Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.894 First Layer (Part 1)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.894 First Layer (Part 1)

"Wha-what is this?" Leopold asked, fear filling his eyes as he looked at his own shadow, which had come to life and was standing while holding a scythe.

The black shadow didn't answer Leopold's question and swung its scythe in his direction, wanting to reap his life.

Once again, Leopold's instincts screamed in horror and he immediately ducked down while holding his severed arm to stop the bleeding.

The moment Leopold ducked down, a sharp black light shot out from the shadow's scythe, barely missing his head.

Leopold gulped down his saliva in fear as he couldn't understand what was going on. But soon, he noticed the aura of the shadow decreased greatly after its last attack and it was slowly fading away.

Seeing the shadow fading, Leopold thought it was his chance to attack it, but before he could do anything, a red-haired woman appeared in front of him and the next second...


Leopold received a powerful punch in his guts that created sonic waves, and he flew backwards as if he had been hit by a bullet train.


With a loud bang, the vampire crashed a few kilometres away and continued to cough out mouthfuls of blood with his internal organs mixed in it.

Alaric was stupefied by the sudden turn of events. Earlier, when Leopold called Anastasia a bitch, he thought she didn't attack him because she didn't have her full power, but looking at the way she was beating Leopold, now he realized he was completely wrong.

Although he really wanted to know how she could beat Leopold like this with her limited power, he knew it wasn't the time to think about it.

From the way Anastasia was attacking, he was sure that she wanted to kill Leopold because of what he said earlier and he couldn't let that happen.

"The vampires from the Bloodmoon Empire won't let it slide if a Rank Five Core Evolver dies here..." Alaric thought aloud and immediately appeared in front of Anastasia, who was going toward Leopold.

"Stop, stop, you can't kill him or there will be—"

"Shut up, Alaric! No matter what you say, I'm going to kill this vampire bastard today," Anastasia didn't let Alaric finish what he was saying and shouted in a voice filled with anger.

Alaric wanted to say something, but before he could, he saw that she disappeared from his sight and appeared in front of Leopold, smashing his face using her fists.

'Fast...' Alaric was baffled when Anastasia suddenly disappeared from his sight because he wasn't able to see how she moved.

He was once again surprised as he couldn't understand how she increased her powers so much, but he stopped thinking about it when he saw Anastasia had cut off Leopold's second arm as well.

"Arghh!" Leopold screamed in pain and looked at the red-haired woman who tossed away his severed arm with an absolute look of horror.

His face was completely disfigured because of her earlier punches and almost all of his teeth were broken.

"I gave you a chance to screw off earlier, but you just had to open your filthy mouth once again..." Anastasia said and stomped down on one of his feet, turning his leg bones into dust.

"Arghh!" Leopold screamed in pain and wanted to back away, but tens of black hands came out of the ground and held him in one place, stopping him from moving away.

"In your next life, think one hundred times before you open your mouth to say something," Anastasia said in a cold voice and a black Cleaver that was nearly two meters long appeared in her hand.

The Cleaver's blade was engraved with hundreds of mysterious runes and had a silver-golden-colored handle. The moment Anastasia took out the Cleaver, a dangerous aura filled the entire hidden realm.

Leopold's entire body trembled when he saw the black Cleaver and a feeling of death engulfed his body.

Anastasia looked at Leopold, who was shaking in fear with a cold look on her face and lifted the Cleaver.

But before she could slash down, a magic circle appeared below Leopold and he disappeared from there.

Anastasia's eyes narrowed when she saw this and she looked back.

Upon looking back, she saw Leopold lying unconscious behind Alaric.

"What are you trying to do, Ala—"

"I should be the one asking you. What do you think you are doing, Anastasia? Are you out of your mind?" Alaric didn't let Anastasia finish her sentence and asked in a serious voice.

"You should know the consequences of killing him. He is a damn rank-five core evolver. Do you think the vampires will take it lightly if you kill him here? You know that the relationship between me and the Bloodmoon Empire is not good since they want to take over the Dark Forest and assimilate it into their territory. The moment you kill this guy, they will use it as an excuse to wage war against the Dark Forest."

Anastasia was stunned when she heard Alaric's serious voice and some rationality returned to her eyes. She took some deep breaths to calm down and lowered her Cleaver.

"I know you are angry, but you should calm down because killing him will bring trouble not just for us but even for him since he is also living in the Dark Forest."

Anastasia closed her eyes for a second, and when she opened them again, her glowing violet draconic eyes returned to normal black.

She put away her Cleaver and walked towards Leopold.

'Ten seconds...' She sensed the condition of her soul and noticed she could use Spirit Resonance only for ten more seconds.

"What are you doing?" Alaric was alarmed when he saw her walking towards Leopold as he thought she still wanted to kill him.

"Calm your tits, I am not going to kill him," Anastasia said and arrived in front of Leopold.

'This woman... She really doesn't have a filter inside her mouth,' Alaric thought with the twitching mouth, but when he saw what Anastasia was doing, his eyes opened wide in shock.

"You—" Alaric watched with his eyes wide open as Anastasia placed one of her hands on Leopold's head and muttered some strange words.

Soon, a dark black, ominous-looking magic circle appeared above Leopold's face and sank inside his skin.

Anastasia panted heavily once the magic circle sank inside Leopold's face and tossed his body towards Dark Star, who was lying unconscious on the ground.

"Heal them and use your skill to alter their memories," She said to Alaric and finally stopped using the Spirit Resonance Technique.

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