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Chapter 90

Cardinal Nicolaos, the head of the Empire’s 1st Diocese and a member of the Order of Light that worships the Goddess of Light, watched the young man walk away.

“Actually… I’m a bit embarrassed to say, but there’s a pension foundation with my name on it—”

“I would like the Order to support it. Ah, please don’t mention that I asked. Just say that the Order was happy to do a good deed with good intentions…”

“It’s nothing special. I just feel sorry that only my friends are struggling. Since it bears my name, I think it’s right for me to help in various ways.”

He was told to say what he wanted, and that’s what he said. Hearing this, Cardinal Nicolaos almost let out an exclamation of ‘Huh.’

‘Was it intentional? Or was it sincere?’

Being old means having a lot of experience. Although one’s ego also increases proportionally, it means at least having seen more than others.

In that respect, Cardinal Nicolaos found this young nobleman named Karl to be a very strange person.

The Order is indebted to you, so if there is anything you desire, do not hesitate to ask.

There’s no need to be shy. It’s good for our Order to give back as much as we have received.

When told this, most nobles would stop their polite refusals and ask for what they wanted.

That’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing. Those who hide everything until the end cannot walk together.

Wouldn’t it be easier to improve the relationship between the two by asking for something that is easy to grant?

That’s why he’s thinking like this. He did make a personal request, as he said, but the content is not personal at all.

‘If it was intentional, it’s extreme image management. If it was sincere, he’s a hero who didn’t receive the Medal of Honor for nothing.’

Cardinal Nicolaos, who had been looking in the direction Karl had disappeared for a while longer, closed his eyes.

There were still doubts, but based on everything so far, this was the latter.

‘He’s not a worn-out figure in the political world. Rather, he’s a very pure young man. If he really had other thoughts in his heart, God wouldn’t have led him on the path to the sacred relic.’

It was a sacred relic that the 4th Diocese, no, the entire Order had tried their best to find.

But it was all in vain. Even with the Empire’s support, they couldn’t find it.

It had even been rumored that perhaps God, disappointed with their inadequacy, had turned the sword back into light, so it was better to give up.

In that situation, they suddenly split a rock and found the Sword of Saint Louis inside.

If this isn’t God’s will, then what else could it be? And surely, someone who received God’s will couldn’t possibly harbor ill intentions?

“Count Friedrich has designated the existing heir as the Crown Princess, and now has an excellent young lord as well.”

Cardinal Nicolaos muttered to himself without realizing it.

The Veterans Pension Foundation. From what he heard, it was a foundation led by two marquisates and two counties of the Empire.

With the support of the Duke’s family and other noble families, it was said to be growing in size.

There were even rumors that the Imperial Palace intended to reduce the scale of the Crown Prince’s wedding and use the remaining funds to support the pension foundation.

The war had certainly killed or injured many citizens of the Empire. And the Empire had never neglected the soldiers who had become that way for the sake of the Empire.

They had done enough. They had done all they could. So, there was no need to do that. Yet, they did. And Karl even created such a foundation to help them.

He’s an amazing young man. The title of hero isn’t enough for him. Well, he had to be that good to receive the Medal of Honor not once, but twice. And even the elves admired him.

That’s why God favored him and made him find the sacred relic.

‘It started with good intentions, but in the end, that goodwill will become a grand cause.’

For such a cause, Karl asked the Order to lend a hand. He added that it was enough if it seemed like the Order volunteered, without mentioning that he had asked.

It’s a request, but it’s also not a request. It’s a request where Karl gains nothing and only the Order gains.

‘Actually, there has already been talk within the Order. That our Order should also put our name on that foundation before it’s too late. That only by acting quickly before that goodwill becomes a great cause can our Order also be on the side of shining the light of the great cause.’

Indeed, simply aiding the pension foundation doesn’t fulfill all of Karl’s requests. That was all he asked for, but the Church has its pride. If we take credit for something we were already planning to do, even God would be justified in punishing us.

“Inform the cardinals of each diocese of my words. There is an urgent matter to discuss.”

“What is the topic you wish to discuss?”

“It concerns doubling the number of orphanages and medical facilities operated by the Church in each diocese. After the Imperial dioceses have concluded their discussions, I will formally present the proposal to the Holy See.”

This is God’s will. This is what He desires. This is our new temple!

* * *

“Ughhh, I’m dying!!”

I’m exhausted. My whole body feels stiff. It’s no wonder, after standing rigidly all day. First the Crown Prince, and now a Cardinal. Even as the acting head of my family, these are some pretty big figures for a mere noble’s child to handle.

“You worked hard, Karl.”

I’m so glad Selena is here with me. Even though all she does is pat my back and say I did a good job, it somehow relieves my physical and mental exhaustion.

Thank you, Selena. I feel much better thanks to you. As expected, a girlfriend’s support is the best thing for a guy.

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“What about Eloise? Isn’t she with you?”

As far as I know, Selena went straight into a ‘consultation’ with Eloise as soon as she returned.

The ‘consultation’ I’m referring to isn’t the kind you might think. It’s more like, ‘Why were you in the same bath as Karl without telling me? Do you want to die?’ kind of consultation.

I was worried that Selena’s wording might be too harsh, but apparently, there was no problem. After all, Eloise isn’t just any elf—she’s a woman who’s slain countless monstrous kanfras. Selena’s threats probably sounded like mere whining to Eloise.

That’s why I always side with Selena, no question. Honestly, Selena is the weakest. If Eloise decided she wanted to, she could just go ‘Nom!’ and devour her whole.

‘I could never bear to witness such a thing. No. Never.’

As a former military man, I cannot allow a junior to outshine their senior. It’s a matter of principle. Unless, of course, the senior is incompetent or worthless… Ah, damn it. Why do I keep bringing up the military?

“Anyway, she said she had something to do at the academy and left.”

“…The academy? All of a sudden?”

“Yeah. The new elven exchange students arrived, right? Eloise is technically a new student too. She went to meet them and attend a gathering for elven students.”


It seems Selena only knows that much. And that’s how it should be.

But I know more. Eloise told me, and I already knew some things.

‘Surveillance, was it?’

Luzernes is anti-Empire, while Hyzens is pro-Empire. So naturally, Hyzens sends exchange students to the Imperial Academy. Their goal is to learn from the Empire and bring those benefits back to their homeland.

But whether Luzernes or Hyzens, the foundation of their society is elves. No matter how kind or understanding they may be, their roots are elven. There are things that don’t change and things that are hard to change.

Among them, of course, is a vague sense of superiority, or the arrogance of being better than humans.

Luzernes used that to their advantage. That’s why, in the early days, most elves sided with Luzernes.

Even though they’ve been completely crushed now, that kind of ideology can always resurface.

‘They say, It’s hard for a human to become an elf, but it’s a snap for an elf to become a human.’

If that happens in Hyzens, it’s their problem.

But what if, by some chance, it happens at the Imperial Academy? What if the exchange students suddenly get infected with some strange ideology and start shouting, ‘Elves! Elves! Elves!’?

That’s why the Empire always wanted to have a surveillance system in place. And the one to take on that role would naturally be the most pro-Empire elf among the exchange students, the one with more interest and affection for human society than elven society.

And this time, Eloise was secretly chosen for that role.

Ah, no. It’s more accurate to say she volunteered. Anyway.

“Hey, Karl. I have a favor to ask.”

“A favor?”

As I look at Selena, wondering what it could be, she answers.

“Are you free tomorrow or the day after?”


“Yeah. I was wondering if you could visit my family’s marquisate.”

To the Marquisate of Nafplion? Ah. Is it perhaps… to introduce me to her parents―

“My grandfather, the former marquis, wants to see you.”

“…Your grandfather? Why me, all of a sudden?”

“Actually, my grandfather is a devout follower of the Radiant Church.”


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