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Chapter 863: Killing Intent

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“Hehe, die!”

Wu Shan launched an attack. Before Chu Bai could react, his throat was grabbed and he was sent flying. Chu Bai was sent flying and crashed into the newly built wall.

Chu Bai didn’t expect himself to be no match for him. He had thought that he would be able to fight him for a while with his tough attributes, but he didn’t expect that he wouldn’t be able to win.

Chu Bai was depressed. He wanted to get up, but he was sent flying with a kick.

The First Elder finally recovered from his injuries. After staring at them, he realized that the situation was so critical.

“White Night! You’re just an ordinary lead disciple, let me help you.” Although the Great Elder was dissatisfied with the identity of this Head Disciple, he still helped out today. It could be seen that he was not bad in front of the major issues.

After the first elder finished speaking, he threw a dart over.

Wu Shan didn’t dodge the darts at all. He just let his armor block them.

“I didn’t expect you to be so careless. Haha! This time, you’re dead.” The Great Elder suddenly revealed a smug smile. The surrounding disciples did not expect the Great Elder to actually reveal such an expression.

He must be plotting something now.

“What did you do? Do you think you can deal with me with your strength?” Wu Shan really didn’t understand why this old man was laughing. He should be much stronger than him, so why was he laughing?

“It seems that you are still ignorant. You don’t understand what happened at all. The dart 1 threw just now was not a simple dart. You will know later.”

After saying this, the First Elder looked at the sun in the sky as if he was counting the time.

“Could that be the Great Elder’s soul-chasing dart?”

“I’ve heard of it too. It seems to be a dart forged with a special method in the legends. It’s said that the enemy who is hit will be affected by the soul-chasing effect.”

“I’ve also heard of Great Elder’s ultimate skill.”

“It is said that no one who has been hit by this dart has survived.”

” Looks like the Myriad Poison Cave is doomed this time. 1 didn’t expect it to directly suffer the First Elder’s attack.”

” The Great Elder is so powerful. How could he be injured by them?”

“They really underestimate us.”

The disciples of the Cloud Sky Palace were instantly emboldened. After all, the strength displayed by the Great Elder was indeed beyond their imagination.

The Great Elder stood there, feeling smug from the words around him.

After all, this move was his ultimate skill. As long as this move hit, the enemy would have nowhere to escape.

When Wu Shan heard the discussions around him, he finally felt that something was wrong. He did not expect to be hit by the opponent’s big move unknowingly.

“Ding ~ You have obtained the ultimate skill [Soul Chasing Dart].”

[Soul-chasing Dart: Shoot a dart. After hitting the enemy, it will mark the enemy’s soul until the end of the battle. Any attack on the enemy will cause real damage.] [Cooldown time: 1 hour]

Chu Bai immediately felt that this skill was a little abnormal. He didn’t expect that he would be able to instantly obtain the effects of his weapon after obtaining this skill.

The most important effect of God’s Punishment was that it ignored Defense. At this moment, this Skill was practically on par with the special effect of his own weapon. He had never thought that such a powerful weapon and equipment effect would be displayed on the Great Elder.

After the First Elder released the Soul Chasing Dart, he threw out a few more darts.

Wu Shan was finally afraid this time. He did not choose to take it head-on, but those darts seemed to be chasing after him.

The Great Elder fiddled with the darts with his fingers and guided them to Wu Shan.

After Wu Shan was hit, he realized that his HP had decreased by a lot. He did not expect his HP to decrease. The opponent was indeed very strong.

Chu Bai was also surprised.

He did not expect the First Elder to have such a powerful move. He actually did not shoot it out just now.

“It’s actually very difficult to hit the enemy with this move. After all, the speed of the Soul Chasing Dart is very slow. Usually, it’s only effective when released at close range. But who knew that this guy would actually choose to use force.”

The Great Elder didn’t expect Wu Shan to eat his dart without dodging. That was why he became like this.

“All disciples, follow my lead and attack him together.”

With the order of the First Elder, everyone in the sect launched their ultimate move at the same time.

In an instant, all kinds of moves landed on Wu Shan’s body.

Wu Shan’s entire body sank a lot in an instant, and his legs were firmly buried under the ground.

The damage he received caused his health bar to instantly lose half.

After Wu Shan received such a terrifying damage, he finally realized that something was wrong. He had to act immediately.

Wu Shan finally stopped hiding his skills and was no longer on guard against these people because he planned to release a large-scale attack.

“Shadow Poison!”

The golden toad had been there ever since he summoned it, and it hadn’t moved at all. It only moved when it saw this skill.

The golden toad’s huge tongue curled up, and a stream of poison shot out from its terrifying tongue, spraying in all directions.

On the other side, Wu Shan had already released a gust of wind with his hand, blowing all the poison away.

Before all the disciples of the Cloud Sky Palace could react, they had already swallowed the poison and fell to the ground in unison like dominoes.

The Great Elder had been caught off guard and had eaten this poison. At this moment, his body had already become weak.

“How is this possible…” The First Elder did not expect himself to be so severely injured.

He had actually suffered such injuries here.

“Looks like you guys were too careless. After eating my poison, you can’t move at all, right?” Wu Shan stood there smugly. At the same time, he walked over and patted his golden toad head.

The golden toad seemed to be very satisfied and stuck out its tongue.

Chu Bai couldn’t remain calm when he saw this.

Wu Shan was also standing there, not calm.

“Why didn’t you fall? You’re really too detestable. You can actually withstand my attack?”

Wu Shan didn’t expect White Night to be able to stand still and not fall down. His body wasn’t numb either.

His body was not paralyzed, which meant that he was not afraid of the poison at all.

Since a person who was immune to all poisons was standing here, this was a very troublesome problem. If he could not deal with him, he would be unlucky if he allowed him to develop in the future.

Wu Shan didn’t want to be in a bad situation, so he had already planned to use all his strength to kill White Night. He definitely wouldn’t allow someone who was immune to poison to live here..

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