I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World - C.255 - 191: Showing Off and Getting Struck

I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World

C.255 - 191: Showing Off and Getting Struck

Chapter 255: Chapter 191: Showing Off and Getting Struck

by Lightning on the Spot_2

Translator: 549690339

The young actress with the surname Liang had slightly flushed cheeks, giving her a charming, shy, and budding appearance.

Although Harrison Clark had no interest in internet celebrities, he couldn’t deny that their faces and bodies were all finely polished and lived up to their fame.

Harrison Clark glanced at the young actor with the surname Su nearby.

The young man’s face was also red.

Both faces were very red.

Their eyes were a bit evasive, with a delicate and charming expression.

Harrison Clark: Ugh.

This disgusting tenderness.

He almost died of disgust on the spot.

Harrison Clark felt that he couldn’t stay any longer, so he got up and quickly left, “Mr. Campbell, I appreciate your kindness, but I can’t enjoy it. Forgive my impoliteness. I really can’t handle what you guys are playing. Let’s part ways and take care of ourselves. Goodbye.”

As he walked out, he turned back and said, “Don’t come looking for me in the future. I won’t bother you, so don’t bother me. We’re really not meant for each other.”

Even the deaf could understand the contempt in his words.

Maxwell Campbell, who had been humbly serving all the way, suddenly


The more humbly he acted, the greater his ambition became in his heart, and the more upset and angry he became when his desires were unfulfilled.

But before Maxwell Campbell could explode, the young actor named Thomas

Su started cursing like a shrew.

-What the hell! You think you’re so great just because you can write a couple of crappy songs? Don’t look down on people! What do you mean we’re not meant for each other? Don’t you also give out room cards and have people wait in your room? You’re a hypocrite and a false gentleman! Piss off!”


In an instant, Harrison Clark reappeared next to the table.

He lifted his leg, kicked, took off, and landed.

Young Thomas Su curled up on the ground, holding his stomach and gasping

for breath.

The whole process was seamless.

After dealing with Thomas Su, Harrison Clark glanced at Maxwell Campbell, who couldn’t continue the play and had an exposed ferocious expression on his face and smirked, “Mr. Campbell, I’m sorry for hitting your dog. Your dog has a stinky mouth, and you didn’t discipline it well, so I helped you out. No need to thank me.”

Maxwell Campbell pointed at Harrison Clark, “You dare to hit him?”

Harrison Clark shrugged, “So what if 1 did? I don’t understand, I initially had no intention of pursuing the matter of you guys posing as me to deceive people. We should have minded our own business, you guys being internet celebrities and me making works are completely different. Without my songs, you guys can still make money, so why put yourselves in an unpleasant situation?”

The actor named Wesley Su slowly got up.

Harrison Clark’s kick was quite measured, looking fierce but not causing any

internal injuries to the opponent.

Maxwell Campbell slowly squeezed out a few words between his gritted teeth,

“Harrison Clark, you’re pushing it too far.”

There were some things he couldn’t say in front of the other artists, which were the terrible conclusions drawn by the higher-ups of the Global Entertainment Company in their meetings.

As Summit Ventures kept releasing one popular classic after another, the trend

in the entertainment industry changed.

Some truly talented creators who were depressed and tormented by the hidden rules of the industry, even giving up on their careers, saw hope reignited by

Summit Ventures’ success.

People began to believe in a truth that should have been true but was suppressed by cruel reality.

Good works should shine and put out heat.

The suppressed social creativity began to re-emerge, and the changes in the entertainment industry were all-encompassing.

The ducks know first when the spring river warms up.

Entertainment companies like the Global Entertainment Company, which relied on hype and packaging, lacked their own solid works and relied on fresh-faced celebrities for cash flow, smelled the bad atmosphere.

It’s not that Su and Liang don’t have popularity and high endorsement fees, but they actually don’t have a representative masterpiece to date.

Don’t they want that?

Isn’t it tempting to have one song spread across the world?

Of course, they want it, but they can’t do it.

Harrison Clark said they should keep to themselves, but the helmsmen at Global Entertainment deeply understood that the era of creative explosion was coming.

If Global Entertainment didn’t change direction in time and keep up with the times, they’d be eliminated within one or two years.

The world is that cruel.

How can they keep up with the times?

Of course, by directly hugging onto Harrison Clark, the thickest thigh in the entire Chinese music industry.

So, Maxwell Campbell came today with full sincerity, but he didn’t expect to be rejected so simply and decisively by Harrison Clark, who was clearly cutting off their path to survival.

How could he stand it?

Harrison Clark was puzzled, “What do you mean by me being too oppressive? What? Do I need your permission to sell my stuff? Is this a forced sale?

Maxwell Campbell said, “We’re not saying we won’t pay! You can sell to others, why not to us?”

Harrison Clark spread his hands, “Because I look down on you guys, isn’t that reason enough?”

“That’s why I said you’re being too oppressive!”

‘Whatever you say, boring.”

Harrison Clark turned to leave.

Maxwell Campbell was furious behind him, “Harrison Clark! If you leave like

this today, we won’t let it go!”

Harrison Clark, without looking back, replied, “What do you mean by not

letting it go?”

“You may be great in music, but the entertainment industry is not just about music. If you offend me like this, and sever ties with our Global Entertainment Company, you’ll regret it in the future.”

Harrison Clark spat, “Just a crappy internet traffic company.”

“What’s wrong with us being an internet traffic company? In the information age, traffic is king! Even good wines are afraid of deep alleys, so what’s wrong with having traffic? I admit that young Thomas Su and Liang’s singing skills and voice are not as good as those professional singers, but does it matter? We have a lot of traffic and can still get on the top of the charts. Isn’t it a good thing for your song to be heard by more people?

Harrison Clark wanted to silently give Maxwell Campbell a thumbs up.

Still, you are the sassy one.

Already so angry, he still managed to pull the topic back and shamelessly wanted to buy the song.

No, this shameless guy was too sharp; Harrison had to keep stirring things. Harrison Clark snorted, “No need. Only good songs need to be heard by more people. If they make rubbish, there’s no need for people to listen.”

He really left.

in despair, Maxwell Campbell roared behind him, “So you’re looking down on

us, right?”


“In the future, your Summit Ventures will only be able to make music! I’ll make you a cripple! I heard your company is going to make movies, right? I’m telling you our Global Entertainment Company is as influential in the movie industry as you are in music. I just need to spread the word, and I guarantee you won’t be able to find a director or actors!”

Harrison Clark was noncommittal, “Whatever.”

He really didn’t care.

Although he had written the prototype of a movie script and was planning to write more, with Summit Ventures definitely venturing into movies in the future, Maxwell Campbell and his Global Entertainment Company wouldn’t be able to stop him.

An elephant wouldn’t care about an ant’s provocation.

Maxwell Campbell had no idea what kind of opponent he’d picked.

Harrison Clark went upstairs.

Maxwell Campbell glared at his disappearing figure.

The other staff members came up and asked Maxwell Campbell what to do


Maxwell Campbell glanced at young Thomas Su, “It’s all your fault.”

Young Thomas Su felt wronged.

“Let’s go, we’re going back to the country first.

Maxwell Campbell called out to the others, preparing to leave.

At this moment, Harrison Clark came downstairs again.

He wasn’t alone; there was also an old white man and a group of men and women with him.

They were chatting warmly.

Maxwell Campbell was stunned on the spot.

Ms. Liang asked him what was wrong.

Maxwell Campbell trembled, “That’s James Diaz, the director of Asuda, and the man behind him is Peter, who has a minimum salary of 20 million dollars.

There was a sudden silence in the small corner.

Maxwell Campbell’s face burned, feeling as if he and young Thomas Su had been slapped.

just a moment ago, he was proudly boasting about his company’s strength, claiming that they could prevent Harrison from moving an inch in the movie industry. But in the next instant, he saw Harrison talking happily with James Diaz and Peter.

He was obviously bypassing the Chinese movie industry and heading straight for Hollywood!

Maxwell Campbell wondered if it could get any worse.

Harrison Clark noticed that Maxwell Campbell and his group hadn’t left yet, so he just ignored them and found a corner to sit in the cafe.

Maxwell Campbell didn’t leave either; he signaled the others to sit down and listened in with perked ears.

It didn’t take long for Maxwell Campbell’s mentality to completely collapse..

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