Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.726 You really can’t judge a book by its cover!

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.726 You really can’t judge a book by its cover!

Hugo didn't quite understand what William meant by living off his looks.

The number of wild beasts gathering around them was increasing, including a giant ape that stood 60 feet tall. Strangely, these creatures were eerily quiet, making no sounds other than the vibrations caused by their movements.

Normally, such a diverse group of wild beasts together would be roaring and growling.

The current silence was downright eerie!

Hugo looked around, took a deep breath, and felt a sense of foreboding.

This bizarre silence was even more terrifying than if the beasts had been loudly attacking.

"Are you an idiot?" Hugo cursed at William. His battle armor ejected two streams of air, and he flew up into the sky, trying to break through the encirclement.

In this situation, Hugo wasn't in the mood to accompany William to fulfill the bet any longer.

It was crucial to break free and save his life.

Hugo also noticed the situation around him,the birds in the sky didn't seem very formidable. Wearing his battle armor, he could force his way through an area with fewer birds.

William glanced casually at Hugo. Suddenly, the giant ape leaped up, blocking the direction Hugo was trying to break through.


The giant ape's paw came crashing down from the sky, slamming Hugo back to the ground.

In an instant, dozens of fierce birds were smashed to the ground along with Hugo, none daring to even whimper.

"Damn!" Hugo's battle armor shattered, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He had never expected the giant ape to strike him.

"Trying to run?" William laughed. "Aren't we out here to hunt?"

"Damn it! Are you crazy? Hunting at a time like this? Did you not wake up properly?" Hugo struggled to his feet, glaring furiously at William.

William just stood there, casually stroking the head of a mutated wild boar, smacking his lips and saying, "Your skin is too thick, your meat too tough, move aside."

After speaking, the wild boar slowly backed away a few steps, remaining quiet and making no sound.

"Huh?" Hugo's eyes nearly popped out of his head.

What on earth was this idiot William doing?

What did his earlier comment mean?

Why did it feel like that guy was picking out meat and vegetables at a supermarket...

Damn it!

Could it be that being handsome meant you wouldn't be attacked by wild beasts, and facing them was like picking ingredients in a supermarket?

Was this not absurd?

As the boar retreated, a fierce-looking spider, over 6 feet tall, approached William.

"This ugly thing, doesn't look tasty at all, move further away," William said with a look of disdain.

Who eats spiders anyway?

William liked various delicacies, but even he wasn't into such exotic tastes.

"..." Hugo felt something was seriously off.

This pretty boy William seemed not so simple after all.

"See what I mean by living off looks?" William said to Hugo, "Whether you can get out of here alive today depends on your own skills."

"Who are you really..." Hugo gritted his teeth, "You're definitely not some novice Soulmancer."

"Novice Soulmancer? I could be," William said, where any level of power was possible.

"I... William, I was wrong! I shouldn't have spoken out of turn, there's no deep hatred between us, it's all a misunderstanding... why not let it go?" Hugo quickly came to terms with reality. In these apocalyptic times, having awakened abilities was indeed decent, but just being alive was already quite an achievement.

Bowing your head and begging for mercy wasn't something shameful.

"Let it go? Hunt for yourself!" William pointed at a 30-foot tall pangolin with sharp fangs and claws, and beckoned with his finger.

This creature used to be a protected species.

Now mutated, the pangolin stood over 10 feet tall, its body covered in scales impervious to blades and bullets, and its claws were incredibly sharp. Even the sturdy walls of Arcane Village's base would be easily breached by such a creature.

It could effortlessly burrow from the ground right into the city.

"Mind if I take the tail?" William asked as he pulled a purple-blue fruit from his pocket. The fruit emitted a faint glow and a subtle fragrance.

The scent slowly spread, and the wild beasts around William began to murmur softly.

They could sense the terrifying power contained within the fruit William held.

Eating this fruit would surely boost their strength significantly.

To trade for this fruit, they only needed to give up a tail.

Who wouldn't want to make that exchange?

William slightly raised his eyebrows, and all the beasts shut their mouths.

He had made his choice,the noises from these beasts were annoying.

The pangolin excitedly lay down in front of William, lifting its tail as if to say he could take it whenever he wanted.

William smiled, his fingers tracing through the air, and the pangolin's tail cleanly severed.

The wound healed instantly, not even a drop of blood hit the ground.

"..." Hugo's mouth hung open. To casually sever the tail of a giant mutated pangolin with a mere gesture?

The scales of the pangolin were incredibly tough, resistant even ground.

"..." Hugo's mouth hung open. To casually sever the tail of a to heavy weaponry.

For an S-class superhuman like Hugo, without high-tech equipment from a research institute, dealing with such a creature would be challenging.

With a casual wave of his hand, William had severed the tail of the giant mutated pangolin through the air. What kind of power did that require?

The most terrifying part, Hugo realized, was that William seemed to be treating this place like his own vegetable garden.

The chosen mutated pangolin even appeared delighted.

The more Hugo thought about it, the more terrified he became.

Is this the "Pretty boy" everyone's been talking about?

Damn it!

You really can't judge a book by its cover!

They say when God opens a window, he closes a door—and sometimes he welds it shut.

Why on earth is William so handsome and yet so powerful?

It's truly baffling.

After tossing the blue fruit into the pangolin's mouth, William grabbed its tail and walked away.

Seeing William leaving, the wild beasts parted to make way.

Each of them lay on the ground, respectful and not daring to look directly at William.

"William! Don't leave me behind! I'm willing to be your servant," Hugo shouted.

His armor had already been smashed by the giant ape, and facing so many fierce beasts, he had no chance of getting out alive.

William didn't respond,he just dragged the pangolin's tail and walked out of the circle of beasts.

After he left, all the beasts surrounded Hugo again.

What happened next, William didn't bother to care about.

Hugo had provoked the situation first, and now he wanted to just let it go?

Where in the world do things work that easily?

William, dragging the pangolin's tail, leisurely headed towards the Arcane Village base.

Hugo was surely doomed. An S-class superhuman without his armor, not even matching a high-level Soulmancer, was undoubtedly going to die facing these beasts.

Back at the Arcane Village base, people were nearly going mad. Another beast tide?

Walker hadn't made it out alive, and now Hugo and William had gotten involved.

Wes stared at the surveillance screen and said to Amy, "Amy, come with me, we need to rescue them!"

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