I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN) - C.1859: Ship Party Invitations ⑫


While invitations were being sent to various locations, Nebula and Illness were preparing commemorative gifts to be handed out to party's participants at Kaito's house.

As it's well-known that Kaito has launched a tea brand, a commemorative blend for the ship party will be made and distributed to the participants, and Nebula and Illness are in charge of that blend.

[Howeveeeeer, it was quite regrettable, Nebulaaaaa. You can't get away from your World Treeeee, so you aren't able to join the partyyyyyy.]

[I don't mind. Even if I were to attend, I would be on Master's on the host side, so rather than enjoying the party, I would be working to ensure that the participants enjoy themselves. Also, since Master, Lilia-san, Illness-san, Anima-san, and the other key figures will be temporarily absent, it seems necessary to have someone here to guard the house in your absence.]

[I suppose sooooo. With Nebula's presence heeeeeere, I can participate in the party with peace of miiiiiind.]

[I'm Absolute after all. I will guard our place during your absence, so you can rest assured.]

Seeing Nebula puffing out her small chest with her declaration, Illness smiles. Illness used to basically avoid leaving the mansion at the same time as Lilia and Kaito before, but now, thanks to Nebula's presence, she can be more flexible in various situations. f reenovelkiss.com

Of course, as for tasks at Lilia's mansion While she understands that Nebula can handle them without issue, she still finds it difficult to entrust those to her, but when it comes to tasks at Kaito's house, garden, and handling visitors, Illness can rest assured she can leave them to Nebula.

[It's to commemorate the first party Milord is holding, so I'll use some special tea leaves. Let's use the tea leaves we made before.]

[Are you suuuuuure? Those tea leaves were put away because they were soooooo effective that there was concern that they might cause public confusioooooon.]

[It's fine as long as we just use less than 0.5g. It's better to avoid brewing tea with just those tea leaves, but blending them with other tea leaves should be perfectly fine. Well, the amount of magic power the consumer has may increase a bit, but if less than 1g is used for the blend, the difference shouldn't be noticed.]

[I seeeee~~]

The tea leaves Nebula had made and put away had the effect of "increasing a person's maximum magic power", a permanent one at that. The tea leaves having such an effect itself was a coincidence, but there's a limit to the amount of magic power that can be increased, so even though it's permanent, it doesn't mean one can infinitely increase magic power with it.

However, as a result of verifications with Illness It was found that it allows the consumer to increase magic power up to "an amount of magic power almost double the consumer's natural magic power limit" by repeatedly drinking it, so it was sealed off because it would cause great confusion if circulated.

It's just, the tea leaves had a uniquely wonderful flavor, unlike the taste of other tea leaves, so Nebula kept making them in small quantities for her own consumption.

[A cup of tea, verified by Illness-san. I found that a cup of tea, roughly 3g of tea leaves, increases the amount of magic power by 0.3% and at 0.5g, the increase is about 0.05%, so I don't think anyone but sharp people like Alice-san would be able to tell the difference.]

[I seeeeee, in that case, it seems to be okaaaaaay. Those tea leaves have a really great taaaaaste, so even a small amount would be a nice additiooooon.]

[Yes, I'll make some adjustments so that even Alice-san won't be able to notice it easily. Now that we've got the taste out of the way What should the fragrance be like?] (f)reeweb(n)ovel.com

[Let's seeeee. Considering Kaito-sama's preferenceeeees, I think having a fruit-scented one would be goooooood. How about picking tea leaves based on thaaaaat?]

[That's a good idea! As expected of Illness-san, that's a good choice. I think the flavors would also blend well together.]

[I'm honored by the complimeeeeent. All that remains is to portion adjustmeeeeeents.]


And so, the two of them worked together amicably, creating a commemorative blend to distribute at the party and when it had taken shape to some extent, Nebula suddenly remembered something and took out a small box from her magic box.

[Illness-san, here's a special gift from me a thank you for always taking care of me.]

[Oyaaaaa? Why, thank youuuu. I rather feel like I'm the one being taken care of more often than youuuuu, but Nebula's thoughtfulness makes me happyyyyyy.]

[I'm glad you were pleased. The box was made using the random box system, and inside it is a bottle of wine made by me After the party is over, why don't you and Milord drink it together as a form of mutual appreciation for all the hard work we've done?]

Seeing Nebula lightly winking at her, Illness couldn't help smiling as she carefully put the box away.


Serious-senpai : [The heck is with that unnecessary pass, Absolute!?]

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