Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.734 Aaaaah!


William had lived through many eras since the birth of cosmic civilization, always participating as an observer.

Though an observer, he still sought a sense of involvement.

Like the time he went to school as a student or worked in a bar, it was all about experiencing and participating.

He believed that without Dolly's interference, this chaotic era would soon pass.

Since the end of World War II, there has been an unprecedented cohesion among civilizations worldwide. People from all countries aspire for peace and are reluctant to initiate wars easily.

Civilization was advancing once again!

War and suffering only served to make humanity stronger!

William opened the door of his room, and there was Walker, leaning casually against the doorway, looking quite dashing.

"So, figured out what you want to do yet?"

His demeanor was just like that of an older brother guiding someone through life.

William pondered for a moment and said, "I've got it."

"What do you want to do?" Walker asked. "I know you've got some skills, but life needs some planning."

William grinned and said, "I've made up my mind. I'm going to live off women!"

Walker almost lost his balance, slipping and nearly falling.

"I mean..."

Should Walker say that this plan was a bit too audacious?

"Are you sure your body can handle it?" Walker decided he needed to correct William's misguided life direction, scoffed, and said, "I'm going to take a leak. Dare to compete with me?"


William squinted at Walker, noticing the kid seemed quite confident.

"Let's see who can pee farther!" William decided to teach this naive kid a lesson.

The two looked around and saw no one.

"That tree over there!" Walker pointed to a large tree on the right, a cold smirk playing at the corners of his mouth.

Having been single for twenty-seven years and being a Soulmancer, Walker was naturally very strong. He intended to visually impress upon William that, when it came to pleasing women with a man's robust physique, he had the assets too. Compared to him, William would definitely fall short.

As the older brother, he too had the means to please women with his body, and he was still striving hard on his own efforts...

Under the tree, Walker pulled out his penis, a strange smile on his lips as he glanced at William.

William was in a good mood today, and despite finding it a bit distasteful, he went along with it.

"What?" Walker's gaze shifted downward, his eyes widening in shock. "You mutated?"

"You're the one who's mutated!" William retorted with a cold laugh. "There's a reason I chose to be kept by women!"

Walker took a deep breath. A gigolo of such caliber was indeed terrifying!

Could it be that his natural abilities were meant for this line of work?

Walker shook himself off, pulled up his pants, and cleared his throat, saying, "Although being kept can be sweet, if you try to juggle too many at once, you might choke!"

William looked at Walker expressionlessly and said, "You speak as if you have experience."

"I mean!!" Walker was so angry his face turned red and his neck swelled. Why did William have to be so infuriating when he spoke?

"Do you really think I don't have women?" Walker gritted his teeth. "Think about when I was eighteen, I was already surrounded by girls..."

"So you were still a virgin then? Maybe you're not physically up to it?" William's eyes were full of doubt.

"How did you know..." Walker got excited, realizing his attempt to boast might have failed, but still unwillingly said, "Who said I'm a virgin?"

William pondered for a moment and then said, "Should be an old virgin, right?"

"..." Walker had many swear words he wanted to say, but if he said them, it might just confirm it.

Twenty-seven years old and still a...

It was really too embarrassing to admit!

"I can tell just by looking!" William was truly merciless, leaving Walker no room to stay silent or unexplained.


Walker suddenly felt a sense of powerless defeat.

That bastard William, despite not being very powerful, had a way of speaking that just made one...

Really want to punch him to death!

"Let's go! Weren't you going to take me to register my information?" William didn't continue with a stern face; instead, he showed a friendly smile.

Walker was a bit crude and somewhat childish, but William could feel that this young man truly considered him a friend.

William was always kind to his friends.

Walker said weakly, "Haven't you already decided to be kept by women? Why bother registering?"

"That's where you're wrong." William began to earnestly educate Walker. "To be well-kept, one must be in good physical condition."

"I'm not just talking about physical attributes," William continued as they walked. "If it were only about physical satisfaction, toys and fingers could suffice. You also need a charismatic personality."

"???" Walker looked as if he didn't recognize William. Something seemed off with him!

William didn't bother explaining further. He said, "Although I'm not very powerful, I'm also willing to contribute my part to the world's revival."

Hearing this, Walker couldn't help but smile with relief, gritting his teeth and saying, "Young man, you should have ideals! Saving the world is the right path!"

"That makes a lot of sense!" William nodded.

Trying to contain his excitement and appearing nonchalant, Walker asked, "So, are you planning to show your true strength now?"

William tilted his head up and laughed, "A novice Soulmancer, strong enough, right?"


Walker almost spat out a mouthful of blood in frustration!

Well, well!

A novice Soulmancer!

"A novice Soulmancer, are you planning to save the world with your face?" Walker gritted his teeth as he glared at William.

He knew William was hiding his true strength, but what happened to contributing to saving the world?

How could he save the world if he continued to hide his strength?

With a tilt of his head, William said, "Who says saving the world is off-limits just because I rely on my looks? I'm well-versed in strategic tactics, I've studied many classic battle scenarios. I can provide guidance on strategy and tactics for you all. Isn't that contributing to saving the world?"

"..." Walker took a deep breath to ensure he wouldn't die from anger, nearly crushing his teeth, "If you're so good at animal languages, maybe you could go chat with those Mutated creatures. I bet you'd be quite lethal."

"I actually do speak animal languages!"

"Oh really! Say something in animal language, let me hear it!"


...^0^αι:-)£*&* %o˙


"What does that mean?"

Walker looked at William, utterly baffled.

William said, "I was complimenting you as a handsome gentleman!"

"Why do I feel like it wasn't anything nice?"

"That means you're smart!"


William patted Walker's shoulder and said, "See, even if I only have the strength of a novice Soulmancer, I can teach you animal languages!"

"Once you learn animal languages, you can negotiate with Mutated creatures!"

"..." Walker's facial muscles twitched.

Previously, William barely interacted with him, and there wasn't much conversation. Now, it felt like their relationship had somewhat improved, but the experience wasn't exactly pleasant.

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