Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again - C.2850 Her Bottom Line Was To Confirm Ji Lingfeng’s Death

Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

C.2850 Her Bottom Line Was To Confirm Ji Lingfeng’s Death

"Ji Lingfeng's whereabouts are unknown. Ji Nan… has run away." Shadow didn't even look at them. He only paid attention to one person the entire time.

Nie Qingru had been leisurely reading the secret report. At this moment, she raised her eyes and said in a very displeased tone, "He ran away?"

Shadow knelt on one knee and lowered his head. "Ji Lingfeng found the bomb we hid in the cabin and sent Ji Nan away.

"We didn't know there was a secret room with a speedboat under the splint. He used the speedboat to send Ji Nan away…

"It was already too late when our people found out."

"Tsk." Nie Qingru was not too surprised. She raised her hand and indifferently said, "The Ji family is like this. A rat dying so easily is not so annoying! Where's Ji Lingfeng? Have you found his corpse? I want to see it."

Shadow said, "I haven't found it yet."

Nie Qingru's voice turned cold. "…You still haven't found him?"

The temperature in the room plummeted several degrees. Even Leonard was on high alert, his face full of nervousness.

Ji Ziyin's heart pounded. Shocked and afraid inside, she gritted her teeth and did not show any fear.

"You know my bottom line." Nie Qingru flicked her fingernail indifferently.

She could still reluctantly accept Ji Nan's escape. However, they had yet to find Ji Lingfeng's corpse. She was no longer satisfied!

Shadow knew her well. He bent down even more and explained in a low voice, "Empress, it's not that we don't want to find it. It's just that… we haven't been looking for long before someone else came."


Nie Qingru did not expect that someone would rush over so quickly. She was surprised.

Shadow guessed that she would be angry after he revealed it, but he could only bite the bullet. "Ye Wangchuan's men."

Before Ji Ziyin could react, she heard a bang and saw a cup sailing towards her.

Shocked, she instinctively tried to dodge it. Such a simple action immediately exposed her deficiency.

Her right foot was clearly half a beat slower than her left foot, and one was longer than the other. She was actually a cripple!

The sound of a cup shattering sounded behind her.

The color drained from Ji Ziyin's face as she slowly propped herself up on the table and returned to her original position. However, her shortcomings exposed at that moment still made her wish she was dead. It was far more painful than being hit by a cup…

The other three people here did not even look at her. It was as if she was not worth looking at.

Nie Qingru was gloomy. After a long time, she said, "Since she already knows, we can't waste any more time."

Ji Lingfeng's whereabouts were still a hidden danger!

Nie Qingru pressed her temple. It was rare for her to have a headache. She turned to Leonard and asked, "Has Ji Hongyuan relented?"

Leonard did not dare to breathe loudly as he nodded. "He didn't think about it for long before agreeing."

"That's good." Nie Qingru's expression improved a little. Then, she turned to the woman with no presence. "Ji Ziyin, haven't you always wanted to climb up the ranks? The opportunity has come! The Ji family is leaderless now that Ji Lingfeng and Ji Nan are in trouble. I've already contacted a few respected elders, and they agreed to elect you as the new Matriarch. You won't disappoint me, right?"

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