itself, but rather punched through the Higher Realm beneath the continent, leaving a palm print there as well.

Aside from Dragon Mountain, Lu Yin demonstrated his strength at each of the four ruling powers. Even so, Bai Wangyuan, Wang Fan, and Xia Shenji never revealed themselves.

Word of Lu Yin’s actions quickly spread throughout the entire Perennial World, and many people started speculating that the day when Lu Yin forced his way back into the Perennial World was fast approaching.

Dragon Mountain was not happy, but rather depressed. Lu Yin had visited the other three ruling powers, but he had ignored Dragon Mountain. This was not because they had a good relationship with Lu Yin, but rather because they were not worth his time.

The four ruling powers had been reduced to the three ruling powers.

In Lu Yin’s heart, the White Dragon Clan was no longer regarded as an enemy.

Great Elder Ni Huang looked depressed. Progenitor... Only a Progenitor can restore Dragon Mountain to its former glory, but how can I become a Progenitor?

Long Ke arrived. "Great Elder, another one of our territories has been seized by Shenwu's Sky."

Ni Huang's expression grew even worse. Ever since Progenitor Long died, the White Dragon Clan’s situation had grown worse by the day. Bai Wangyuan had politely said that the four ruling powers would always remain the four ruling powers, but the Celestial Frost Sect did not care about the White Dragon Clan at all. And Shenwu's Sky and the Wang family were actively suppressing the clan, dividing up their resources.

It was no longer a question of whether the White Dragon Clan could retain its former glory, but rather whether they could continue existing at all.

If I don’t break through and become a Progenitor, our clan’s resources will not be enough to raise up another elite like Long Tian, which means that the gap between us and the other three will only grow larger.

"How is Long Tian?"

Long Ke frowned. "He’s become very anxious, but the more anxious he becomes, the harder it is for him to break through."

Great Elder Ni Huang had a headache. He thought for a moment before suddenly remembering Long Xi's suggestion that the White Dragon Clan migrate to the Lower Realm to be closer to the Python Ancestor.

If the day came when the White Dragon Clan could no longer endure, that would become their only path forward.

After all, they were no longer qualified for even Lu Yin to take them seriously.

Across the Higher Realm, on the Wang family’s continent, Wang Gui looked nervous. Behind him stood a woman: his daughter, Wang Man.

"Is that all?" Wang Zheng asked.

Wang Gui answered respectfully, "Yes. Everything that Wei Rong did while part of my branch family has been reported."

Wang Man quickly spoke up as well, "The manner in which Wei Rong met and became familiar with this junior was also reported."

Wang Zheng looked up at the two people. "Have Wei Rong come in."

Wei Rong soon entered, walked over to Wang Gui's side, and bowed to Wang Zheng. "Wei Rong, son-in-law of the branch family, greets the patriarch."

Wang Gui and Wang Man were growing more and more nervous, as they had no idea what fate would await them. While it appeared as if Wei Rong had performed a great service for the family, his motives for joining the Wang family had not been pure, and they did not know how the main family would react.

There was no expression on Wang Zheng’s face as he stared at Wei Rong. "Why did you betray Lu Xiaoxuan?"

Wei Rong had informed the Wang family that Mu Xie had left the Shenwu Continent, which had given them an opportunity to open the spatial passage. This was a betrayal of the Heavens Sect.

The four ruling powers were well aware of just how anxious Lu Yin was about the Shenwu Continent. It was impossible for them to ever imagine that Lu Yin had deliberately allowed them to open the spatial passage. No matter how they thought about the matter, opening the spatial passage had nearly brought disaster upon Lu Yin. If not for the fact that Aeternus had attacked the Three Monarchs Universe, Lu Xiaoxuan would have been ruined.

Wei Rong had betrayed the Heavens Sect, and no one doubted this for even a moment.

That was, not unless one knew that Sovereign Shao Yin had proposed to merge the Origin Universe into the Endless Frontier. Otherwise, it was impossible for anyone to suspect Wei Rong.

Wei Rong knew this as well, which was why he offered a respectful bow. "I did not betray them, but instead got revenge."

Wang Zheng's eyes flashed.

Wei Rong continued, "Patriarch, you should have already looked into this junior’s identity. In the Fifth Mainland, if it were not for Lu Yin, this junior would have been the one to unify the Outerverse, and I would possess a completely different status from what I currently hold. This junior’s family, the power that I once controlled, and countless years of hard work were all destroyed and forcibly taken from me by Lu Yin. This junior has suppressed his hatred for a long time, and this opportunity is exactly what this junior has long dreamed of."

Wang Zheng calmly stared at Wei Rong. "Why did Lu Xiaoxuan not come to my Wang family to deal with your betrayal?"

Wei Rong confidently replied, "Because he has not been able to determine the exact reason why the spatial passage was opened. It might be nothing more than a coincidence that the four ruling powers attacked the Shenwu Continent when they did. It also might not be a coincidence, but the four ruling powers were already focused on the Shenwu Continent and were also carefully observing the Heavens Sect.

“There are multiple possibilities, and precisely because there are so many possibilities, no matter how cruel and ruthless Lu Yin may be, he cannot investigate all of them. He also cannot attack me unless he knows for sure that I am the culprit. After all..." Wei Rong stared intently at Wang Zheng. "I am considered an important pawn that he snuck into the Wang family."

Wang Gui's heart skipped a beat, and his face grew pale. If Wei Rong had not deliberately revealed himself, Wang Gui would have never known that one of Lu Xiaoxuan’s people had infiltrated his family. If Wei Rong had ever acted against the Wang family on Lu Xiaoxuan’s behalf, the branch family would have been utterly destroyed.

"What do you want?" Wang Zheng asked.

Wei Rong's instantly became far more solemn. "The Outerverse."

Wang Zheng was not surprised. People would only do what Wei Rong had when they sought something. It was impossible for someone to take such a big risk just for the sake of revenge.

"Very well, what you have done will be regarded as atonement for infiltrating my Wang family. If you can perform another such service and help our four ruling powers eliminate Lu Xiaoxuan, then the Fifth Mainland’s Outerverse will be yours. I promise you this on behalf of my Wang family."

Wei Rong was openly thrilled, and he bowed deeply once more. "Thank you very much, Patriarch. I will do my best to deliver a fatal blow to Lu Yin."

Wang Zheng was satisfied. As long as Wei Rong was not exposed as a traitor, he would be invaluable.

As soon as Wei Rong’s name was reported to Wang Zheng, the Wang family had started an investigation. They had learned just how important Wei Rong was to Lu Xiaoxuan, as well as how much he had done to help unify the Fifth Mainland. The investigation had also looked into the previous conflict between Wei Rong and Lu Xiaoxuan.

It had been discovered that Wei Rong had nearly defeated Lu Xiaoxuan. Despite the fact that Lu Xiaoxuan had eventually gained the upper hand, Wei Rong had still managed to take advantage of another attack to stabilize his own situation for a period of time. His abilities could not be questioned.

Wang Zheng was eagerly anticipating how Wei Rong would eventually destroy Lu Xiaoxuan.

An open war could erupt any day between the four ruling powers and Lu Xiaoxuan, and Wei Rong would play a very important role in the future.

Once they were away from Wang Zheng, Wang Gui and Wang Man heaved simultaneous sighs of relief.

Wang Man turned to shoot Wei Rong a fierce glare. "Thanks to you, my family was almost destroyed!"

Wei Rong smiled casually. "It all worked out, didn’t it?"

"You better not take advantage of my family, or else I’ll make sure that you die a miserable death!" Wang Man threatened. She had not fallen for Wei Rong as soon as they met, but he had been too good at making her happy in all aspects, and she had grown to love him.

The Wang family had many branch families, and their particular family did not need any sort of political marriage, so Wang Man had been allowed to marry whoever she wished. How could she have known that she would be approached by such a person?

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