Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.892 Spirit Resonance (Part 1)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.892 Spirit Resonance (Part 1)

Seeing even a lowly servant was laughing at him, Leopold's face darkened and he asked in a cold voice, "What are you laughing at, you bitch?"

The moment Leopold finished speaking, an absolute silence descended inside Alaric's hidden realm.

Even the fishes in the pond, the butterflies and small birds flying from one tree to another stopped and looked in Leopold's direction with slightly open mouths.

Alaric was also stupefied when he heard what Leopold said, but he quickly regained his senses and looked towards Anastasia, who had a small smile on her face.

'Fuck,' Although there was a small smile on her face, Alaric couldn't help but curse and sweat profusely.

"You know, dickhead, if you had cursed me like this in the past, I would have sealed you in the world of nightmares for a few thousand years. But since I am in a good mood, I will let you off this time," Anastasia said with a smile on her face. "Now, if you don't want me to cut off your limp dick-like body into two, then you better screw off from here before I change my mind."

Alaric and Leopold were dumbfounded when they heard Anastasia and both of them looked at the red-haired woman with shocked expressions. However, the reasons they were feeling shocked were completely different from each other.

Alaric was shocked because he couldn't believe an unreasonable woman like Anastasia, who used to start beating people at the slightest provocation was letting off Leopold, who had just called her a bitch.

'Is it because she can't use her full power?' Alaric thought and found it plausible. He didn't know why Anastasia had less than half of her original powers, but he thought the reason she didn't do anything to Leopold was because of this.

'Well, even though this greedy vampire is quite weak among the rank five people, it still won't be easy for her to beat him with less than half of her powers,' Alaric thought and sighed in relief because when Leopold cursed her earlier, he thought she would kill Leopold, and if she did, it would become a troublesome matter because of Leopold's connection with the higher-ups of the Bloodmoon Empire.

While Alaric was shocked that instead of killing, Anastasia just gave Leopold a warning, Leopold was shocked because he couldn't believe a mere servant dared to call him a dickhead and even compare his beautiful body to a limp dick.

Because Anastasia didn't have her full power, the aura around her was quite chaotic, so Leopold couldn't tell what her rank was.

Even though he couldn't determine her rank, he felt her current powers were weaker than his.

Because he was a businessman, his skin was quite thick and if someone stronger than him said something bad about him, he would swallow his pride and listen to them without retaliating, just like earlier when he didn't say anything when Alaric pressed his subordinate to the ground and said it was very easy for him to kill him.

But this logic only applied to people stronger than him, so when Anastasia, who in his eyes was weaker than him called him a dickhead, his face turned red from anger.

"Dark Star, teach this bitch a lesson," Leopold said in an anger-filled voice while looking at Anastasia with his deep red eyes.

The moment he spoke, the man in black clothes who was standing behind him disappeared.

When Alaric saw what was happening, he wanted to stop Dark Star, but he suddenly felt something and saw Anastasia looking at him with a slight grin on her face, as if telling him not to do anything.

Seeing Anastasia's grin, Alaric stopped and decided not to intervene. However, just in case, he still deployed his power throughout the hidden realm, as he knew that Dark Star was one of the best assassins throughout Utopia and he had even killed two rank five core evolvers in the past.

After deploying his powers, Alaric was easily able to see Dark Star, who seemed to merge with the surroundings perfectly.

Anastasia didn't show any concern when Leopold told Dark Star to teach her a lesson and sat in the same place as before.

Suddenly, Alaric's expression changed because he felt a strange power surging inside Anastasia's body. If they weren't inside his hidden realm, he wouldn't have felt it, but since they were inside the hidden realm that was completely under his control, he was able to sense it.

Leopold wasn't able to feel this power and was looking at Anastasia with hate-filled eyes.

Suddenly, Anastasia lifted one of her fingers slightly and tapped on the ground not far away from her.

Both Leopold and Alaric were confused when Anastasia suddenly tapped her finger on the ground and didn't understand what she was doing, but not even a second later, the place she tapped her finger on started to darken and the dark area soon took the shape of a shadow.

When Leopold and Alaric looked at the shape of the shadow, they were stupefied because they realized the shape of the shadow was similar to Dark Star.

"What the—" Leopold opened his mouth to say something, but before he could finish speaking, the space at the right side of Anastasia blurred a little and slowly, Dark Star appeared there.

Even though Dark Star's face was hidden behind his black clothes, both Alaric and Leopold could see his eyes were wide open and he was looking at Anastasia with terror-filled eyes.

"Dark Star, wha—"

Drip! Drip! - -

Leopold wanted to ask Dark Star what he was doing, but suddenly, he heard the sound of something dripping.

He moved his gaze in the direction of the sound and soon saw something that made his eyes open wide in shock.

Alaric also looked in the direction of the sound and similar to Leopold, his eyes also widened in shock when he saw that at some point, without them realizing, a small hole had appeared in Dark Star's chest where his heart was located, and blood was dripping to the ground from that hole.

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