Sovereign of the Ashes - C.288: Offensive

Sovereign of the Ashes

C.288: Offensive

Adult Molten Fire Beasts are below Rank One. Only those with a size exceeding ten or even fifteen meters possess a life level of Rank One.

Their considerable size and mastery over pyro elemental energy allow them to wield power comparable to that of a Rank One creature dwelling in the sea of molten lava.

Furthermore, the Molten Fire Beasts operate in groups, with a hundred adults capable of unleashing collective force far surpassing their individual capabilities.

This collaborative strength is likely facilitated by their use of a specific ore within their skull that enhances the efficiency of their communication.

Several war airships from the space fortress had crashed into the sea of molten lava, primarily due to ambushes by the Molten Fire Beasts clan hidden in the sea.

Within the confines of a makeshift tent provided by the base, Sein summarized all the information he had gathered with his crystal ball.

At the moment, a three-meter-long Molten Fire Beast lay before Sein. It was one of his harvests from his recent patrols.

Whether it was his knack for discerning details or his ability to uncover beneficial research avenues, Sein often felt pressed for time, eager to invest his energy into unraveling the mysteries before him.

His natural inclination toward magic had recently led him to dissect Molten Fire Beasts, yielding insights that could be applied to his magic and the Verdant Flame Body Tempering technique.

These insights flooded his thoughts one after another. Were it not for the current circumstances, Sein would have preferred to remain in his laboratory, diligently working until each new idea was thoroughly explored and implemented.

Beep, beep, beep!

His train of thought was interrupted by the crystal ball’s distinct ringing.

It was a war call from the fortress, compelling not just actively assigned mages like Sein but also those in rest periods to respond.

Exceptions were made only for those severely injured or tasked with urgent duties.

After tidying his experiment table, Sein exited the tent to find the base abuzz with activities.

The space fortress above emitted a “roaring” noise as blue and white light radiated from every corner.

Sein observed another significant detail—the initially retracted magic cannons positioned at the base and sides of the fortress had gradually extended considerably.

It was obvious that the primary and secondary cannons were not yet charged or primed for action. However, it was only a matter of time before they would be, given the situation.

“We’re finally launching a full-scale assault? I wonder if Master Bernice will be involved this time,” Sein mused, gazing up at the looming fortress.


After months of strategic planning and consolidation of forces, Bernice, the Tower Master of Floating Flame, resolved to lead her army into the depths of the lava sea.

Accompanying the army would be dozens of war airships, nearly fifty thousand mage troops, and an elite legion of enslaved creatures numbering close to half a million.

In any case, the enslaved creatures that had endured the war thus far were predominantly elites.

Even Rank One mages like Sein, who were participating in the interplanar war for the very first time, had significantly evolved since their initial descent into the Viridian Venom Flame World.

Apart from the northeast of the Viridian Venom Flame World, Lorianne in the heart of the Flame Continent, and Gregory amidst the sea of molten lava, were all leading their forces forward.

This unified offensive was a meticulously orchestrated strategy by the three apprentices of Master Feylis.

With their overwhelming forces, these formidable mages of the Magus World intended to demonstrate to the engineers from Neisse Civilization who were already on the brink of defeat, that the Magus Civilization, having triumphed once, was capable of repeating its victory!

Sein found himself in a vast formation with ten thousand mages, feeling markedly diminutive amidst the overwhelming elemental forces at play.

Four such formations, each comprising ten thousand mages, were positioned at the four corners of this space fortress.

Sein found himself in the right rear corner, relative to the fortress’ forward march.

Among the four formations, Sein’s was deemed safer, with the frontal formations expected to face the initial brunt of the enemy’s assault.

As the signal was given, hundreds of thousands of enslaved creatures surged forward.

Those capable of flight ascended into the sky, forming a protective barrier around the space fortress and the four mage formations, offering their bodies as additional layers of protections for the mages from the Magus World.

Meanwhile, those bound to the ground plunged into the sea of molten lava.

Fortunately, most of the enslaved creatures were predominantly pyro elemental creatures. Otherwise, the sea of molten lava would have presented an insurmountable obstacle.

Nevertheless, the ingress of nearly three hundred thousand enslaved creatures into the sea of molten lava caused white steam to rise from the sea.

Even for the pyro elemental creatures, the searing temperatures of the lava sea demanded caution.

The unique conditions of the Viridian Venom Flame World, coupled with planar suppression and differing environmental laws, exhausted many weaker pyro elemental creatures.

Sein noticed the visible strain and discomfort among the weaker enslaved creatures as they entered the lava sea, some potentially succumbing to the harsh environment before even encountering an enemy.

Only the more formidable enslaved creatures that were above Rank One could navigate this severe environment, thanks to their physical resilience and constitution.

However, most of these stronger creatures possessed the ability to fly.

Before locating their enemies, it was rare for any of them to plunge into the sea unless they were naturally inclined toward and resistant to molten lava.

Among the legions of enslaved creatures, Sein noticed numerous exceptional creatures radiating orange flames.

They probably belonged exclusively to the Divine Tower of Floating Flame, as Sein had not seen any of them during his time at the main base in the heart of the Flame Continent.

Led by the space fortress, the Magus Civilization army advanced toward a specific region in the eastern sea of molten lava like a colossal bulldozer.

The fortress appeared well-informed, with clear targets for the upcoming battle.

The updates Sein received through his crystal ball provided him extensive information on the sea of molten lava and their potential upcoming battlefield.

It was an area not too far away from their current position, known as the Blue Fiery Trench by the scout mages.

This trench was suspected of concealing a vast base belonging to the Neisse Civilization.

Amidst the vast army, Sein remained vigilant, surveying the surroundings through his mental focus.

His thoughts briefly drifted to the message he had received from Selphy through his crystal ball before his deployment.

Selphy informed him that she had been assigned to the space fortress’ magic cannon combat zone, offering her assistance should Sein encounter any formidable opponents or challenges during the conflict, promising her support with long-range firepower.

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