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Chapter 847: Four Fools

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The moment Dugu Wenjian received the news, he immediately returned to the sect. At this moment, he felt unusually uncomfortable.

Because of the previous battle, they had lost badly. At this moment, the sect leader planned to settle this sect.

This made Dugu Wenjian extremely anxious. After all, if a sect suddenly disappeared, their guild would be finished.

“Sect Master! Didn’t we agree before? As long as I continue to send people to pay for the door number, will you continue to be the sect master here?” Dugu Wenjian looked at the Sect Leader in front of him speechlessly. He didn’t expect the old man to suddenly go back on his word.

Sect Leader Zhang Tianhe stood there, clearly unwilling to admit his mistake.

“Dugu Wenjian! Although we’ve already agreed on it last time, your results are really too bad. There’s no point for me to continue staying here. 1 might as well leave here with my brother and go to a better place to develop.”

Zhang Tianhe directly dragged his younger brother into the fray, which meant that the two sects were about to be disbanded.

Dugu Wenjian and Xuanyuan Tian had spent a lot of money on this. If the sect was disbanded now, the two of them would suffer the most.

Zhang Tianhe:” It’s not that I want to disband. It’s just that the market isn’t vigilant enough. Even if you come and many people give me money, 1 can’t develop myself, right?”

What Zhang Tianhe wanted now was results, but the two of them could not give him results. This naturally made him not have much confidence in continuing to lead the sect.

“You can’t say that, right? The two of us spent a lot of money. If you’re unwilling, why don’t you give the sect to me?”

Dugu Wenjian could already tell what Jang Cheon-Hyeok and Jang Cheon-He were planning. It was obvious that he wanted to take a large sum of money and leave.

“Since we’ve already said so much, there’s nothing for us to hide. Out of all these lands, 1 think the most highly of you, so we have nothing to say now. If you want to be the sect master, you only need to give me this amount.”

Zhang Tianhe stretched out a finger and then tapped another finger.

“Two hundred thousand?” Dugu Wenjian asked tentatively.

“Do you think I’m an idiot? You have to pay 10,000 taels to join a sect. You’ve already earned more than a million taels for me, and now you’re going to give me this?”

Zhang Tianhe was definitely not a simple old man, nor was he an idiot. Therefore, he immediately understood how much money there should be here.

Dugu Wenjian didn’t expect this old man to be so greedy. Back then, when they were discussing the price, it was a little too high, which led to the current situation. Everyone who wanted to join the sect had to pay 10,000 yuan.

As a result, they had only added a hundred people and had already spent a million, even though they were all self-funded.

However, this also allowed the two sect masters to earn a lot of money.

Not to mention the follow-up money. Although he had not given them the money, he had already paid the deposit.

With so many people, it had actually become like this. It really made them depressed.

“Then what’s wrong with you? Could it be 20 million?”

Xuanyuan Tian jumped up anxiously. He simply could not believe that these two old fellows actually dared to ask for such an exorbitant price.

“You’re right. I want 20 million. Isn’t this figure too big? It’s also very simple for you, isn’t it?”

Zhang Tianhe looked at the two of them with a smile. He knew that the two of them would never give up such a good opportunity to defeat their competitors in one go.

Just as Dugu Wenjian and Xuanyuan Tian were hesitating, two unexpected guests suddenly arrived at the mountain entrance.

Chu Bai and Feng Yun held hands and jumped in.

“Aiya, such a good sect is only selling for 20 million. Isn’t that too low?”

Guild Leader Feng Yun took out a pile of money and placed it on the table.

” Here’s 25 million. Give this seat to me.” Feng Yun’s attitude was very arrogant as he spoke to Zhang Tianhe.

Sect Leader Zhang Tianhe really did not expect such a big fat sheep to suddenly appear. He wanted to accept the money on the spot and give up his position at the same time.

But at this moment, Xuanyuan Tian was unhappy.

“White Night Storm, don’t cause trouble here. Hurry up and go home. What’s the point of causing trouble here?”

Xuanyuan Tian was furious. He really did not expect these people to be so shameless. These two people actually came here to cause trouble.

“Of course, whoever offers the highest price will get it. I’ve paid for it now, can’t you give it to me? If that’s the case, then the sect leader won’t agree, right?”

Feng Yun’s words struck a chord in Zhang Tianhe’s heart.

Zhang Tianhe rubbed his round belly with a smile again.” Of course, it belongs to the person who offers the highest price. Since this little friend has offered such a high price, I’ll give it to you.”

Zhang Tianhe was obviously a money-grubber.

Dugu Wenjian could no longer remain calm when he saw this. He immediately took out a form from his pocket and said,” I’ll bid 30 million.”

Zhang Tianhe couldn’t stop smiling. He really didn’t expect things to turn out like this. Two silly kids suddenly appeared and raised the price so high.

Originally, he thought that this lousy sect would at most haggle over the price and sell it for more than ten million.

Then, he would throw it to Dugu Wenjian.

However, he didn’t expect Chu Bai and Feng Yun to suddenly appear and cause trouble.

Now, he had raised the price in one go, doubling the ideal price in his mind.

He had not expected such a terrifying price. Now that things had turned out this way, he would have to see what he was thinking.

If he could really get such a terrifying price, he and his younger brother would be able to sell for 60 million.

“I have two seats here, and you have four people here. How about this? I won’t ask you for an extra 60 million. You can take both sects.”

Zhang Tianhe was simply laughing. He could not close his mouth. His mouth was so wide that it almost reached the back of his head. In this situation, he was really too amazing.

He never dreamed that his sect could sell for such a high price.

This had already exceeded his imagination, so he needed to quickly sell these two things and see how much these four fools could pay.

When Feng Yun heard that there were two spots, his eyes lit up. If he could get two spots, he could indeed surpass many people.

Xuanyuan Tian and Dugu Wenjian looked at each other and quickly looked at their current assets. They could take out 60 million, but there were still two items that were lowering the price.

And these two people were too troublesome.

How despicable!

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