Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again - C.2844 Ji Lingfeng’s Life or Death Is Unknown

Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

C.2844 Ji Lingfeng’s Life or Death Is Unknown

This time, Nie Qingru was clearly the one behind it.

She never left any leeway. Other than destroying the cruise ship's navigation signal and plating a bomb, she must have also arranged for assassins.

If he did not go back and stall for time, none of them would be able to leave!

Ji Lingfeng's eyes turned bloodshot as he pursed his lips and took out his self-defense pistol. Then, he walked out.

"Where are you? I'll go look for you." He was talking to He Lin through the Bluetooth earpiece.

"I'm near the electric box on the left side of the operations room." He Lin gave him the location.

Ji Lingfeng nodded. Avoiding anyone who might be dangerous, he slowly walked toward the location…

Half an hour later.

Ji Nan saw a huge explosion in the direction of a small dot of light a short distance away from him.

Flames surged into the sky on the previously calm sea.

The tongue of fire almost reached the white clouds in the sky as if it wanted to devour everything. The overwhelming heat rushed towards him.

Ji Nan's pupils seemed to be dyed red as he shouted, "Dad!"

However, only subsequent explosions answered him. There was nothing else. He did not even know if there were any survivors…


Beijing was still calm. No one knew what had happened in the deep sea.

Ye Wangchuan found out that Wei Ying's overseas account had a transfer of more than a million yuan. This money was converted into cash through special channels in the country and reached Wei Ying's hands. Then, she passed it to Tian Dali's family through Shen Jingyan.

The police followed this lead and applied for a search warrant. Soon, they found the money in Tian Dali's rented house.

It was difficult to investigate hard cash.

However, Tian Dali's family were all outsiders with very little monthly income. Such a large sum of money matched Wei Ying's outflow.

Basically, Wei Ying had bribed Tian Dali's family to frame Jiang Zongjin.

Wei Ying was brought to the police station for a 24-hour routine interrogation the afternoon the police found the money.

Under normal circumstances, the police would release her after 24 hours if they were unable to get anything out of her.

However, Shen Jingyan and Wei Ling knew that Wei Ying was probably doomed this time.

They did not even dare to hope.

Thus, they contacted all their connections.

Wei Ling even went to Wei Lou's place and blocked the door to ask for his help. However, Wei Lou did not take her seriously. He refused to help no matter what she said…

Wei Ling despaired.

Shen Jingyan knew that if Wei Ying went to jail, he would probably go too. Hence, even if it was for himself, he did not dare to give up.

Outside the police station.

The black car stopped by the roadside.

They saw reporters wandering around after hearing the news.

Before the girl got out, Ye Wangchuan asked, "Shall I go with you?"

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows. She wanted to say no, but after some thought, she agreed. "Alright, let's go together."

The truth was obvious.

As the victim's family, they had to come to the police station to go through the process.

Qiao Nian did not ask her father to come over because she guessed the reporters would be there.

Thus, she came alone.

Before Qiao Nian and Ye Wangchuan could enter the police station, a figure rushed out and knelt in front of them.

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