Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.915 False Progenitor

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.915 False Progenitor

(A/N: The Ruler's Authority increases Endurance by 100%. In the last chapter, I mistakenly wrote Vitality instead of Endurance. Sorry for the inconvenience.)


"False Progenitor..." Seeing a new title in his title section, Evan raised an eyebrow in surprise.

He focused his gaze on the title and its details appeared in front of his eyes.

---) False Progenitor: A title given to those who are one of their kind in the entire Origin Universe and are progressing towards becoming a new Progenitor.

Evan read the details of his new title and a deep frown appeared on his face.

"A title given to those who are one of their kind..." He muttered and a light of understanding shone in his eyes. "So the reason I never found any information about the Eltharon race is because there is no Eltharon in this entire world besides me."

It would be a lie to say Evan wasn't surprised after reading the details of the False Progenitor title, but when he thought about the things that he saw in the hut a few days ago, he realized it was quite obvious that there were no other Eltharon in this world.

"What a mess..." He said to himself and looked at the effect of the title.

---) Effect of the False Progenitor Title: Increases your intelligence stat by 10% and provides a passive Mind Shield ability that decreases the effect of any spiritual type skill aimed against you by 20%.

{False Progenitor title can be evolved into True Progenitor title by increasing the synchronization rate between your race and the Origin Universe to 100%}

"The effect of the title is way better than I thought considering it can be evolved to a higher level..." Evan said, looking at his intelligence stat, which increased by 15 and reached 165 points under the effect of the False Progenitor title.

Although the increase in the intelligence stat was very attractive, the thing that caught his attention was the Mind Shield ability that could decrease the effect of all spiritual-type skills aimed against him by 20%.

"There is nothing in the details of this title that says this Mind Shield ability will be affected by the attacker's rank, which means even the spiritual attacks of rank six core evolvers will be affected by this ability..." Evan said with a smile on his face and nodded his head.

His spiritual power was already way higher than his core's rank, and now with this 20% shielding ability, he was sure that even without using shadow possession or any other skills, he could withstand the spiritual attacks of normal mid-level Rank Two Core Evolvers.

"100% synchronization, huh..." He looked at the requirement he needed to fulfill to evolve the False Progenitor title and felt lost for a moment.

Just a few minutes ago, he didn't even know there was something like syncretization, so it is quite obvious that he had no idea about how to increase its progression rate.

"Do I need to absorb more blood essence of a light dragon to increase the syncretization rate?" He muttered with a thoughtful look on his face but wasn't sure if this would work or not.

But even if this method can increase the syncretization rate between his race and the Origin Universe, Evan knew that it wouldn't be easy to find an opportunity similar to this.

He just absorbed the blood essence of a Rank Six light dragon and if he wants to do the same thing again, he will have to wait until he can kill a Rank Six Dragon.

'Well, whatever. I will think about it in the future when I meet another light dragon,' He thought to himself and looked at the details of his bloodline.

---) Current Effects of the Doom Bringer Bloodline (Partially Awakened): The power of all Shadow-type skills is increased by twenty percent. All of your attack-type skills will now carry the essence of the Doom Bringer bloodline and will have a 0.5% chance of triggering an instant death effect regardless of your target's rank. Due to the second stage of awakening, now you can use the life-steal ability on any living being. Because of the curse of the Doom Bringer Bloodline, your luck is reduced by eight percent.

Evan looked at the details of his bloodline and a deep frown appeared on his face.

"It is still partially awakened," He muttered in a low voice because when his bloodline evolved to the second stage earlier, he thought it was fully awakened, but looking at the status window, he realized it was still partially awakened.

Although his bloodline was still partially awakened, some things still changed about it.

"The probability of triggering the instant death effect rose to 0.5 percent from the previous 0.1 percent, and the ten percent reduction in luck is reduced to eight percent..." He noted the improvement in the previous effects, but what caught his attention was definitely the newly awakened ability of his bloodline.

'Life Steal ability on any living being...' He thought inwardly but wasn't sure about the effect of this skill.

He wanted to test it, but other than Elora and him, there was no living being inside the room so he couldn't test it for now.

"I will test it after leaving the dragon's statue..." Evan said and looked at the details of his race to see if there was any change in it, but just like before, there were no details about the Eltharon race.

---) Race: Eltharon (Current syncretization rate between your race Eltharon and the Origin Universe: 60%)

He tried to focus his gaze on the race section of his status window, but there was still no information about the Eltharon.

"Do I need to reach a 100% syncretization rate before it will show me details about it?" Evan muttered with a thoughtful look on his face and sighed lightly.

Although he was annoyed by the fact that he didn't have any information about the Eltharons that might help him increase the syncretization rate further, he knew he couldn't do anything about it for the time being.

"Well, whatever... It's not like I won't get any opportunity to find out more about the Eltharons in the future," Evan said with a shake of his head and stopped thinking about it.

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