I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World - C.250 - 189: A Mantis Trying to Stop a Chariot, The Unquenchable Fighting Spirit—1

I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World

C.250 - 189: A Mantis Trying to Stop a Chariot, The Unquenchable Fighting Spirit—1

Chapter 250: Chapter 189: A Mantis Trying to Stop a Chariot, The Unquenchable Fighting Spirit—1

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A dazzling explosion engulfed this part of the cosmic space.

Almost devouring everything.

The colorful flames and red clouds intertwined and merged, almost becoming

a short-lived burning sun.

Over a hundred million particle-interference bombs exploded simultaneously within a radius of five million kilometers, instantly releasing heat and radiation equivalent to a sun.

Although its continuous output of energy is far less than that of the sun, the instantaneous impact and high temperature are even more formidable.

The composite energy field shield simply couldn’t withstand such a bombardment, and the escape pod was annihilated in the flames.

Harrison Clark couldn’t block it either.

He did not even try to block it but instead disconnected the space fighter’s towing hook from the escape pod five seconds in advance, abruptly accelerating, unleashing the true performance of the Morrowind System-transformed space fighter, opening the full-power protective shield, turning into a true streak of light, following a winding and twisting curve, continuously charging forward.

Having escaped for so long, this was the first time he, like others, launched a charge towards the Invader Warship.

An unparalleled resolution.

Did he willingly abandon the escape pod?

Of course, he did not.

He never wanted to each time.

But there was no choice.

As Martha Owen had said before, after undergoing numerous tempering trials, the synchronization rate of the Morrowind System and the particle-interference bomb storm had reached its limit, 90%.

Even if he put up a huge shield to block it, he could only block 10% of the


For the escape pod, his umbrella of life had already become full of holes and


The impact came from all directions; no matter how beautifully he maneuvered and transitioned quickly, he could only block one direction.

Continuing to carry the escape pod would only lead to a pointless mutual demise, a meaningless sacrifice.

Harrison Clark’s decisive move to abandon the vehicle and save the commander gave him a slim chance.

In the brilliant great explosion, he keenly grasped a lifeline.

Two adjacent particle-ion bombs exploded simultaneously, producing spherical shockwaves simultaneously.

When the shockwaves collide, they will momentarily retreat a short distance

like water waves colliding.

This energy-juxtaposed boundary will become a brief impact vacuum.

If this massive explosion can be compared to a pomegranate, then the boundaries of these blank areas can be considered the gaps between pomegranate seeds.

Subsequently, the continuous impact from the rear would push the shockwaves of the two bombs to close, collide, and disperse again.

The blank area was born and vanished, its duration becoming shorter and shorter, but it could always exist.

Harrison Clark grasped these blanks and turned himself into a slippery eel, diving headfirst into them.

The Morrowind System is difficult to damage in an explosion, and after becoming a Galactic Human, his resistance to radiation and particle impacts has also become much stronger. But if he was careless and fell into the central area of the explosion, he would still undoubtedly be torn apart and vaporized into cosmic particles without any doubt.

To keep surviving, he must grasp these details and eliminate any errors.

If it were the old him, even though he was strong, he would not be able to do it.

The energy and particle double shock of a particle-interference explosion is too intense. In the process of such a massive explosion, countless random factors are combined, making the complexity of the situation even more infuriating.

Harrison Clark could only rely on his luck and try to avoid being involved as much as possible.

After going through the tempering of the particle-interference bomb explosion, the performance of the equipment not only exceeded Harrison Clark’s understanding but even surpassed designer Martha Owen’s expectations when she was alive.

Sprint, decelerate, change direction, accelerate, and sprint again…

The entire process seemed to be very brief, but in his numerous operations, not a single detail did not reveal a sense of beauty beyond human understanding.

Should there be other survivors who could capture his movement, they would be amazed that a human’s ability could reach such heights.

To the ancient people a thousand years ago, their estimates of the upper limit of carbon-based humans were simply ignorant jokes.

Who said carbon-based lifeforms were destined to be fragile?

It was just a frog at the bottom of a well looking at the stars.

An ant on white paper trying to fathom heaven and earth.

It was ignorance that caused cognitive bias!

Ignorance gave humans the courage to speculate about the infinite possibilities of the universe.

Until the 31st century, humanity’s understanding of carbon structures is still superficial, never delving into the level of super preonic particles.

Looking back at the 21st century, the appearance of C60 and carbon fiber allowed humans to gain a little insight into the intricacies of carbon structures.

But at that time, humans only knew that the strength of carbon fiber was greater than steel and marveled at it.

However, they never thought that at a more fundamental level, the mysteries of carbon structures could also be sublimated into the realm of life.

Human genes are not a simple combination of atoms and molecules; they also contain a vast amount of information that humans have not yet fully grasped even in the 31st century.

The reason why gene awakening rate can grow with the advancement of science and technology is because gene expression is directly related to human science and the exploration of the universe.

When conditions are met, the human body and brain will constantly progress.

This advancement involves protein molecules in general, and even more so the level of super preonic particles, two levels below quarks, and even deeper levels.

After becoming Galactic Humans, Harrison Clark himself does not know what potential he possesses.

All he can do is keep sprinting in the flames.

Seventy-three seconds passed, and a tiny starlight emerged from the range of the explosion, carrying a brilliant flame and lightning, appearing forty thousand kilometers in front of the spherical battleship.

Without any hesitation, Harrison Clark switched from the space fighter mode to human-shaped armor mode, and the eight plasma thrusters on his back roared as he lunged forward again.

He could have continued to flee.

But he didn’t.

The escape pod carrying 100,000 embryos had been destroyed; even if he did manage to escape, he wouldn’t be able to reproduce an entire race by himself. Even if his Morrowind System was fully charged, the remaining energy would not be enough to support him reaching the next star system.

So he knew he couldn’t escape, and there was no chance for a lone hero to turn the tables.

There was no point in continuing to flee.

So instead of dying on the run, he would rather stand and die gloriously on the battlefield.

The appearance of his human-shaped armor had not changed much from before; it still appeared streamlined, but it was naturally much smaller, only three meters tall.

The reduction in weight drastically increased his maneuverability.

Under the humanoid armor form, it wasn’t known for extreme speed, but the eight power engines on its back were even stronger than the space fighter form in terms of maneuverability and sudden acceleration.

Harrison Clark pushed both the equipment’s performance and his own abilities to the limit, constantly dodging, leaping, and propelling himself left and right in the air.

He began to close the distance between himself and the spherical battleship inch by inch.

He saw that soul-tearing glimmer again and started to feel a faint pain.

But strangely, his body didn’t shatter and bleed instantaneously; he just gradually felt discomfort.

Although the discomfort intensified as he got closer, his endurance threshold had already been raised.

Getting closer.

Getting closer and closer.

The three-meter-tall humanoid armor was getting closer and closer to the immensely huge invader warship with a diameter of three thousand kilometers.

All automated chips in the Morrowind System had already failed, but he switched everything to manual mode, which didn’t affect his control level.

If anything, it made him even stronger!

Invisible repulsive forces began to push him away in the void, but his flawless manual operation allowed him to accurately avoid their interference! Particle-interference bombs started to appear on his path forward.

By now, Harrison Clark had no one to help him predict their movements with a gravitational wave detector.

But, it didn’t matter. His changes in direction were completely irregular, genuinely random, not the faux randomness of a computerized lottery. His thoughts were even more unpredictable than the imprecision of the electronics.

Similarly, the invaders couldn’t capture his movements.

He was lucky, not once being hit by a stray bomb.

However, as he got closer, the soul-harming glimmer that occasionally flickered behind the foggy cover of the invader warship was everywhere, impossible to dodge.

Even though Harrison Clark now possessed a galactic human body, he seemed to be facing an equal, or slightly higher-class, lethal weapon.

His body was still damaged, his propulsion speed constantly slowed, and even activating the Resurrection Factor again was of no help.

Ultimately, Harrison Clark stopped one thousand kilometers directly in front of the invader battleship.

This was a position that had never been reached by anyone before. His naked eye still couldn’t see the spherical battleship’s surface clearly. However, the optical telescope system built into the Morrowind System helped him see the surface of this metallic creation.

The shield technology of the spherical battleship seemed far superior to that of humans. The essence of the foggy substance flowing on its surface seemed to be a tangled mix of energy and particles.

The light from afar became more intense.

Harrison Clark’s consciousness started to blur again.

He knew that if he lost consciousness this time, it would mean true death.


He switched to the ground-based cannon form, floating in space.

He channeled the remaining ninety percent of his energy into the ground-based cannon.

The plasma super-heavy neutron shell was instantly created.



The shell screamed and flew up, but on the other side of it, dozens of tough, biological-material ropes were tied around Harrison Clark, who was wearing his battle suit!

All of the Dyson membrane bio-batteries were strapped to his body as well.

He appeared naked in outer space!

In the blink of an eye, Harrison Clark arrived at a position less than three hundred meters from the outer shell of the spherical battleship!

The shell’s trajectory had changed slightly, but its firing distance was so short. And Harrison Clark continuously activated the plasma, sparing no effort to pour the energy from the bio-batteries into the super-heavy bomb, maintaining the neutron star material’s form. The mass was too great, preventing it from being completely diverted.

He got closer successfully!

His body began to break down.

But he still stared intently ahead, expressionless.

The biological-material ropes were loosened, and the shell smashed diagonally into the invader battleship.

It didn’t hit its mark but struck an unknown energy shield instead.

The shell began to break down but immediately exploded.

The explosion’s shockwave didn’t manage to break the energy shield and damage the prototype battleship inside, but the light, dispersed particles managed to penetrate and scrape off some of the dense fog.

Harrison Clark’s gaze pierced through the hole in the dense fog.

For the first time, he saw the enemy.

Behind the transparent window, there was a pair of compound eyes that seemed cold but concealed a deep sense of dread.

Like a fly’s, but definitely not a fly’s.

Harrison Clark was satisfied, yet regretful that he only saw the eyes but never got a clear look at the opponent’s face. The fog thickened again, blocking his vision.

But it didn’t matter.

Harrison Clark raised his finger and pointed at the location of the window. Despite not knowing if the other party could understand him, his lips moved slightly, as if he was speaking in the vacuum.

“You ignited this war.

I saw your eyes by the light of the fire.

I’ve remembered your eyes.

I’ll make this war burn forever, until your civilization is reduced to ashes.” Harrison Clark knew he was fighting a losing battle, but his indomitable will to fight burned on.



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