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Chapter 838: Ultimate Skill

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Lin Fuyue stood there and made up his mind.

Lin Fuyue knew very well that Bai Ye wasn’t scared out of his mind. He was smiling confidently, just like how he had defeated his son before.

“Grandpa, what should we do now? This fellow seems to be the same as before. He must have prepared something in secret.” Lin Tianhe recalled that he had lost to Bai Ye several times before, and Bai Ye had always been able to turn defeat into victory. He had many hidden abilities.

Chu Bai was definitely not as he appeared to be, so he had to think about what he was thinking.

Lin Fuyue thought for a moment and realized that something was wrong.

On the other hand, Chu Bai was overjoyed when he heard that the old man’s strength had increased.

Lin Fuyue didn’t plan to stay here any longer. He rushed up and punched fiercely.

Seeing that his opponent’s fist didn’t dodge, Chu Bai stepped forward and used his shoulder to hit it.

Lin Fuyue looked at everything in front of him in shock. He did not expect his opponent to be able to block his attack so easily. It was not possible just now. How could he suddenly block his attack now?

“What did you do?” Lin Fuyue really couldn’t figure out what Bai Ye had done to block his attack.

The other Advanced disciples finally saw hope and were no longer as flustered as before.

” White Night is standing up again. Hurry up and do your best!”

” It’s all thanks to White Night now. Good luck, White Night!”

The inner disciples of the Cloud Sky Palace finally saw hope of survival. Now, if they wanted to fight against the Lin family, they could only rely on Bai Ye.

The Great Elder stood there and did not dare to make a move. Although he was the Great Elder of the sect, it was a life and death situation now. If he went on stage, it would not be good if he died.

Seeing the terrifying strength of the Lin family’s head, no ordinary person would go forward to provoke him, except for Bai Ye.

The fact that White Night was able to fight evenly with the other party was enough to prove that his strength was indeed extraordinary.

Lin Fuyue did not expect that this ant-like person in front of him could actually fight against him now. His attacks could not cause any damage to him.

“I’ve already eaten my Lin family’s secret medicine. Now, my strength can be said to be even stronger than your sect master. I don’t understand why you can still stand in front of me and resist me.”

Lin Fuyue couldn’t figure out what had happened.

Lin Tianhe’s hope was ignited when he saw how powerful his grandfather was, but it was extinguished by Bai Ye’s actions.

For some reason, White Night’s strength had suddenly increased so much.

Such powerful strength made them completely unable to understand what had happened.

Lin Fuyue charged forward once again in anger. He threw both fists forward, and two fists quickly came smashing over. Chu Bai only extended one hand to block one fist, then threw it forcefully.

After the punch, Lin Fuyue was thrown away by the force and staggered a few steps.

Chu Bai’s strength was very strong. Lin Fuyue did not expect to be brought to this extent. He fell to the ground after turning around a few times.

The two of them fought for a few rounds, but he did not gain any advantage.

Chu Bai wasn’t afraid of his flame attack at all.

“Flaming Fist!” Lin Fuyue threw another punch. His fist was burning with flames. The scorching flames melted the air nearby, making it difficult for people to breathe.

However, Chu Bai wasn’t affected by me. Instead, he took out the God’s Punishment in his hand and charged over with a wave of sword qi.

Lin Fuyue was caught off guard and was severely injured. He felt a pain in his waist and blood flowed out.

Lin Fuyue really didn’t expect to be injured. After taking such a powerful pill, he couldn’t possibly lose.

“Flame Impact!”

“Eat my attack!”


Lin Fuyue quickly shouted and attacked, but no matter how he attacked, he could not cause any substantial damage.

Chu Bai stood there steadily without suffering any injuries.

Chu Bai was able to take these attacks every time, which made Lin Fuyue gradually unable to believe his own attacks. He could not imagine how his attacks were all taken by someone else.

“What did you do? How can you withstand all my attacks?” Lin Fuyue really couldn’t understand how this guy did it.

The people of the Lin family did not expect their family head to actually fall into a bitter battle.

A fierce battle.

A chaotic battle.

A heartless person.

A merciless blade.

Lin Fuyue once again gathered all his strength. This time, he could no longer bear to be injured like this. He planned to attack with all his strength.

“You have to know that my Lin family definitely has more trump cards than these.”

Lin Fuyue was a little angry and planned to use his full strength.

The move he used this time was different from before.

Chu Bai instantly felt some pressure. This old fellow’s strength was extraordinary, and he was definitely not as simple as he appeared to be. If he was going to fight to the death, he had to be careful.

Chu Bai turned his head to take a look. The powerful follower had already understood and immediately cast a blessing on him.

“I’ve already joined forces with you. Now, you can use a portion of my attributes.” The Follower once again used the skill he used against the White Tiger.

Chu Bai immediately saw that his attributes had increased by quite a bit.

Now that his attributes had increased by quite a bit, he would definitely be able to resist the opponent’s ultimate move.

Lin Fuyue shook his head and laughed out loud.

“Aren’t you too funny? Even if you increase your attributes, you’re still not my match now. This is because the move I’m about to use is definitely the strongest move of my Lin family.”

Lin Fuyue stepped forward and pointed forward with one hand. At this moment, the sky was covered with thunderclouds, and the black clouds instantly covered everyone’s eyes.

“What happened? Why is it dark?”

“What exactly happened?”

“Are there monsters coming out?”

Everyone’s expression changed drastically. The manager’s threat just now had already filled their hearts with fear. Now that the sky was dark, it deepened their fear.

Once darkness appeared, everyone would feel that the darkness in the depths of their hearts would deepen their fear.

Chu Bai stood at the side and looked at the sky. At this moment, he was also deep in thought. He didn’t know what kind of skill this old fellow was planning to use.

At this moment, he also received the notification of the so-called ultimate skill.

” You have obtained the ultimate skill: Borrowing Power from the Heavens.”

Chu Bai heard the system’s notification..

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