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Chapter 869: Gold Equipment

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Xuanyuan Tian and Dugu Wenjian hurried over. From afar, they could see Chu Bai running away at lightning speed. In front of him, the Gold Bandit was running and laughing.

The members of the other guilds also saw this scene. They did not expect the Golden Bandit to smile so wretchedly. Moreover, there must have been a lot of things stuffed into the Golden Backpack behind him.

“Hehehe, if you can catch me, I will give you all the golden items in my backpack, but can you catch me?”

The Gold-tier Bandit revealed a sinister smile. At this moment, he was luring the others to chase after him. However, could the others catch up to this Gold-tier Bandit?

The Gold-tier Bandit ran very quickly, and the chances of others catching up to him were not very high.

Chu Bai chased after her for a long time, but he still couldn’t catch up.

At this moment, he saw that there were many people appearing and flashing in front of him. They had already set up many traps.

Chu Bai stopped immediately. Seeing so many traps ahead, he definitely wouldn’t go up directly. Otherwise, he would be in trouble.

Chu Bai didn’t want to go in directly, which caused his pace to slow down. Meanwhile, the Golden Bandit was running forward.

The Gold Bandit had never stopped walking. He had no idea how many treasures were hidden in the gold bag on his back, so he naturally attracted the attention of many people.

As he walked forward, he suddenly stepped on a trap and immediately stopped.

The Gold-tier Bandit did a backflip. After all, the Gold-tier Bandit was too strong, so he was able to dispel the spell.

The person who set up the trap immediately became annoyed when he saw this.

Then, the Gold-tier Bandit rushed over and attacked the person who set the trap. Then, he stole a lot of Gold-tier equipment and ran away.

Chu Bai was helpless when he saw this, but the trap was useless against this Gold Bandit.

Gold-tier Bandits seemed to be able to ignore the effects of traps, so they had to think about what to do in this situation.

Dugu Wenjian was also chasing after them. At this point, he understood that the trap was useless. It seemed that he could only use other methods.

Dugu Wenjian also wanted to get the reward from the Golden Bandit. After all, if Chu Bai wanted something, it must be something good. Therefore, he and Xuanyuan Tian were trying their best to catch up.

At the same time, they also sent messages to the other guild members, asking them to hurry up and come together.

After the guild members received the news, they immediately followed. Everyone wanted to catch the Gold Bandit.

The Gold-tier Bandit had a lot of treasures on him, especially that bag. There must be a lot of treasures in that bag. Everyone’s eyes were focused on it.

After all, the golden bag was really eye-catching. Although everyone’s eyes were on it, more people were still preparing their moves.


Seeing so many people chasing after him, the Gold-tier Bandit became very happy. It seemed that he enjoyed the feeling of being chased.

After Chu Bai noticed this, he took out his bow and arrow. At this moment, he had used the fire phoenix to attach a flaming arrow to himself. He then pulled the bow and nocked the arrow. The arrow flew out with full force. However, the gold-tier bandit threw the bag and sent the arrow flying.

Chu Bai understood that this Gold Bandit was extremely powerful. He was indeed a Sacred Forbidden monster.

Seeing that Chu Bai’s attacks were ineffective, Xuan Yuan Tian had a headache. Would the attacks of the two of them be able to harm him? This was still unknown.

But now that things had come to this, they still had to work hard on their own.

“Hurry up and set up in front.” Dugu Wenjian ordered his men to dig a tunnel in front of them and intercept them in the air.

The Gold-tier Bandit had not run far when he suddenly felt that there was nothing under his feet. After he stepped on nothing, he fell into a deep pit.

Chu Bai saw the perfect trap in front of him and stopped for a moment, wanting to see what would happen.

On the other side, the Gold-tier Bandit had just been trapped. He suddenly jumped up with amazing jumping power.

Chu Bai thought that he couldn’t do this himself, but he didn’t expect this guy to be so fast. It was really ridiculous.

However, Dugu Wenjian suddenly sneered when he saw this. Moreover, as he clapped his hands, someone in the distance directly added a large net in the sky.

Chu Bai looked at this place in shock. He didn’t expect the preparations here to be so thorough. It was much more thorough than what he had seen before.

He did not expect that there would be something in the air to stop the Golden Bandit. The Golden Bandit himself did not expect that he would be stopped by the fishing net in the air. His entire body was instantly stopped for a few moments before he fell into the deep pit.

As his Gold bag fell, many pieces of equipment rolled out and fell to the side. As a few pieces of Gold equipment appeared, everyone quickly looked over.

” Look, there’s equipment over there.”

“F * ck, this is actually the best equipment.”

” This is a Gold Saint Weapon!”

As someone reminded them, everyone’s eyes immediately turned to this. After all, this Gold equipment was too dazzling.

“Hurry up and snatch it. What are you waiting for?” Xuanyuan Tian immediately ordered the people around him to hurry over and snatch the equipment.

However, Dugu Wenjian directly extended a finger and stopped the people around him from moving. At the same time, he turned his gaze over and then looked at the Golden Bandit in the deep pit.

” Don’t be nervous. This is just a small matter. Our main goal is to get the Gold Bandit’s equipment.” Dugu Wenjian pointed at the Gold Bandit who had fallen into the deep pit.

Although the Gold-tier Bandit had fallen into the deep pit, he was still unharmed. He was only temporarily stopped.

” You’re right. Our target is a Gold-tier Bandit. This little equipment is not worth our attention.”

Although he said that, Xuan Yuan Qian’s eyes were still fixed on the few pieces of Gold equipment. However, as Dugu Wen’s sword struck, his gaze finally landed on the Gold Bandit.

The others also turned their attention to the Gold Bandit. The Gold Bandit had just gotten up and wanted to pick up the Gold equipment, but other players had already rushed up to pick it up.

Chu Bai stood at the side and didn’t move. He didn’t even care about these pieces of equipment. What he wanted was the items in the bag..

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