Sovereign of the Ashes - C.297: Favor


Selphy's room radiated a distinctly feminine charm compared to Sein’s room.

The room’s color scheme leaned towards softer hues, and Sein noticed the curtains were drawn.

Had Sein not paid a visit, Selphy would have likely been resting.

Selphy quickly served Sein a glass of orange colored juice.

The fragrance of the juice reminded Sein of the concoctions his cousin, Selina, used to prepare for him when he was still a magic initiate.

The fruity scent momentarily transported Sein back to the Magus World, igniting a wave of “homesickness” within him.

For Sein, “home” was a broad term that encompassed many places—Earl Grantt’s castle, his quarters in the Divine Tower of Verdant Spring, where Selina awaited his return...

And... the tiny haven he built with Leena when he was still a weak mage.

As time marched on, his yearning to reunite with Leena intensified rather than diminished. It matured like a finely aged wine, becoming deeply ingrained in his heart.

Holding the juice Selphy had offered, Sein could not help but exhale a heavy sigh. “It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost three years since we arrived in the Viridian Venom Flame World.”

Selphy, joining him with a glass of green juice, agreed, “Yes, three years have flown by here, but it could be much longer than that since we left the Magus World.”

Selphy’s comment referred to the lengthy journey to the Viridian Venom Flame World from the Magus World, especially when navigating through the ultra-long-distance interstellar teleportation array, where the time consumed could not be measured by the subjective perception of time by Sein and his companions.

Given the advanced alchemy and magitech of the Magus World, traversing these interstellar teleportation arrays should be theoretically quicker now.

Nevertheless, the journey inevitably consumed time, serving as a constant reminder that they were currently in an alien star domain far away from the Magus Plane.

“Are you missing homeplane already?” Selphy suddenly asked.

Sein nodded and replied, “Yes, I kind of do. I wonder when this war will finally end.”

“I had always thought of you as someone detached and unaffected by such sentiments, Sein. It’s a surprise to see this side of you,” Selphy commented with a smile.

Sein’s fleeting display of emotion did not escape Selphy’s keen observation.

This was also her first experience in interplanar war, so she was grappling with homesickness as well.

Before the war began, Master Feylis had predicted that the conflict would span thirty years during the Divine Tower of Verdant Flame faction’s gathering.

While not set in stone, the mere thought of three decades was daunting for novices like them, experiencing their first interplanar war.

Yet, in the grand scheme of interplanar warfare, where the fate of an entire world was decided, thirty years was but a blink of an eye.

Worlds that proved exceptionally difficult to conquer or held significant strategic value could find themselves embroiled in war for centuries.

Such prolonged conflicts were beyond the comprehension of lesser beings.

Only the most formidable civilizations of the Astral Realm with formidable power and a rich history had the capacity to engage in such wars.

After catching up with each other, Sein got to the purpose of his visit.

Sein was aware that Selphy’s assistance came with expectations of reciprocity, and he chose to return the favor he owed her right away rather than remain indefinitely indebted.

From his space ring, Sein retrieved several huge metallic chests marked with the distinct craftsmanship of the Neisse Civilization.

The heavy thud they made upon landing on the ground signaled their considerable weight.

Opening one of them, Sein revealed rows upon rows of white energy crystal blocks.

Just one chest alone was of immense value, and he brought forth a total of four such chests.

“What are you doing, Sein? This is too much!” Selphy set her glass down with a frown and expressed her concern to Sein.

“Mages live by the principle of equivalent exchange. That’s what I learned from my mentor. These crystals are just half of what I secured from the base beneath the sea of molten lava. You’ve more than earned your share, Selphy,” Sein explained.

The mentor Sein spoke of was his late mentor, Master Morsidor.

All the darkness he experienced during his days as a black magic initiate had taught him to deeply value friendships, especially those who had shown him kindness.

Selphy crossed her arms and remarked, “I didn’t offer my help to gain anything in return.”

Yet, she did not protest further, perhaps because of Sein’s mention of his “mentor”, whom she knew was the Tower Master of Verdant Spring.

“Without your aid, I definitely wouldn’t have gained so much from this battle. Besides these energy crystals, I believe there’s something else here you'll find intriguing,” Sein said.

He then produced a larger metal drum from his space ring. Upon its appearance, a sharp, almost unbearable odor filled the air.

Yet, it was a scent that both Sein and Selphy, versed in the verdant flame magic, found exceedingly interesting.

Selphy approached, peering into the drum.

“Huh? This is... verdant glaze? And of such high purity?” she exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes, it’s one of my harvests from the battle at the base. I’ve learned that verdant glaze isn’t naturally produced in the Viridian Venom Flame World. Its appearance seems to be tied to the Neisse Civilization...”

Sein proceeded to share with Selphy his observations and discoveries regarding the verdant glaze within the base.

Selphy, invigorated by the conversation, engaged actively, sharing her insights and sparking a lively exchange of ideas.


Sein spent about half a day in Selphy’s quarters.

In the end, Selphy accepted Sein’s extremely valuable gifts, showing particular interest in the verdant glaze rather than the energy crystal blocks.

As part of the Verdant Flame faction, Selphy naturally practiced verdant flame magic too.

Since both of them were beginners in this area, their conversation including their research directions and outcomes proved to be not just mutually enlightening but also highly valuable as a point of reference for both.

By the end of their discussion, Sein felt he was the one who emerged significantly enriched.

After leaving Selphy’s quarters, Sein cast a glance back at the closed door, knowing well that he still owed Selphy a favor.

Should Selphy ever call upon him for assistance in the future, Sein knew he would not be able to find any excuse to refuse her.

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