I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World - C.266 - 198: Earth-shattering (Thanks to

I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World

C.266 - 198: Earth-shattering (Thanks to

Chapter 266: Chapter 198: Earth-shattering (Thanks to

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Time slowly passed day by day as Harrison Clark waited.

He was waiting for many things.

The company’s music library needed to be unloaded, which required waiting.

Lucy Haywood and Ward Owen’s new album learning and recording also needed some waiting time.

This time, Harrison had assigned them a large task, forcing them to put in a hundred percent effort and to be in their best form to keep up with the rhythm.

As a leader, it was inevitable that he would bring tremendous pressure to his followers.

Just like Lucy and Ward, who had to enjoy the convenience that Harrison brought, they naturally had to shoulder the corresponding responsibilities without complaining about their own hardships.

Of course, they would not complain, because in their hearts, Harrison, the guide who walked ahead to clear the path of difficulties, must have been even more exhausted, and he did not complain.

Harrison was also waiting for someone.


During the waiting period, Harrison continued to work on the backlog of tasks in his hand.

He spent another three days, finally managing to complete the transportation work on the rough plot of the entire movie script by biting his pen while scratching his scalp.

With the experience from the previous script, Harrison had improved in writing plot outlines and even learned how to describe specific shots.

Thus, he couldn’t resist taking out his previous batch of scripts again and revising them, which took a few more days.

One morning, Harrison got up early, went downstairs to run laps, exercised his body, and tried to prevent any rusting due to inactivity.

After running for two hours, he didn’t even sweat.

He returned to his room to wash his face and adjusted his mental state, attempting to bring his mood back to the state before the elementary school graduation exam in the previous timeline.

Various 3ist-century elementary school knowledge points, which he had once studied with all his might, began to appear in his mind one after another.

Biological origin theory, micro-energy detailed explanation, advanced astronomy, post-modern quantum system, positive and negative general relativity, photosynthesis three-stage theorem, curvature and space basic cognition…

These pieces of knowledge hidden deep in his memory unveiled the dust covering them and floated up from the depths of thinking, tumbling endlessly and floating upwards, eventually basking in the sunlight of his thoughts.

Harrison could clearly feel that since his return, his slightly dulled brain had become active again.

All the gods returned to their places!

He immediately started writing a proposal on breakthrough technologies by hand.

A day passed.

Harrison stared blankly at the empty notebook in front of him, with only the title written on it.

With the help of the History and Science Academy’s project team, Harrison initially thought he had a comprehensive understanding of the key technologies of the 21st century and writing a transformation plan should be effortless.

However, when he started to write, he discovered that things were not as simple as they seemed on the surface.

He knew a lot, but when it came to writing, he couldn’t help but worry about others not understanding it and tried his best to make it accessible, going from the surface to the depths.

When describing the production processes of new materials, every time he came to a piece of equipment, he would suddenly realize that a certain part of it hadn’t been developed yet.

Ok, he would make a mark here and also write down the development process of this part…

However, relying on his strong memory, he didn’t write it down immediately but continued to organize his thoughts in his mind.

As he did this, he found a small point continually diverging and eventually involving almost all aspects of the entire social industrial production and research system under this era.

Finally, the complete thought process that diffused from a single production line was so extensive that it left him speechless.

The time it would take to transfer all this knowledge was too long, and it was impossible for him to complete even a single result in the following eight days.

Even if the time was extended to eighteen days, till his next trip through time, he still couldn’t do it.

Describing the process wouldn’t be enough either.

After all, he was a person, not a portable hard drive that could copy and paste directly.

Here lay the difficulty; Harrison was stuck with the writing.

The sun sets in the distance, dusk approaching, Harrison put down his pen and paper and pondered with his chin in his hands.

He was once again aware of the difficulties and dangers of transferring academic achievements.

He understood how hard it was to steal an entire set of technological processes from the long river of time when external technological capabilities have not yet been fully met.

Harrison reconsidered for half an hour and made a new decision.

The most valuable thing was knowing oneself.

Harrison realized that he didn’t need to be overly meticulous and should trust Rainer’s abilities, even if it was a messy task. He was confident that Rainer would understand the intentions and do things beautifully.

Harrison resumed writing in his notebook.

He gave up on not giving the whole answer, noting only the essential nodes that couldn’t be bypassed, and recorded them in the standard answer format.

Then, he would find a suitable opportunity to directly slap this standard answer on Rainer’s face.

Harrison was only responsible for the nodes.

The specifics, the perfecting and implementation, and the glorious and great task of building the entire industry chain were left to Rainer.

After reducing the workload, things did become more manageable, and he only took two days to record the related technology of eight new materials, including room-temperature superconducting metals and new types of solar panels on this brand-new notebook..

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