Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.721 Big dog, you’re so well-behaved

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.721 Big dog, you’re so well-behaved

"When you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

While Walker was using his psychic senses to keep an eye on William, relieved that he hadn't been attacked by any mutant creatures, William felt that the fight between Walker and Amy had ended too quickly.

Even Amy, as foolish as she was, couldn't be beaten.

That was just pathetic.

Was that really the end?



Just as Walker was about to walk towards William, a thunderous roar suddenly erupted from the woods.

A 30-foot-long white tiger, like lightning, dashed through the forest, snapping numerous giant trees in its path.

In addition, dozens of muscular, fierce-looking gray wolves and swarms of strange snakes gathered towards them.

"Holy shit! What's going on?" Walker was stunned. Hadn't everything been calm just a moment ago?

How did they all suddenly appear?

William just sat on the rock, daydreaming, as the giant tiger pounced towards him.

Walker frowned slightly, thinking that now William would have to reveal his true strength.

The energy aura emitted by this tiger was no small matter, and Walker's instincts told him that even he might have difficulty killing this tiger.

Now that the tiger had set its sights on William, it seemed impossible for William to keep hiding his true strength.

Walker was ready to attack the tiger with the remaining two throwing knives, but he was just preparing for action.

Wasn't William supposed to be very fast?

Now was his time to show it.


The mutated fierce tiger, just a few feet from William, suddenly made a high-speed turn, avoiding William and charging towards Walker instead.

Walker internally screamed: This is just too damn absurd.

Is that tiger blind?

William was right there. Does William smell so bad that even a fierce tiger doesn't want to get close?

Damn, that turn was just too exaggerated...


Regardless of how shocked Walker was, the fierce tiger was upon him in the blink of an eye, its paw as large as a car tire swiping at him.

"Are you stupid?" Walker, startled, quickly retreated several hundred feet, firing the remaining two throwing knives at the tiger's eyes.

Walker's knife throwing wasn't slow, but the tiger's speed was even faster. It raised its paw and swatted the knives away effortlessly.

"What kind of monster is this?" Walker was genuinely dumbfounded this time. A tiger of this size, even if it was fast, shouldn't be quicker than his throwing knives, especially when he attacked unexpectedly and still got both knives slapped away.

Is this tiger cheating?

Little did he know, this tiger was completely under William's control.

Controlling animals was a trivial task for William.

Wasn't Walker trying to train William?

Well, William also wanted to give Walker a bit of training.

If he can't even beat a kid, how is he supposed to protect the world?

Walker clenched his fist, his knife attacks becoming even more fierce.

At the same time, he threw a punch towards the fierce tiger.


Meanwhile, not far away, William sat on a rock, watching as over thirty wolves surrounded Amy.

Amy, holding the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian in both hands and backed against a large tree, trembled all over and threatened with a crying voice, "Don't come any closer! If you come any closer, I'll kill you..."

"Ah! Don't eat me! I don't taste good at all!" At this moment, Amy, a disciple of the sea god Poseidon, hardly looked the part as she held the top-tier artifact, the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian, and was scared into sitting on the ground by a pack of monstrous wolves.

All her powerful sword skills, at this moment, she had forgotten them all.

These large gray wolves in front of her were too frightening.

"Amy! What are you doing?" Walker was flung away by a swipe of the tiger's tail, and when he saw Amy surrounded by the pack of wolves, he grew even more frustrated.

Is this it?

A top human warrior ranked eleventh?

Crying there, scared by a pack of mutated wolves, was just too ridiculous.

"Amy! Draw your sword!!" Walker was going insane. He thought by bringing Amy along, this kid would become a powerful force to protect the Earth, but she didn't even dare to draw her sword.

Walker knew that Amy was dearly cared for by Steven and others. If something happened to Amy here, he definitely couldn't explain it when he got back.

And he really didn't want this kid to get hurt.

But if things continued this way, Amy really might die here.

Walker's ability to control throwing knives was not weak, but the tiger in front of him was just too powerful. Its huge size and terrifying strength were one thing, but every attack, dodge, and block it made was near perfect.

Logically, attacking such a huge creature with throwing knives should be straightforward, but despite all his efforts, he couldn't even scratch the tiger.

To break away and help Amy, he would have to use the throwing knife he brought from the Doors of Terror.

Walker was incredibly conflicted.

If he summoned that throwing knife, he could easily kill the tiger in front of him, but they weren't far from the base and Pantheon Academy. Given the powerful destructive force of that knife previously in the Doors of Terror, using it here could easily harm innocents.

It might even destroy half a mountain.

"Amy!! Draw your sword!" Walker yelled, glancing at Amy out of the corner of his eye, only to see the pack of mutated wolves sitting next to Amy, wagging their tails.

The lead giant wolf even stretched out its tongue and licked Amy's little hand.

"..." Walker was completely dumbfounded.

What secret did this kid Amy have that made these mutated giant wolves act like the most loyal and docile farm dogs fawning over their young master?

Amy was also bewildered by the sudden change in front of her.

She had never killed small animals, let alone such giant wolves, but the gentle look in the eyes of the wolf in front of her, and its licking her hand, made Amy stop crying.

Amy tentatively reached out her hand and touched the head of the lead giant wolf.

"Big dog, you won't bite me, right?" Amy held the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian in one hand and touched the giant wolf's head with the other, still a bit scared.

The giant wolf carefully nudged Amy's palm with its head, sitting in front of her, wagging its tail and sticking out its tongue, looking very excited.

A light shone in Amy's eyes as she touched the giant wolf's nose and smiled, "Big dog, you're so well-behaved."

The giant wolf seemed to understand Amy's words, gently nudging her body with its head, then lying down in front of her.

Another strange wolf nearby gently nudged Amy with its head. Amy looked at the giant wolf in front of her and then at the other giant wolves around her and asked, "Are you suggesting I should ride on you?"

All the wolves wagged their tails, sticking out their tongues and panting, seemingly inviting Amy.

Amy slowly climbed onto the back of the giant wolf, and the wolves collectively howled and then joyfully sprinted through the jungle.

"Oh! Big dog, slow down!" Amy held onto the giant wolf's neck, the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian fell to the ground, and another giant wolf picked it up and followed behind, clearly delighted.

At this moment, Walker was on the verge of tears,he had just been thinking about how to save Amy, but it turned out Amy was perfectly fine and even started playing...

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