I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World - C.269 - 199: Just Kill and Don’t Bury

I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World

C.269 - 199: Just Kill and Don’t Bury

Chapter 269: Chapter 199: Just Kill and Don’t Bury

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As with the birth of any new thing, controversy is inevitable.

If the one who puts forth this new thing is not an authority in that field, and is rather a well-known non-authority figure who has achieved great successes in another field, the controversy would be even stronger.

Just like Cyril Tourneur, who astonished the world with his poetry in years past, but met with successive setbacks when he entered the political arena.

Harrison Clark holds a significant position in the music world, but has little influence in academia.

Academics and arts are similar on some levels, but fundamentally different.

Art is more subjective, with a semblance of metaphysics when my eyes are open, and the world only exists then.

Science, however, is objective and materialistic, which demands facts.

Even conjecture must be based on incontrovertible facts, without skipping essential arguments in one stage and directly proceeding to the next stage to present the result.

Otherwise, this is not called science, but theology or philosophy.

It is not so easy for ordinary people to create waves in the academic field, as there is an explosion of information in this era.

But Harrison Clark is different.

Thanks to his fame, his crossover behavior caused a huge impact in a very short period of time.

At first, the ones who gathered to join in the excitement and curiosity were mostly diehard fans of artists under Summit Ventures, or other singers and people related to the music industry.

As soon as they turned the first page of the e-book, many started to doubt their life and pose philosophical questions about existence.

Later on, some people began to vaguely understand the content.

These people were the transition layer between the music audience and academia.

They were researchers, graduate students, PhD students, or young scholars.

Only such people would like both music and the pursuit of hot topics and have some knowledge.

Initially, these people found the whole thing absurd and laughable.

A person devoted to art suddenly turned to research, and what he was engaged in was the most profound and cutting-edge basic theory research in physics and mathematics in the field of anthropology.

He wanted to shake the foundation of the scientific edifice!

How dare he?

Where did he get the courage?

Furthermore, the span of disciplines and fields he touched upon all at once was so huge that it was simply…


So these people set out to use what they knew in their own field to verify and calculate, intending to use their own knowledge to defeat this music mogul with wild theories on science, and incidentally, show off their presence in front of him.

What if they needed his sponsorship for their research in the future?

But then these people were dumbfounded.

There were no flaws to be found!

As long as his assumptions were valid, his arguments were seamless, and his conclusions were incontrovertible!

The Madman’s Conjectures Collection became a very bizarre existence.

The vast majority of people considered him a pseudo-scientist.

But this pseudo-scientist could not be falsified.

If it cannot be falsified, isn’t it the truth?

While doubting Harrison Clark, these skeptics also doubted themselves and believed that their own level was not high enough and their skills not refined enough, which was why they could not defeat this pseudo-science demon king.

So these people chose to call their teachers for help from outside the field.

They forwarded the e-book to more qualified people one by one.

“Lin, here’s a book that talks about the neutrinos we’re studying. I think it’s wrong, but I don’t know where the problem is…”

“Mr. Hart, this person claims that gravity is Dark Energy. Well, there is such a conjecture, but he even directly writes out the conversion formula…”

“Help, Professor Zhou! This person actually classified the preon and even wrote the values for charge and mass!”

Professors joined in the falsification battles and then…

They were baffled as well.

While they understood the reasoning, they also could not invalidate Harrison Clark’s conclusions when all of his assumptions hold true.

But the professors were true to their profession, continuing their research to try to overthrow Clark’s arguments from the very beginning.

They targeted the conditions that Clark had assumed, believing that if these conditions could be proven unsatisfiable, the conclusion would naturally be invalid.

But before long, a new despair was born.

The conditions Harrison Clark had assumed still could not be falsified.

The conditions cannot be falsified, and the conclusions cannot be falsified.

The result of two consecutive rounds of failed falsification was equivalent to forcibly presenting the “truth” by advancing scientific development for at least a decade or even several decades.

Knowing that he might be wrong, yet being completely unable to prove him wrong, had not been experienced in modern scientific contexts for many years. This drove scholars extremely agitated and in despair.

If Harrison Clark had only come up with a single conclusion, the matter would not have fermented so remarkably.

However, he attacked too many fields simultaneously, causing a chain reaction.

The entire UK academic world was shaken.

But only those who genuinely engaged in academia attempted to falsify.

There is another type of person in academia.

These people have little capability but obtained some fame through certain means and hype.

These people neither have the ability nor the intention to falsify; they are more adept at criticism and skepticism, and that is about all they can do.

They are determined to defend the dignity of academia.

Soon after, someone quickly translated a machine-translated English version and sent it overseas.

Academics are divided into two camps overseas as well.

Feedback varies among those who engage in academia and those who merely “do” academia, but controversy began to brew and grew larger like a whirlwind.

Critical scholars believe that Harrison Clark’s conclusive statements in “The Madman’s Conjectures Collection” can be considered heretical.

Some people say that this is pure pseudoscience, seemingly rigorous reasoning but completely nonsensical, disrespectful to science, and lacking respect for knowledge.

These people generally believe that if someone really believes in Harrison Clark’s pseudoscience, there will be endless troubles.

It is unknown who started it, but this afternoon, the first article criticizing Harrison Clark appeared.

The other party scolded Harrison Clark for shamelessly publishing an article in the form of an academic paper as an outsider.

He could claim innocence and argue that he is just a songwriter who likes science fiction films. So, why can’t he write some science fiction stuff?

Right, but that would mean he only guessed correctly and wouldn’t prove his academic ability. However, he would certainly leave a reputation as a pioneer in the history of science.

How shameless can he be?

So, Harrison Clark’s irresponsible behavior should not be encouraged. We should demand that he retract his monograph and apologize to the public.

The first call to arms sounded, and more and more influential young and middle-aged scholars in the academic circle braved the barrage from the music fans to criticize Harrison Clark.

Master Harrison Clark himself was a bit nervous watching this.

Many people called him, some with significant backing.

From high-ranking officials in the field of science, or even academicians.

To his classmates and undergraduate advisers.

Even the president of the University of Oxford, where he was studying, somehow got his number and called him.

“Little Harrison, you better clarify a bit in public that your Conjecture Collection has no intention of provoking the academic community, it’s just a personal hobbyist’s pursuit of science, written as essays for reference purposes only.”

Harrison Clark almost listened.

But he ultimately didn’t give this explanation.

He couldn’t.

Once he did, the effect he wanted to achieve would be severely discounted.

Many people who should have believed him and followed his line of research would quickly vanish in self-doubt.

What Harrison Clark was trying to do was a good thing, but it would turn into a bad thing.

So Harrison Clark decided to tough it out and let them talk as they like. He doesn’t care.

He ignored everything outside his window, waiting for the sage to come.

But he couldn’t wait for the “sage” on time, and even got stood up.

Rainer, who was supposed to fly from London to Oxfordshire today, has gone missing!

Calls were unanswered, no one was picking up.

Harrison Clark asked Summit Ventures’ office in London to investigate and found out Rainer hadn’t left the University of London campus all day, staying in the lab over there, seemingly sprinting for a breakthrough on a major project and couldn’t leave.

Harrison was angry and helpless.

The early release of “The Madman’s Conjectures Collection” was meant to throw a delicious bait to Rainer, a young man, to lure him away from the trivialities in the labs of prestigious universities and research institutions, and quickly come to join him in creating a grand event.

But this guy merely avoided all his bullets by retreating into seclusion.

With the boss dodging MAX and unharmed, it was the bystanders who were mowed down by a shotgun.

Harrison Clark secretly vowed to properly deal with Rainer, the disobedient little brother, when he sees him again.

What’s even more infuriating is that if Rainer doesn’t come, he’ll have to face the Whale Group alone.

According to frontline spy Ward Owen, Chris Owen will be going to Europe tomorrow, so if there’s any big move to be made, it has to be done today. Otherwise, it’ll have to wait until next month when he returns to the UK.

Harrison Clark drives out of the residential area.

“Fatty, fatty, what’s the target’s status? I am Bee. Over.”

“Received! Bee, the target is having tea in the study, just finished a lot of documents and is reading the newspaper. Over.”

“What newspaper? Over.”

“Reference News. Over.”

“Alright, fatty, keep watching. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

“Roger that, Bee! Wait, my mom wants the target to go shopping with her, I need to step in!”

“Ah! Fatty, take care!”

Twenty minutes later, Harrison Clark appeared outside the main gate of the Owen Mansion.

As he entered the villa area, Harrison Clark’s car brushed past Ward Owen and his mother.

Bee and Fatty glanced at each other through two layers of car window glass, knowing each other’s thoughts and wishing each other well.

Actually, Harrison Clark didn’t want to act like an underground worker.

Before this, he had asked Ward Owen to help him formally invite Chris Owen to a meeting on behalf of the chairman of Summit Ventures.

However, the fat man bashed Chris Owen’s ego too hard last time, and Chris had no hope for his son. He simply didn’t want to communicate with Harrison Clark, the instrument of his son’s humiliation, and just let his useless child squat down wherever it was convenient, preferably in a cold storage room.

Harrison Clark, holding a powerful weapon, couldn’t be so blunt on the phone with Chris Owen, saying that he still wanted to cooperate, but not in the entertainment industry, but in Chris’s original field.

Then Chris Owen would have laughed out loud on the phone and skinned his son alive.

Harrison Clark had to present facts and reasoning face to face, with enough persuasive power to complete this heavy cross-border move.

That’s why the two ended up adopting this underground worker-like mode of action.

If Rainer had joined forces, things would have been simpler.

Now that Harrison Clark was on his own, things were difficult, but he had to try.

To others, delaying today would only mean missing a few days, but to Harrison Clark, it could mean losing an entire era.

He couldn’t bear it.

Harrison Clark entered the Owens’ mansion without any obstruction.

Before leaving, Fat Man had already informed the bodyguards at home.

“Mr. Owen, good afternoon.”

Harrison Clark stands at Chris Owen’s door, smiling..

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