I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World - C.272 - 200: Making Big News_3


Chapter 272: Chapter 200: Making Big News_3

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I want to curse, but I can’t, so I have nothing to say.

Since the argument didn’t work, Harrison Clark quickly changed the subject, trying to catch him off guard.

“Mr. Owen, have you heard about the cobalt-free rechargeable battery project, led by the National Economic and Trade Commission and a collaboration between Starlight Solutions and Roson Oil Group, owned by North American Energy Tycoon Roelle?”

Chris Owen nodded, “I have heard of it. I’m very optimistic about it, and our Whale Group’s subsidiary equipment company is participating in the bidding for the installation of domestic factory equipment.”

“That’s good. I have to admit that when I went to the United States, I got involved with a scientist, but he’s not a crook or a con artist. He didn’t forge his identity. He’s not from the University of California. It’s Rainer, Rainer! He’s the top young scientist promoting Sino-US cooperation on this project!”

The atmosphere became stale for a few seconds.

“Impossible, don’t joke around. You and Rainer aren’t in the same circle. You must have been deceived by someone pretending to be him.” Chris Owen shook his head repeatedly, completely unconvinced.

Harrison Clark’s act as a real-life “superhero” who broke into a helicopter to save people was popular in Europe and America, but it was his “superhero” identity that was popular, not his identity as the owner of Summit Ventures.

In domestic news, this was briefly mentioned and not overly promoted.

So, Chris Owen really didn’t know about Harrison Clark’s relationship with Rainer.

Moreover, Chris Owen didn’t care about the entertainment industry and didn’t know that Rainer was not only a scientist but also a composer.

Harrison Clark found the situation at a stalemate.

He really wanted to pull out his phone to show him the news, but felt that it would be too low, so was at a loss for the moment.

Just then, Chris Owen’s phone rang. He glanced at it and quickly got up, “Wait a moment, Harrison. I’ll take a call. Don’t rush to leave. I’ll talk to you later about the details on how my old friend was tricked. You’ll be amazed by the scammer’s brilliant tactics.”

With that, Chris Owen got up and hurried out.

“What’s the matter? Make it brief. What! Hiss… Wait, slow down and explain…”

Chris Owen’s voice gradually faded, and from his last words, he seemed to be quite shocked. Who knows what information he received.

Harrison Clark sighed, feeling a headache, and in his heart, he sent multiple greetings and care to the pitfail of Rainer.

What a terrible teammate.

Really messed up by your big pigeon.

Harrison Clark waited for about ten minutes, but Chris Owen didn’t return.

He wasn’t too bothered though, even if it failed, he would just regret not being able to settle this matter as soon as possible before leaving.

He would write a plan for himself in the “future” to pick other partners or return after a while. It wouldn’t necessarily mean failure.

But if that’s the case, when he comes back next time, he’ll have to find the Whale Group again if he wants to keep the main industry in Oxfordshire, leading to a new uncontrollable change in the future.

If he proceeds with the Whale Group this time and comes back next month, he will observe the changes in the new future. Then he can continue to work on the Whale Group, making things more orderly, coherent, and easier to operate and predict.

Waiting without doing anything wasn’t the answer, so Harrison Clark pulled out his cell phone and casually browsed the news to pass the time.

Then he saw a bunch of front-page headlines.

“Just now, modern mathematics has been given wings and is about to lead science to the next stop”

“Breaking News: Rainer and eleven other Fields Medal winners jointly issue a statement”

“The Archimedes of the 21st Century – National Pride Harrison Clark”

“As a PhD in mathematics, I am kneeling on the ground and singing Conquering”

“Madman’s Conjecture Collection – A Groundbreaking Masterpiece”

“Fields Medal Winner Aiksa: God Opened His Eyes Last Night”

Harrison Clark was stunned.


What happened?

What has Rainer been doing since yesterday?

Wasn’t he in closed-door sessions at the University of London?

During the few hours when he didn’t care about the impact of the Madman’s Conjecture Collection, Rainer had made a massive news story.

Very big..

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