Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.884 A Destined Massacre (Part 15—Last)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.884 A Destined Massacre (Part 15—Last)

Voidscar, Noel, Maximilian, Archibald, and a few other people who could resist the killing intent of Evan looked at the bloody scene in front of them with a look of horror on their faces.

In less than two seconds after coming out of the walls of the Shadow World, the shadow undeads slaughtered every single person who was paralyzed because of the passive effect of the Reaper's Wrath skill.

The number of shadow undeads who came out of the walls was more than six thousand, nearly filling the entire Shadow World, so it was very easy for them to kill the people who were just sitting on the ground doing nothing.

Even if Voidscar and others wanted to help their subordinates, it was useless because everything happened too fast. Moreover, all of them realized that for some reason, after entering the Shadow World, they couldn't use their full power.

There was something akin to the power of laws that was stopping them from using their full power while inside the Shadow World.

Obviously, the reason they couldn't use their full power was because of Evan, who used the power of the Shadow World to restrict their strength similar to what he did with Zorda.

If he didn't restrain their power using the Shadow World, Evan was sure that it would have been very easy for them to stop his shadow undeads. After killing thousands of people in less than two seconds, all the shadow undeads turned their heads towards Voidscar and others, who easily killed some of the shadow undeads who ran towards them.

Although their power was restricted due to the shadow world, they were still able to kill most of the shadow undeads who tried to attack them.

But when they felt the gazes of thousands of shadow undeads on them at the same time, even Voidscar, Noel, and others couldn't help but feel a chill run down their spine.

ROAR! ROAR! - - - - - -

Like mad beasts, the shadow undeads roared and dashed towards them with eyes filled with killing intent.

In their perfect condition, it wouldn't have been difficult for Voidscar and others to save themselves from the shadow undeads, but in their current condition where they couldn't use their full power, they knew it would be very difficult for them to defend themselves against thousands of monsters.

Just when Archibald, Noel, and others were panicking, they heard Maximilian's irritated voice.

"Fu*k, I didn't want to use it here because of its limited uses, but I have no choice."

They turned around to look at Maximilian and saw both of his hands had turned into something akin to small cannons. The moment both of his hands changed, a light blue fist-sized gem that was implanted at the centre of his chest lit up and the next second...


The Shadow World lit up with white light as giant laser beams that could kill even a normal Rank Three monster in just a single attack tore through everything and killed all the shadow undeads in a straight line.

BooooooooM! BoooooooooM!-----

Maximilian didn't stop after firing one shot and in just two seconds, fired tens of more cannon shots, killing all the shadow undeads who were running towards them.

As Maximilian fired the cannon, the size of the blue gem implanted in his chest continued to reduce and the fist-sized gem was now less than two-tenths of its original size.

Although Maximilian felt distressed after seeing the reduced size of the gem, he still sighed in relief when he saw he killed all the shadow undeads.

Voidscar and others were shocked when they saw this and wanted to ask him how he was able to fire so many powerful attacks under the restriction of the Shadow World, but before they could ask him anything...


Maximilian suddenly coughed out blue-colored thick oil-like blood and his mechanical-looking red eyes opened wide in shock.

"Did you have fun killing my shadow undeads?" Maximilian heard a cold, emotionless voice from behind him and before he could register what happened, his body shattered into thousands of pieces and his life force disappeared.

Voidscar and others felt a chill run down their spine when they saw Maximilian's body shattering into thousands of pieces and noticed Evan standing behind him.

Evan looked at Maximilian's shattered body without any emotion and shifted his gaze towards Noel, Voidscar, Archibald and the others.

After seeing Maximilian destroying his shadow undeads, he knew that he would have to stop him by himself, so he trapped Zorda using the Shadow World and teleported behind the Machdroid to stop him.

'Two seconds...' Now Evan only had two seconds left before the effect of the All Zero Authority ended and the cooldown time of all of his Skills and Authorities returned to normal.

He knew that once the effect of the All Zero authority ran out, it would be very difficult for him to fight against Voidscar and others, so he wanted to finish them before that.

When Voidscar, Noel, and the others saw Evan looking at them, they felt as if death itself was looking at them and for the first time in life, they felt a fear like this towards someone.

Evan was about to take a step forward to finish everything, and just when Voidscar and others thought they were going to die...


The ground beneath Evan's feet shattered and tens of black vines came out of it, trying to drag him underground.

Evan's movement paused because of the black vines and he looked at them under the effect of Temporal Velocity.

Because of Temporal Velocity, Evan's reaction was very fast, and the moment the rank three tree monster tried to drag him underground, he lifted one of his feet using his strength that was over four thousand five hundred points.

After lifting his leg, he used gravity manipulation and gathered the power of gravity inside his feet and stomped down heavily.

Generally, because of this attack, the ground within tens of thousands of kilometres of the area should have collapsed as Evan used the power of gravity and his high strength stat, but using his control over the Shadow World, Evan turned his attack into gravitational shockwaves.

Although changing the course of his attack consumed around seven hundred points of his Primordial Shadow Energy, Evan didn't care because the result was worth it.

As the gravitational shockwaves released by Evan travelled underground and touched the tree monster, the tree monster's entire body started to shake and before it could do anything, it felt as if hundreds of thousands of mountains were falling on it at the same time, and the next second...


Under the pressure of gravity, the woody body of the tree monster exploded into wooden dust and disappeared from the world.

Although Evan reacted very quickly under the attack of the Rank Three tree monster, it still took him more than one second to free himself from the vines and now he had just half a second left before the effect of the All Zero authority ended.

Evan knew that once the effect of the All Zero authority ended, it would be extremely difficult for him to handle Voidscar and other people. It was impossible for him to kill all of them in half a second, so he immediately chose the second-best option that came into his mind at that time, and the next split second later...

Boom! Boom! Boom!----

Some booming sounds echoed throughout the surroundings and the bodies of Voidscar, Noel, and others were thrown towards the sky like a rocket with a fist mark on their faces, chest, and other areas of the body.

The roof of the Shadow World opened a little and all of them continued to ascend upwards, destroying the gloomy clouds that covered the sky in the process and disappeared from his sight.

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