Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.729 Who decreed that humans must rule this world?

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.729 Who decreed that humans must rule this world?

The purple-haired stranger in his dimension was known as Zephyrion the Violet, whose power was close to the peak of the Supreme Deity level, just one step away from reaching the high-ranking god-kings.

Such a powerful being indeed had the right to be haughty.

Zephyrion the Violet had just scanned the entire Earth with his divine sense, only detecting some Supreme Deity-level powerhouses, likely other chief gods from parallel dimensions. They seemed to coexist without infringing on each other's territories.

As for the other earthly 'ants', who would care about their life or death?

A spark of electricity flashed in Zephyrion the Violet's eyes as he pointed his finger towards William from a distance.

No celestial phenomena occurred.

"Ant!" Zephyrion the Violet's lips curled into a cruel smile. The energy on this mountain must be the richest on the entire Earth, and surprisingly, no other chief gods from before had claimed it.

After pointing his finger, he assumed William would be dead and thus paid him no further mind.


Two seconds later, Zephyrion the Violet saw that William was still unharmed, his aura intact, which was quite unexpected.

William found it somewhat amusing. A mere Supreme Deity trying to annihilate him with a flick of his finger? Probably had water on the brain, brain shrinkage.

"It seems you are a formidable one! I almost took you lightly!" Zephyrion the Violet burst into laughter, staring at William, "You must be the deity occupying this mountain! I advise you to leave on your own,I'd rather not bother fighting you!"

As he spoke, twelve deities of witchcraft appeared around him.

These deities of witchcraft, some just reaching the peak of the Supreme Deity level, were among the most ancient gods, with formidable combat abilities. In a real fight, they might not lose to Zephyrion the Violet.

Moreover, Prometheus was also watching Zephyrion the Violet from a distance. Strictly speaking, the deities of witchcraft were ancient gods, and Prometheus, the giver of fire to human civilization, could hardly tolerate other chief gods from parallel dimensions acting so recklessly on Earth.

It was only because Poseidon, the sea god, was currently preoccupied with important matters in the Divine Realm that Zephyrion the Violet wasn't already a corpse.

The deities of witchcraft, including Moros, were initially ready to intervene, but upon sensing William's presence and seeing him, they all bowed in unison towards him.

Zephyrion the Violet was confused. Had all the deities come over?

And they were bowing to...

With a flick of his wrist, William executed a perfect Celestial Blade Art, sending a transparent flying knife, compressed by the air, in a graceful arc.

Zephyrion the Violet had just reached for his sword hilt when he fell from the sky, dead before he hit the ground.

Killing a Supreme Deity was just too easy for William.

Wes was dumbfounded, his mouth agape, swallowing hard.

He had just received information from the base that the energy level of this purple-haired being had exceeded the SSS level, which is the level of deities.

There had been several deities descending to Earth before, but they had all died explosively before even landing. The base still retained the corpse of one such deity for research.

The research concluded that theoretically, such a deity could destroy the entire Earth.

Yet, the cause of death was being slain by a bladed weapon.

A one-hit kill!

And now, the same scenario had unfolded.

Could it be...

Had William killed those deities who had died explosively before?

"Hello, Mr. Johnson!"

Moros descended to Earth, standing over 18 feet tall, his body adorned with ancient and mysterious witchcraft symbols, quite aesthetically pleasing.

Seeing William kill Zephyrion the Violet didn't surprise him at all.

Just a Supreme Deity level?

In front of Mr. Johnson, even high-ranking god-kings had to obediently listen.

"Deity of witchcraft... Moros..." Wes slapped his own face in disbelief.

What had he just witnessed? The deity of witchcraft, Moros, bowing to William?

Was this the strength of the 'novice' Soulmancer that William had mentioned, just a bit stronger than Amy?

Amy was ranked eleventh among human powerhouses, but that ranking didn't include these deities of witchcraft.

In front of Moros, Amy was still too weak.

William glanced at Moros and asked, "What's up?"

Moros smiled, "Mr. Johnson, may I take that corpse with me?"

He had lived with William for a while and knew his temperament well enough not to be too formal.

"Do you want to use it to create a god-corpse puppet?" William knew that great witches had secret techniques to control corpses.

A corpse of a Supreme Deity at its peak, and still intact, was perfect material for Moros.

Despite Zephyrion the Violet, the purple-haired oddity, not being able to withstand a single hit from William, once turned into a god-corpse puppet, it would be a super war god. Below the level of high-ranking god-kings, it would be nearly indestructible.

"Exactly," Moros admitted without any deceit, nodding slightly.

If William didn't agree, they, the deities of witchcraft, wouldn't dare touch the god's corpse.

"Take it, what do I need that corpse for?"

William didn't even care about the corpses of Cosmic Entities, let alone a Supreme Deity's.

That thing didn't even look tasty,William truly had no interest in it.

"Thank you, Mr. Johnson." Moros beamed with joy, "If you have no other instructions, we will take our leave."

William waved his hand dismissively. Moros, this guy, had even started speaking so politely. Moros's towering figure, covered in "tattoos," looked somewhat awkward being so courteous.

After receiving William's permission, Moros disappeared with a teleport, heading to where Zephyrion the Violet's body had fallen.

"Will... you..." Wes was at a loss for words on how to address William.

Even Moros had to respectfully address him as Mr. Johnson, and with such deference...

How powerful was William, really?

Did it even need to be said?

It was laughable, really. Hugo dared to provoke William—wasn't that just asking for death?

"Just call me by my name like before," William said. "Actually, I didn't want to intervene just now,he brought it upon himself."

Wes's feelings were complicated at the moment. When he first met William, he thought he was just an ordinary person. Over the years, he even believed that William was merely riding on Zoey's coattails.

And then there was their previous speculation that Alice had a powerful and mysterious master.

Why hadn't they thought it could be William?

"Those evil gods that descended before, did you kill them?" Wes couldn't contain his curiosity. He had just been blaming William for not leaving Hugo a way out, criticizing William for being so powerful yet unwilling to help save the world.

What if William had killed those evil gods that had descended to Earth?

"Those? They don't have much to do with me." William had indeed slain a few gods who had come to Earth, but he knew that wasn't what Wes was referring to.

"You... you're so powerful..." Wes's breathing quickened as he stared at William excitedly. "If you took action to save the world, you could quickly lead it to peace. You could become the guardian deity of Earth and surely leave a noble legacy, revered by thousands."

William laughed, "What I like least is leaving traces in human history. Being the guardian deity of Earth is something you can do if you need it, just don't count me in."

If William wanted fame, that would be too easy, but it would make his life complicated. The current situation on Earth might seem chaotic, but it was just a Cosmic Entity reshuffling the deck, ushering in a new era.

Who decreed that humans must rule this world?

If you want to dominate the world, then show your true capabilities!

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