I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World - C.274 - 202: Achieving a Major Collaboration!

I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World

C.274 - 202: Achieving a Major Collaboration!

Chapter 274: Chapter 202: Achieving a Major Collaboration!

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Since Harrison Clark is involved, things will become much simpler from here.

Harrison Clark and Chris Owen were having a serious conversation. The main topic of the conversation was about the collaborative model they would follow and what fields of technology research they would be pursuing together.

Although Harrison knew the final formula, he couldn’t just throw it in Chris’s face.

Firstly, without a detailed process design, even if the composition of the final product is known, it would still be impossible to manufacture it.

Secondly, he wasn’t an idiot who would give it away for free.

So, he had to slowly concoct, using the method of boiling a frog in warm water and gradually cook Mr. Owen.

After a while, Chris Owen exclaimed, “Brother Harrison really is a genius of this era. Let’s not talk about your achievements in music. Your academic accomplishments are even more remarkable. At first, I thought that you were only devoted to theory, but now I realize that you also have insights on the practical side of physics.”

Harrison waved his hand, “Mr. Owen, you can just call me Harrison.”

Being called “brother” and “buddy” by an old man in his fifties made Harrison feel uncomfortable.


Chris Owen happily agreed.

Harrison continued, “I do have a strong interest in applied physics. My ideas related to materials and new energy have already taken shape. I personally think that there is some value in them.”

Chris Owen nodded, “Of course there is value. All these ideas are currently the most valuable concepts to be developed. Although the implementation is a bit difficult, we can plan for the long run and gradually improve the existing materials. Eventually, we should get closer to your goals, Harrison.”

In their previous exchanges, although Harrison had not revealed the specific formula and plan, he accurately described the characteristics of each material that could theoretically be developed, as well as some relatively mature ideas about the photovoltaic effect in new type solar panels.

Being very knowledgeable in technology, Chris Owen recognized that Harrison was on to something and not just making things up.

With the support of Harrison’s reputation from the Madman’s Conjectures Collection, Chris Owen was almost instantly prepared to invest heavily in Harrison.

Harrison responded, “Yes, but there’s a long way to go to turn these ideas into products.”

Chris Owen said, “Right, that’s why it’s necessary for us to collaborate. Whale Group’s ability to transform achievements in energy and materials is not world-leading, but it should certainly be among the top two in our country and top ten in the world.”

“Of course, the reason I approached Mr. Owen is because I have faith in Whale Group.”

Harrison was very satisfied with the intentions they had discussed.

According to their ideas, if everything goes smoothly, the two parties would join hands to establish a research institute.

Harrison would provide technology and a small amount of money, while Whale Group would contribute personnel, money, and land.

The name of the research institute was also decided early on: Summit Research Institute.

The development of Summit Research Institute is very common and a typical combination of production and research.

It will become a comprehensive economic entity integrating research and development, production, and sales capabilities.

Harrison would be responsible for research and development, while the Whale Group would take care of production and sales.

When they finished discussing, Harrison checked the time and thought that Rainer should be landing soon, so he prepared to leave.

Since Chris Owen was not going to Europe tomorrow, there was no need to rush.

After returning from this meeting and discussing with Rainer, he would make a decision tomorrow, see how to proceed.

The best outcome would be to deceive Rainer on the spot and tie him to the Summit Research Institute. Then Harrison’s work would be much easier and he could expedite the proceedings.

If he cannot persuade Rainer, Harrison might have to write this sentence in his pouch: “You have dug your grave, now you have to lie in it. Stick it out even if it kills you, Harrison!”

That is to say, he would have to personally engage in the countless details of the industrial chain.

Thus he would have to spend the next few decades transforming himself from a pseudo-scientific master of the Intuition School to a real master.

Although Harrison wouldn’t actually experience this process, he still didn’t want to torment his future self that way and it would definitely affect his other plans.

“It’s getting late, I still need to pick up Rainer at the airport. How about continuing tomorrow?” Harrison said.

Chris Owen was a little reluctant, but didn’t insist. “Alright, be careful on the road.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that to you on the plane. My ignorance and foolishness blinded me. I must admit that your talent in science and art is unparalleled, Harrison.”

This was the first thing Rainer said when they met.

Rainer used to think he was one of the few top geniuses in the world, but now he finally realized that there is always someone better.

His apology was given not only to Harrison but also as a reminder to himself to stay humble and respectful towards those who are stronger and more learned.

Harrison waved his hand, “No need to apologize, it’s fine.”

“There are a few parts in this book that I don’t quite understand…”

Rainer touched the book eagerly and showed it. It was the paperback version of the Madman’s Conjecture Collection he had printed himself.

Harrison waved his hand, letting Rainer put the book away, “We’re not talking about this today. I invited you here, and it has nothing to do with this book. Do you still remember what I mentioned to you on the plane? Room-temperature superconducting metals.”

Rainer was puzzled, “Of course I remember, but…. how can we not talk about this book?”

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