Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again - C.2852 Ji Ziyin Returns in Glory


The whisperings were like knives stabbing into her heart.

"Her right leg seems to be an inch shorter."

"Is she hurt?"

"I noticed it too. She's walking strangely."

Ji Ziyin raised her chin and ignored their prying gazes with indifference as she continued walking forward expressionlessly.

Ji Hongyuan looked at her and frowned in dissatisfaction. His gaze landed on the limp she was trying her hardest to hide, then he quickly looked away and said, "Let's go."

Ji Ziyin did not take his dissatisfaction to heart. "Mm."

She had the reclusive families and Nie Qingru's backing. Even if a small fry Ji Hongyuan was not satisfied with her, he did not dare to replace her.

As long as she seized this opportunity…

Ji Ziyin secretly clenched her fists to encourage herself. "You guys walk in front."

Ji Hongyuan couldn't have brought so many people just to visit Xie Yun.

As soon as he arrived at the Righteousness Hall, he got someone to call the other elders. Soon, the core family members arrived.

Xie Yun also arrived at the Righteousness Hall.

Ji Hongyuan greeted her. "Niece-in-law, you're here."

A cold light flashed in Xie Yun's eyes. She greeted the other elders as she tried to calm down.

Then, Seemingly having just seen Ji Hongyuan and the rest, she straightforwardly asked, "Sixth Uncle, what do you mean by this?"

She did not even call out Ji Ziyin's name. She only raised her chin to indicate to Ji Hongyuan to whom she was referring.

Ji Hongyuan came prepared and explained his intentions in public. "The Patriarch and Young Master Nan have both been missing for two days and one night. The chances of survival are almost zero.

"I understand your unwillingness to accept reality." He glanced sideways at Xie Yun, looking very sympathetic.

Xie Yun was angered. "Hehe, forgive me for not seeing that Sixth Uncle still has the mood to care about me."

Ji Hongyuan did not argue with her. "The Ji family can't continue leaderless. We need a capable successor to replace the Patriarch… Otherwise, if this situation persists, the family will be in chaos before the Patriarch is found."

The matter he brought up was also what the other elders were thinking about.

However, Xie Yun had not given up on finding Ji Lingfeng, so it was not appropriate for them to mention this matter…

Now that Ji Hongyuan had raised this question on their behalf, the crowd buzzed with discussion. No one stood up to object.

Xie Yun looked at them with a face as dark as water. She almost laughed out loud in her anger. "He has worked hard for this family for 20 years, but you're not even willing to give him 20 days? You're starting to arrange his funeral just like that?"

The buzzing discussions in the Righteousness Hall instantly disappeared.

An elder embarrassedly said, "Madam, it's not that we don't want to give the Patriarch time. It's just that we can't hide this news anymore.

"If the other families find out about this, they will definitely take the opportunity to annex the family's assets. The outsiders will also have crooked thoughts.

"This is like a domino effect. When the first card falls, it will quickly evolve into a situation where the building is about to collapse…"

Someone else chimed in, "That's right. We don't dare to wait any longer."

It was not that they did not want to wait for the news of Ji Lingfeng's death, but they dared not take the risk!

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