Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.713 Hidden mission


In a place like the Doors of Terror, a Soulmancer of Walker's level could only scan an area of about 300 feet with his spiritual sense.

Relying on spiritual sense to find someone was clearly unreliable!

Walker, standing on his flying knives, frantically searched the airspace of the Terror realm, shouting loudly, "William! Where the hell are you?"

"Answer if you hear me!"

"An hour and ten minutes left until the game ends. Only three survivors remain. Please keep it up!"

The system's voice rang in the ears of Walker and the other two.

Walker was startled, then sped up even more. The mysterious sigil on his forehead flickered, releasing an energy aura that spread out, causing all the ghosts and goblins in the Doors of Terror to prostrate themselves, daring not to move.

Nolan hid in a corner, noticing that the monsters around him had also suddenly quieted down. He just wanted to survive now.

Since these monsters were no longer attacking, and with just over an hour left, all he needed was to stay alive until the exit!


Very light.

William slowly walked up to Nolan.

Nolan stared at William, who smiled and asked, "So you're the administrator of this place?"

"Barely," William responded, looking at Nolan. "Do you think you can make it out alive?"

Nolan spoke solemnly, "Since you're the administrator of the Doors of Terror, you should abide by certain rules. Are you going to attack me?"

"You're quite clever," William couldn't help but praise him.

Nolan, however, didn't understand William's implication. "As long as you don't attack me, I should be able to make it out alive. Did you come to see me because there's some hidden mission you need to tell me about?"

With the administrator personally coming to see him, Nolan felt it couldn't be anything bad, especially since the game was almost over.

"Hidden mission?" William was amused by how naive the boy was. He laughed and said, "Beat me, and I'll let you be the administrator."

Nolan's strength had also undergone two doublings and transformations. He stared at William, uncertainly asking, "What level of power are you?"

"I don't have a power level," William replied. "Or you can choose—I give you one punch, and if you can block it, you win."

"One punch?" Nolan took a deep breath and asked, "So if I survive your punch, I can replace you as the administrator here?"

William nodded seriously, "As long as you can take my punch and survive, you can replace me as the administrator of this Terror space."

Nolan decisively said, "I refuse!"

William looked at Nolan with interest.

Nolan chuckled, "Do you think I'm stupid? As the administrator of this place, you surely wouldn't want to give up your position. If you punch me, I'm sure to die! So, I refuse!"

A sudden display of wit!

"Sorry! Refusal is not an option!" William's smile turned cold.

Nolan's smile froze, and he stiffly looked at William, asking, "What... what do you mean?"

William explained, "It means you have to take my punch! If you survive, you'll become the administrator of this world."


Nolan hadn't expected this guy to be such a scoundrel recently.

Absolutely shameless!

"You have three seconds to prepare," William said, already slowly clenching his fist.

As William clenched his fist, Nolan's heart pounded wildly.

Three seconds?

In that moment, Nolan had the illusion that even if he had a lifetime to prepare, he could never block that punch!

As William's punch came towards him, flashes of his past deeds crossed his mind.

Since various exotic beasts had descended, he had awakened his special abilities and had saved many ordinary people. But later, he realized that since he possessed these abilities, he should be above ordinary people.

Those well-dressed, high-profile female celebrities, they too relied on him to survive.

What was wrong with toying with them?

Weren't the lives of those ordinary people saved by them? Shouldn't ordinary people be grateful to them?

In this apocalyptic world, it should be the strong who are revered.

He should indeed stand above ordinary people.

But should someone as powerful as William be allowed to kill him just like that?


"Ten minutes until the game ends. There are now two survivors left. If only one survivor remains, they will receive the ultimate artifact."

Walker had been roaming around the Terror space for an hour and had not found any trace of William.

"Damn it, William, are you dead or what?" Walker gritted his teeth as he flew through the sky, shouting loudly.

With only two survivors left, it was unclear whether William was still alive.

Just as Walker was getting frantic, he saw William strolling leisurely down the street, looking up at Walker.

"Holy crap! You're really good at hiding!" Walker laughed heartily, descending from the sky to land in front of William, "You're really something, not a speck of blood on you."

William stood less than ten feet away from Walker, raising an eyebrow, "If only one survivor remains, they will receive the ultimate artifact."

Walker paused, not quite understanding William's point.

William said calmly, "Kill me, and you'll get the ultimate artifact."

Walker scoffed, "What the hell do I care about some ultimate artifact? You think I'd kill you over that?"

William raised an eyebrow, "But aren't you afraid that I might want it?"

"What do you mean?" Walker also furrowed his brow, stopping in his tracks and staring intently at William, speaking menacingly, "You thinking of killing me? Just for some damn artifact?"

"I've been looking for you for an hour, and now you're telling me this?" Walker sneered, "You think you can kill me?"

William's face broke into a smile, "You don't really think I'm out to kill you, do you?"

"Stop smiling!" Walker approached, shivering slightly, "Why do I suddenly feel like you're better off expressionless?"

William pulled a dark, gleaming throwing knife from his pocket and handed it to Walker, saying, "I found this along the way. What do you think?"

Walker took the knife, smacking his lips, "It's a bit light, and I'm not sure about the material, but it should be... okay."

He was about to say it might be a bit shoddy, but then I thought about it, William picked up a throwing knife and remembered to give it back to him, that's giving him some face, right?

William nodded, "I tried it out, it's quite sharp. It's yours now."

"Hahaha! Really?" Walker played with the knife in his hand, noticing that it seemed...

Indeed very sharp, with delicate engravings finer than any of the five throwing knives he currently used.

"It looks pretty good, let me try it!" Walker flipped the knife with his finger, and as he released it, the knife vanished into thin air, yet Walker could still sense its presence.

This knife was forged from the fragments of battle axes and armor collected by William after he killed Bloodfury, a minion of the Cosmic Entity from the first universe.

William had spent the last hour refining this throwing knife.

A knife that took him an hour to refine and was meticulously crafted, in terms of quality, definitely surpassed any top-tier artifact.

Only the Sword of Soulbreaker, transformed by the power of the Holy Aura, could destroy this knife.

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