Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.711 A game of Werewolf


The eight survivors, of course, didn't include William.

Nor did they include Nora.

On Oscar's side, there was still only a four-person alliance, even with Nora included.

Aside from the three real people with Oscar and the solo Walker, there's actually just one group of four people in an alliance left.

Walker's side was making too much noise, and Oscar and his group didn't dare approach, only watching from a distance.

They were waiting for the right moment.

Wasn't it said that only the last five could leave alive?

It wasn't specified that one must personally kill anyone.

The loud noises from the monster fights indicated that someone was definitely having a bad time.

While Walker was engaged in a bloody battle with the monsters, Oscar and Nora's four-person alliance ran headlong into another four-person group.

"Hmm? Eight survivors... they're all here!" Oscar cautiously eyed the four people opposite him.

That meant, the commotion in the street earlier had already killed off the others.

The critical point was that among the four-person alliance on the opposite side, two were strangers to Oscar, while the other two were his former subordinates.

"Harrison, Nolan, are you two really going to side with outsiders and oppose us?"

Oscar didn't immediately make a move. Instead, he pointed his steel knife at one of the men wearing a hat and said, "You two join us, and let's kill those two first!"

The man wearing the hat was Harrison, as referred to by Oscar.

Harrison also sized up Oscar and his group. He wasn't foolish either, pointing at Nora, he laughed, "Oscar, why don't you kill that woman first?"

Oscar frowned, "Are you bargaining with me? She's Braden Ramsey's daughter, do you dare kill her?"

Harrison laughed loudly, "Dare to kill her? Oscar, what nonsense are you talking about? I don't care whose daughter she is! In this place, even if she were my own mother, I'd dare to kill her!"

"And you believe her just because she says she's Braden Ramsey's daughter? I might as well say I'm Braden Ramsey's father!" Harrison scoffed, "Oscar, are you a fool?"

Oscar had of course doubted Nora's identity before, but now he still harbored a hope against hope. After all, he was now betrayed and abandoned by everyone. If Nora really was Braden Ramsey's daughter, then he might still have a chance to turn things around.

Since his former subordinates had grown stronger and clearly no longer respected him, if Oscar killed Nora at this moment, his four-person alliance would be reduced to three, instantly putting them at a disadvantage.

There was a real risk that these guys might band together against him first, especially since his X-Vanguard Armor was seen as a threat by everyone.

William watched Oscar and his group from the shadows, finding the whole situation amusing.

There was no trust left among this group, but they had no choice but to pretend to trust their allies.

The current situation had created a kind of balance,whoever acted first would break this balance, and the outcome was unpredictable.

Both sides were at a standoff, neither willing to make the first move, nor willing to kill their current allies and put themselves at a disadvantage, which would only leave them vulnerable.

William chuckled quietly to himself when suddenly, a bald man next to Harrison swiftly pulled out a dagger and stabbed it into Harrison's heart.

The speed of the stab was so fast that even Oscar didn't see it clearly.

Harrison's body slowly slumped down, life extinguished.

The bald man coldly stared at Oscar and said, "I'll join forces with you, kill those three, and we can get out of here!"

This man was ruthless!

And the speed with which he had drawn his knife was incredibly fast, showing his formidable combat skills. Oscar didn't want to make an enemy of him. Without wasting words, he raised his alloy steel knife and slashed at Nolan.

The woman in red next to Nolan also swung her knife towards Nolan's neck.

Just as Harrison was attacked, Nolan had already leapt back several feet, causing the woman in red to miss her strike.

Oscar and Nolan began fighting each other.

"Oscar! I'm willing to join forces with you, let's kill these two!" Nolan exclaimed passionately, "After all these years, are you really going to side with strangers to kill me?"

"It's too late now!" Oscar didn't care about their years of camaraderie. With his X-Vanguard Armor, he was nearly invincible unless he was overwhelmed by numbers. The knife-

wielding bald man was too skilled, and Oscar didn't want to provoke him.

To avoid complications, he decided to simply kill Nolan and the woman in red and end this game.

Just as Harrison had said, in this situation, even if his own mother showed up, Oscar would mercilessly kill her!

He and Harrison were cut from the same cloth,was there any point in talking about feelings now?

The bald man didn't sit idle either,he joined Oscar in attacking Nolan.

But just then, a furious roar came from down the street: "Damn it! Come at me!"

"Walker?" Oscar was momentarily stunned by the voice, his actions slowing down a beat. The bald man, who had been decisively quick just moments before, also slowed down, allowing Nolan to seize the opportunity and escape right under their noses.

A bead of cold sweat formed on Oscar's forehead. William had mentioned there were eight survivors left, but where did this sudden appearance of Walker fit into the count?

Before Harrison died, there should have been nine people!

Walker himself must be counted as one, so among the seven of them present, could one of them not be a real survivor?

The thought chilled Walker to the bone, especially considering that Kevin and Nora had died shortly after they left.

"Ladies and gentlemen, there are now seven survivors left. Please continue to do your best! Also, I forgot to mention that there are only two hours left until the game ends."

"When the game ends, if there are more than five survivors, then everyone will die."

William was definitely playing a deadly psychological game, and he wasn't even getting his hands dirty.

Everyone present was no fool. After hearing the voice Walker shouted during the fight, they all knew that at least one among them was not a true survivor.

The situation now resembled a game of Werewolf, where no one dared to trust anyone else, and everyone kept their distance.


How should they proceed now?

Whom to kill?

At this moment, all pretense of alliances crumbled,there was no need to continue the charade!

Because they didn't know if the person next to them was a Wraith.

"Damn it, William, you're too cruel!" Oscar couldn't help but curse out loud. William, that bastard, was planning to play them to death!

Two hours left, and not killing would mean death!

Just then, Walker appeared, hovering in the air, surrounded by flying knives, scanning the ground. He needed to quickly find Oscar and his group, and William.

"Walker! Let's team up!" At this point, Oscar didn't dare trust anyone else. At least Walker was definitely a survivor!

He was now truly experiencing what real terror was, a fear that stemmed from deep within!

Those around him, the bald man, the woman in red, and Nora, could all potentially be the eerie Wraiths. Oscar could only hope that Walker would join forces with him.

He knew how deadly Walker's flying knives were. If the two of them could eliminate everyone present, couldn't they survive and get out?

Hearing Oscar's voice, Walker couldn't help but laugh and curse, "You fool, wishful thinking! Go to hell!"

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