Online Game: I Can Use Ultimate Skills Infinitely - C.845 - : Conquering Spider Valley

Online Game: I Can Use Ultimate Skills Infinitely

C.845 - : Conquering Spider Valley

Chapter 845: Conquering Spider Valley

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“Don’t tell me you’re really planning to challenge him? That was not a place that could be easily challenged. If you die there, I won’t help you at all.”

Feng Yun did not intend to help in the first place. After all, the two families were rivals. How could he help so easily now?

Chu Bai nodded. He didn’t intend to ask for their help.

“Of course we don’t have any problems. After all, we’re just going to fight monsters.” Yu Qingyu immediately put on her equipment and was eager to try. It was very much in line with this woman’s style.

” Of course, I have no problem with that. After all, I can fight the boss. Of course, I’ll go.” Lu Yufan stood at the side and was very confident. It was indeed very comfortable to be able to fight the boss now.

Soon, the four of them climbed up the mountain under Feng Yun’s shocked gaze.

Above the valley, the members of the Gale Dynasty were still fighting monsters on the spot when they suddenly felt that there were many more people around them.

“Look, it’s White Night.”

“Why did he suddenly come here?”

“Don’t tell me they want to snatch our territory?”

“The guild leader is also with them!”

The members of the Gale Dynasty were originally a little nervous, but when they saw their guild leader standing there, they temporarily gave up on their nervousness.

” Everyone, continue leveling up. Don’t worry about where they’re going. White Night said he’s going there to fight monsters.” Feng Yun pointed at the Spider King Boss in the distance.

Chu Bai had just stood on the platform when he saw the Spider King in the distance.

[Spider King] Level: 20, Grade: Celestial Beast, HP: 9500000, Attack: 163000, Defense: 3500. A spider that lives in hot areas and carries poison in its body.

[Skill: Corrosion: The Spider King spits out a stream of venom that deals 3% of the enemy’s maximum HP damage per second. Lasts for 16 seconds. Cooldown: 5 minutes.]

[Shield Weakening: Every attack will reduce the enemy’s armor by 6%.]

[Summon: When the Spider King is fatally injured, it will summon the surrounding spiders to protect itself.] Can only be used once per battle.

Chu Baiguang saw this attribute and felt that it was not a big deal. His HP was very low, and he should be able to kill it in an instant.

“Don’t think that just because this monster’s HP is very low, you can kill it easily. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have failed.” Feng Yun stood at the side and mocked him. After all, his attributes were actually not much different from Bai Ye’s. In this situation, even he couldn’t do it, let alone Chu Bai.

“There are still many ways. Although what you said is very mysterious, 1 should be able to do it.”

Chu Bai stood where he was, holding the God’s Punishment tightly with both hands. He was about to activate his skill.

When the follower saw this scene, he hurriedly took a few steps back. After all, this move looked very terrifying. It would not be good if he accidentally injured her.

As soon as the Follower retreated, the others followed suit. After all, everyone reacted quickly and did not want to die here.

Chu Bai’s attack damage was very high, so everyone had to leave quickly. It would be terrible if they were accidentally injured.

“A sword that can move mountains and rivers!” Chu Bai stood there and unleashed his ultimate move. This time, he unleashed all his attacks.

Feng Yun looked over in shock. He had no idea what was going on. He could not believe that this attack was really there.

Feng Yun had once thought that Bai’s attack would be very high, but he did not expect it to be so high that it was a little ridiculous.

Chu Bai immediately became serious.

Moreover, this attack was very high. A sword qi directly rushed out.

There were many spiders blocking the way on the road, but they were instantly cut apart by this sword qi.

Feng Yun looked at everything that had happened in shock. His mouth could fit three eggs.

The others were also staring intently at this side. After all, this was White Night’s strength.

A sword aura rushed in, and before the surrounding people could react, the spiders were instantly eliminated.

These spiders could not stop them at all. The Spider King’s group of eyes were even more glaring. This Boss still could not figure out what was going on with it.

Before it could react, the sword qi had already rushed in front of its face.

The Spider King’s HP was instantly emptied, much to everyone’s surprise.

The members of the Gale Dynasty had experienced several battles, but they had never fought this boss.

He did not expect that they would have such an effect in just one battle.

Chu Bai had actually killed that one in one go.

Feng Yun was even more stunned at the scene. He did not expect things to turn out like this.

“How did you do it? How can your damage be so ridiculously high? That spider’s defense is obviously very high. Every time my men rushed over, they were delayed by the spiders beside them and then killed by the Spider King.”

Feng Yun recalled his previous experience as a painful memory. He did not expect such a powerful Boss to be instantly killed by him.

The surrounding people also did not expect this attack power to be so ridiculously high.

No matter what, it shouldn’t be so terrifying. However, since it had already happened, they had nothing to say.

“Alright, since I’ve already stir-fried this place, it belongs to me. Leave the rest to me.”

Chu Bai stood there with his men and started leveling up.

Because this was a spider nest, many spiders gathered here.

Every time Chu Bai attacked, he could take away a large area. There were even three women supporting each other.

The four of them fought the monsters very quickly, even faster than the others around them. The four of them formed a small circle and continued to fight.

The Follower stood in the middle to buff the three of them, while the three DPS stood around and attacked the nearby spiders.

Feng Yun looked at the speed of his 100 players, but they were not as efficient as the four of them. He immediately became a dance. He had indeed become stronger, but the people around him were still too weak.

He had to radiate his advantages to the people around him.

Feng Yun understood at this point. He had to make his choice.

He directly selected a group of people to continue practicing on top. This time, he did not intend to hide his strength.

Feng Yun immediately went all out, as if he wanted to compete with Bai. However, no matter how hard he tried to kill the monsters, he was still slightly inferior to the four of them.

At the same time, the players who were leveling up in the valley suddenly realized that the frequency of monsters respawning had decreased.

The monsters ‘respawn rate was much slower than before. The current situation did not seem good.

Originally, the monsters were very dense, but now, there were so few of them.

Everyone’s gazes began to change as they searched for this reason..

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