I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World - C.262 - : Yes just-s -201 internationalo

I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World

C.262 - : Yes just-s -201 internationalo

Chapter 262: Yes just-s -201 internationalo

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In early April 2020, Summit Ventures didn’t seem as attractive to some people.

However, after Harrison Clark returned from Los Angeles, he announced big plans successively, especially that the music library inventory had soared from less than ten songs to forty big hits, stirring up another remarkable wave.

Although Harrison Clark didn’t care about external opinions, his astounding influence objectively existed.

The butterfly wings agitated again by Harrison Clark were like someone using a battle rope in a fitness workout, twisting the timeline once again, causing a domino effect reflected in the hearts of the group represented by the couple, as the last straw breaking the camel’s back, stirring up the other party’s greediness and taking decisive action.

All kinds of changes happened subtly, and when they appeared before Harrison Clark, it was an unprecedented and “already decided” situation.

Harrison Clark stared straight at Avril Green, who had finished telling everything and had been smiling at him all the time.

He was both angry at others and had complaints and dissatisfaction with reality, yet he was grateful to Avril Green and felt a bit embarrassed for having misunderstood her.

All the complicated emotions intertwined in the air and finally converged into a sentence from his mouth.

“Thank you.”

Avril Green nodded, “No need to thank me. It’s what I should do.”

In fact, Harrison Clark wanted to say that she had helped him a lot and he didn’t know how to repay her, but he felt saying this might cause some uncontrollable changes, so he closed his mouth.

Unexpectedly, Avril Green playfully crossed her legs and sipped her Cappuccino, gazing at the sky outside the pavilion where stars and moon were invisible, and said.

“I can actually tell that you’re pretty furious about this. Did this kind of thing catch you by surprise?”

Harrison shook his head, “I could have thought of it. I’ve seen it on Twitter, and I’ve heard about it when chatting with netizens. It’s just a bit unexpected that it happened to me.”

“Well, your anger is justified. If I were in your shoes, I would also be annoyed. For people with more ideals and aspirations, this kind of thing is even more disgusting, because it is the stumbling block and iron spikes in the road of chasing our dreams.”

Harrison: “But this is the reality, it objectively exists, can’t be avoided, and can only be dealt with. I can understand.”

“As long as you understand. But don’t worry, since we are friends, I will try my best to prevent these things from happening to you.”

“Thank you.” Harrison felt grateful again, “If those ugly garbage who rely on reincarnation to indulge in gaining without effort and have no remorse about it, thinking that everything is justified, could be half as kind as you are, the world would be much more beautiful.”

Avril Green glared at him, “Are you praising me or scolding me? I’m also pretty good at reincarnating.”

Harrison Clark realized his mistake and kept bowing, “Sorry, sorry. It was a slip of the tongue. I shouldn’t compare these things with you.”

Avril Green shook her head again and sighed heavily, becoming somewhat melancholic, “People really can’t decide their own reincarnation posture. Although I don’t want to admit it, I am indeed part of them. I try hard to be a good person, want to break free and be myself. But I can’t get rid of it and I have to blend in. Even the way I solve problems is the same as theirs.”

Harrison Clark was silent.

“Isn’t it strange? No one is limiting me, everyone is giving me the greatest autonomy, but I still feel uneasy in my heart. I still care about the shackles that I can’t see and have never experienced. I can’t choose the family I was born into, and I should even be grateful. But I just feel that no matter how far I walk, there are always shackles on my feet, and I can still hear the clanking sound of chains behind me. Am I crazy? Too sentimental?”

Avril Green’s tone suddenly became intense.

Harrison Clark remained silent.

From the perspective of an onlooker, Avril Green’s words do seem a bit… whatever.

But from the perspective of a historical reviewer, she has realized the true meaning of her life.

This is the reason why she, albeit full of talent, can never achieve the same success in music and art as Carrie Thomas, no matter how hard she tries..

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