I Can See Your Combat Power - C.272 - 268: Treasure House of the Minor Spiritual Realm (9)

I Can See Your Combat Power

C.272 - 268: Treasure House of the Minor Spiritual Realm (9)

Chapter 272: Chapter 268: Treasure House of the Minor Spiritual Realm (9)

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Tang Luo’s understanding of the clan was simple. It wasn’t about the strength of the power, nor the size of the territory, but a very simple thing – blood relatives.

The six members of Tang Zheng are the strongest in the Mortal Realm of the Tang Clan. They represent the most excellent members of this generation of the Tang Clan. If these people die, it would mean the end of the Tang Clan’s lineage.

To a healthy clan, the end of lineage signifies stagnation in development. More importantly, the Tang Clan didn’t need that many heritage artifacts.

Even if there were a hundred thousand spiritual armors in the treasury, the number of blood relatives eligible to wear the spiritual armor in the Tang Clan was finite. The vast resources in the Dragon Boat Treasury were beyond what the Tang Clan could currently utilize. Even if the Tang Clan encouraged reproduction and constantly selected talents, it would take five generations to fully utilize these heritage artifacts.

In other words, due to the back-up of fifty percent of the heritage items, the value of outstanding members of the Tang Clan now far exceeded the value of surplus resources.

The so-called way of weighing pros and cons was about understanding what was needed, what was more important, and then making a choice.

Tang Luo was willing to give up half of the treasury’s heritage for the safety of the six members during their journey to the Minor Spiritual Realm, as well as to repay the mercy shown by Ji Fu.

From the perspective of Clan Leader Tang Zhi and the council of elders, since they had delegated full authority over the Minor Spiritual Realm’s treasury to Tang Luo, they would no longer interfere. Their appearance was merely for providing support and protection to Tang Luo.

However, seeing his mature way of handling the situation, the members of the council of elders nodded in agreement. Even Tang Gaomin, the Sixth Elder, who cared the most about wealth, despite the regret in his eyes, still approved of Tang Luo’s actions.

Ji Fu, struck by Tang Luo’s unflustered demeanor, loudly praised, “Good! I take back what I said about the Tang Clan. Now it seems that no matter how shattered it is, as long as the core members of the Tang Clan maintain their standards, your Tang Clan will become a first-class wealthy family in the world.”

“You flatter us!” Tang Luo bowed slightly. He didn’t want to talk more because the green light surrounding Tang Xing and the others had disappeared, and they had returned to consciousness. He needed to check on the young boy.

Once fully recovered, Tang Xing, looking bewildered, straightened his body, touched his left ribs, and looked at Tang Zhen in the distance. He felt as if he was dreaming.

Seeing his stupid appearance, Tang Luo’s eyebrows twitched, he couldn’t help saying, “You silly boy, how do you feel?”

“Brother, was I just dreaming?” Tang Xing, noticing Tang Luo approaching, eagerly asked his biggest question.

Because he clearly remembered that they had been fighting against five opponents. First, they defeated three of them, then were trounced by the other two. In the end, he tried to attack one and was kicked in the ribs, fainting instantly.

How come everything was back to normal now? Tang Man, Tang Ya, and Tang Zhen also cast their gazes at Tang Luo’s face following Tang Xing.

“It was not a dream!” Tang Luo sighed, stretching out his hand to rub the young boy’s head.

“Thanks to the elders using the Creation Pill, you were able to recover so quickly. You should be thanking the elders.”

The reason why most warriors from clans can grow smoothly and the majority of commoner warriors die midway is because the clans have converted these resources into strength. While Tang Xing and others fought on behalf of the clan, even if they were seriously wounded, the guards would only send them to the Battle Hall Infirmary for treatment. Just like the wounds received earlier, which could potentially ruin their martial arts careers,

But because they were the direct descendants of the Tang Clan, those in council would take out the Creation Spiritual Pills, worth several million, to help them recover. Not only did this pill, which required a large amount of medicinal herbs to create, restored their health, but it also strengthened them through the experience of a deadly battle.

Clan warriors and commoner warriors alike, to become stronger, must undergo numerous difficult battles. But due to the vast resources that the clan has, clan warriors can grow as long as they don’t die, regardless of victory or defeat. On the other hand, commoner warriors cannot afford to lose. If they lose once, their martial arts career may very likely be over. This is the biggest difference between noble and commoner clans.

Ji Fu, together with Ji Ming and Ji Zai, came over to Tang Luo and said, “Since their wounds are almost all healed, let’s let these eight people enter the Minor Spiritual Realm treasury.”

Tang Luo looked at Ji Ming and Ji Zai and nodded. He called over Tang Fengran and Tang Zheng from the distance and said to the group of six, “I have selected team leaders for you two teams. Once you enter the Minor Spiritual Realm, you must listen to and obey the team leaders. Is that understood?”

The newly awakened students all had bewildered expressions. But when the young boy saw Ji Zai, his eyes reddened immediately. He turned his head and asked Tang Zheng, “Did we lose?”

“Uh… nope.” As one who was conscious all the way, Tang Zheng was aware of Tang Luo’s dissatisfaction with their performance. These two team leaders were what he exchanged for half of the heritage artifacts. Despite the embarrassment, he had to admit that without Wu Luo’s guidance, they may have been mere lambs awaiting slaughter in their opponents’ eyes.

However, the young boy was unaware of all this. His memory was still stuck at the point when Ji He injured Tang Zhen. He retorted discontentedly, “If we won, why are they leading us? A bunch of losers, what qualifies them to be our leaders?!”

Facing Tang Xing’s ridicule, Ji Ming and Ji Zai stood there calmly, without the slightest flinch in their eyes because they knew that as warriors, they only needed to follow orders.


A severe knuckle to the head, Tang Luo’s knuckles were throbbing, and the young boy squatted down, clutching his head.

“That really hurts, bro!” The murderous look in Tang Xing’s eyes was shattered by the knob to the head, leaving only pain, and his tears were about to overflow. The young boy felt very wronged, this knob to the head was so unreasonable.

Without looking at the boy squatting on the ground, Tang Luo coldly looked at the group in front of him and asked, “Anyone else not convinced?”

Tang Zhen, Tang Ya, and Tang Man looked at each other, and looking at the squatting Tang Xing, they all shook their heads.

As for Tang Fengran and Tang Zheng, they had witnessed everything from beginning to end, so they didn’t have any objections. They knew how much the clan had sacrificed for Tang Xing.

With no objections from the others, only the young boy disagreed. Tang Luo bent down with a stern face, looking him in the eyes and said, “So it’s just you who is defiant, right?”

The young boy, with teary eyes, covered his head and looked at Tang Luo’s fierce face, stubbornly saying, “Yes, I refuse to accept!”

“The kick just now, had it landed on your neck, you would be dead!” Tang Luo coldly said. “With the Combined Attack Technique at range, Wu Luo pointing in the middle, you were still beaten into this state, what makes you think you have the right to refuse?”

“We… we were just careless! If we get another chance, it won’t happen again!” The young boy huffed and refused to give in.

From the look of the young boy, Tang Luo knew that he didn’t understand what this entailed. Tang Luo sighed, put on a serious expression and said, “Here, it’s not about getting another chance, even if you had ten more chances. Once you enter the Minor Spiritual Realm and face hundreds of puppets with power beyond the Mortal Realm, they won’t give you another chance.”

“Facing a group of unfamiliar enemies, do you think you’d be a better leader than they are?”

Do better? The young boy’s face reddened. He stumbled over his words, not knowing what to say..

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