Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again - C.2824 It’s Indeed The Empress


"I'm just here to deliver a lawyer's letter. The court summons will probably come tomorrow. The court session will be held in the next few days. If it's convenient for you, you can hire a lawyer to defend you." Seeing that he did not speak, the big lawyer unhurriedly continued, "My client not only initiated a civil lawsuit against you but also a criminal lawsuit. If things go smoothly, your actions will result in sentencing for each of you. There will be two to three subsequent lawsuits."

Tian Dali was a little flustered. "Professor Jiang…"

He had seen Jiang Zongjin before. He was a simple person and looked easy to get along with. He did not look like he would sue them.

He was thinking of asking for mercy.

Unexpectedly, the lawyer interrupted him coldly. "I'm sorry, the person suing you this time is not Professor Jiang, but his daughter. His daughter will be back in the next two days to deal with this matter."

Tian Dali sent the lawyer away and closed the door. His legs were weak, and he said in a daze, "What should we do? What should we do now?"

Wang Guifen was also frightened just now, but she was a little calmer than him. She raised her eyebrows shrewishly. "What are you afraid of? We have the upper hand in public opinion, she can't win against us. Even if she wins, the public will scold them for bullying others."

They were a disadvantaged group. As long as they cried in front of the camera and made a fuss, someone would always speak up for them.

She did not believe that Jiang Zongjin, as a professor from Qing University, would dare to go against them.

"I'll contact that person again and see what she says." Although she said she was not afraid, she was still uncertain. After all, she had done something wrong. How could she not be afraid?

She could only think of a way to make Professor Jiang's daughter retreat! She needed that girl to know what it meant to go against someone powerful!

* * *

Continent M.

The Privy Council.

Shadow quickly walked towards Nie Qingru and whispered in her ear, "Wei Ying said that Qiao Nian already knows about Jiang Zongjin and is preparing to sue that family. She asked you what to do next."

Nie Qingru was looking at a report. She asked without looking up, "How's Ji Ziyin?"

Although Shadow did not understand why she suddenly asked about Ji Ziyin, he still replied honestly, "She's still in the hospital. The doctor told her that she might limp in the future."

"Mm." Nie Qingru closed the report in her hand and expressionlessly said, "Get someone to take care of her. Don't let her die."

Shadow suddenly looked up. "Your Majesty, do you mean you still need her?"

Ji Ziyin had already become a cripple.

Even Leonard had given up on this chess piece.

He did not understand why the Empress still wanted to keep Ji Ziyin.

The Empress stretched and placed her arm on the chair. Then, she raised her head slightly and indifferently said, "I want someone to take over the Ji family. She's the best candidate."

Shadow did not ask further. He lowered his head again and said in a low voice, "In Beijing…"

"I didn't do this to ruin Jiang Zongjin's reputation. I just want her to know that my warning wasn't just a casual remark. She can be arrogant, but she has to know who she's pitting herself against! If she can't restrain herself in front of me, I'll teach her how to be polite on behalf of her mother!

"Of course, if she can't even resolve this small matter, then Jiang Zongjin's reputation will be ruined. That'd be even better for me…" Nie Qingru said very coldly.

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