Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again - C.2832 The Day Master Wang Calls Him ’Brother’ Is Coming

Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

C.2832 The Day Master Wang Calls Him ’Brother’ Is Coming

Done, she stood up, pushed away the glass of water, and said to the others, "I'm going upstairs. I have something to do."

She did not think that her cheap grandmother was such a boring person who only had such tricks up her sleeve.

Nie Qingru was different from Jiang Xianrou and Ji Ziyin.

She had been in a high position for decades and was in control of many of the reclusive families' secret organizations. Her power was not small. Even Xu Yi's father, Quentin, had to submit to her.

The Church had not been able to escape the reclusive families' control for decades. It could be seen how powerful Nie Qingru was. Cheap tricks were only one of the many moves in her arsenal.

She had a feeling that this was just a small "reminder" from Nie Qingru to make her consider the consequences. Otherwise, Jiang Zongjin, Jiang Li, and the others would also become targets.

Qiao Nian hated the feeling of being threatened.

However, she knew very well that there was no point in hating it. The only thing she could do was to become stronger to protect her loved ones.

"You guys have fun." She adjusted her baseball cap and picked up her cell phone. Her back view was elegant and fierce as she went up the stairs.

Ye Wangchuan watched her with a smile and then said to the others, "You guys chat. I'll go up and take a look."

Jiang Li watched as they went upstairs without looking back. He subconsciously turned to his uncle. He thought that his uncle would be angry, but he did not expect Jiang Zongjin to remain silent. It seemed that he tacitly approved of their relationship.

Jiang Li was stunned for a moment. Then, he looked at the stairs as a thought flashed in his mind before a depressed expression flashed across his handsome face.

He had a feeling that at this rate, the day would soon come when Master Wang would call him "Brother Li".

Jiang Li's hair stood on end.

Master Wang calling him Brother Li—

Oh, just the thought was scary!

* * *

The next day, the court held the hearing on time.

Many reporters were gathered outside the court, waiting for the verdict to be released.

Other than that, Wei Ling's family had also arrived.

Shen Jingyan was afraid of being photographed and did not dare to show his face. He chose to wait anxiously at the café opposite the court.

Things were indeed as Qiao Nian had guessed.

After being on tenterhooks last night, Wang Guifen was ready to cause trouble in court today.

Unexpectedly, other than the lawyer, no one else came from Jiang Zongjin's side.

She did throw a tantrum, but the lawyer dealt with this kind of person every day. He had his own way of dealing with people like her.

The lawyer Qiao Nian hired provided the presiding judge with the relevant legal provisions and the plaintiff's request under the circumstances that Wang Guifen's family could not produce evidence.

The trial was a civil lawsuit. It was an appetizer.

The case was clear at a glance and easy to sentence.

Wang Guifen's family looked pale when they walked out. The child did not expect his words to be useless. He grabbed Tian Dali's sleeve and staggered.

The reporters swarmed over and immediately questioned them about the results.

"May I ask, what was the outcome of the trial?"

"Did you win?"

"What's the court's verdict? Can you tell us?"

Wang Guifen looked at the blinding lights and thought of the amount of compensation she had been sentenced to pay up. Her legs went limp and she missed a step, tumbling down the steps.

The reporters quickly followed her and took photos of her disheveled appearance.

Tian Dali could not stop the reporters from pushing him. "Don't be like this. She's already fallen."

"Tell us about the trial's outcome!"

"That's right, did you win or did you lose!" None of the reporters paid any attention to them. All the spotlights were focused on their faces. They only wanted to capture their most embarrassing state.

Tian Dali wanted to die.

He grabbed the fallen Wang Guifen, pulled the child, and rushed out of the reporters' encirclement without caring about anything else. He ran away like a rat.

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