Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.902 Father! (Part 2)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.902 Father! (Part 2)


Outside of the hut, Biscuit screeched warily and looked at the small figure of a girl who suddenly appeared behind it. Although Biscuit was a beginner-level rank three monster, it didn't even feel the presence of the small figure until she stood behind it.

The girl had waist-length red hair, emerald green eyes and a petite build. She was just one hundred centimetres tall and was wearing a full-sleeved baggy-looking black-coloured dress.


Seeing the little girl staring at Evan, who was sleeping on the straw bed inside the hut, Biscuit screeched and looked at the girl as if warning her not to do anything foolish.

Hearing Biscuit's screech, the little girl looked at it and tilted her head in a cute manner as if she did not understand why this dumb black bird was screaming.

Seeing the way the little girl was looking at it, Biscuit's eyes turned cold and it felt insulted because it could tell that the little girl was thinking that it was dumb.

'Doesn't this foolish girl know who I am?'

It was Biscuit!

Although its name was rather shabby, it was still a Rank Three monster. It was one of the overlords of the second layer of the Tomb Of The Ancient. It was a ruler who had thousands of monsters under its command, so how could it tolerate when a little girl who looked not older than ten years was looking at it as if it was dumb.


Biscuit screeched loudly and spread its giant wings. Black flames burst forth, covering its entire body and a majestic crown made of deep black flames appeared on its head. The aura around Biscuit completely changed and it looked at the little girl with a proud and haughty look on its face as if asking her to worship it.

Seeing the change in the appearance of the dumb bird, the little girl's mouth opened in an O shape and she walked towards it with slow steps.

Although Biscuit wasn't able to figure out how the little girl appeared behind it earlier without alerting it, the black bird didn't feel any malice or danger from her, so it allowed her to approach it.

Soon the little girl stopped just a meter away from Biscuit. Biscuit was thinking that the little girl would show an awe-filled look upon seeing its majestic figure from up close and worship it.

But all of its hopes were shattered when it saw drool trickling down from the corner of the girl's mouth and she was looking at it with anticipation as if waiting for something.

Seeing the drool and the look of anticipation on the little girl's face, Biscuit's eyes widened in shock.

'Don't tell me this dumb girl is thinking about eating me...' Biscuit thought and suddenly took a step backwards.

The little girl didn't care about Biscuit's reaction and looked at the black flame that covered the bird, hoping that the powerful flame would soon cook this bird, and she would have a big feast today.

Just thinking about eating the tender meat of the giant bird, the little girl's mouth watered and drool started to flow out of her mouth like a waterfall.

Biscuit was speechless when it saw what was happening and felt like burning the insolent girl to a crisp.

But the moment this thought came into its mind, for some reason, all of its instincts started to scream and warned it not to mess with the dumb-looking cute little girl who was waiting for it to be fully cooked by its own flame.

Biscuit thought about deactivating the flame that covered its body so that the little girl would stop looking at it like it was a baked chicken, but when it looked at the anticipation-filled look of the little girl, Biscuit felt as if it was scum who was about to shatter a little girl's dream.

The girl was waiting for the black flames to fully cook it, but if it deactivated its flames, wouldn't this girl feel devastated that her dream of eating a baked bird was shattered by it?

For a moment, Biscuit even thought about allowing its flames to hurt itself so that it would be cooked and become a baked chicken for the little girl, but as soon as this thought appeared inside its mind, Biscuit shook its head and looked at the little girl warily, wondering what kind of evil sorcery this girl was using on it.

It was Biscuit!

It was a monster, and as a monster, it shouldn't feel any sympathy towards this little girl even though she was very cute.

'She must be using some kind of evil technique to make me sympathetic towards her...' Biscuit thought and stopped using its black flames.

"Aye!" The moment it stopped using the black flame, it heard a cute cry and saw the little girl looking at it with a shocked look on her face.


Suddenly, Biscuit heard the sound of something dropping to the ground and when it looked carefully, it saw the little girl had dropped her fork on the ground.

Seeing this evil little girl even brought a fork from God knows where, cold sweat appeared on Biscuit's forehead and it looked at the girl as if it was looking at a very dangerous opponent.

But the girl didn't care about the way the black bird was looking at her, and seeing the flames that were cooking the bird disappear, small drops of tears started to gather at the corner of her eyes.

Biscuit started to sweat even more profusely when it saw this, and even though it was a monster, it still felt like it was a scumbag.

For a second, the thought of cooking itself once again came to the bird's mind, but it quickly shook its head and looked at the girl warily, thinking she was definitely using some kind of evil technique on it.

Just when Biscuit was trying to figure out what kind of evil technique the girl was using while doing its best not to cook itself...


A sudden explosion startled it.

Biscuit quickly looked in the direction of the explosion and saw, for some reason, the wooden hut had exploded.

It was about to rush towards the hut to see if Evan was fine or not, but before it could rush forward...

"Father!" It heard the panicked voice of the little girl and saw her running towards the destroyed wooden hut.

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