I Can See Your Combat Power - C.270 - 266: Small Spiritual World Treasury

I Can See Your Combat Power

C.270 - 266: Small Spiritual World Treasury

Chapter 270: Chapter 266: Small Spiritual World Treasury

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“We won!” Watching as the three Ji surnamed teenagers spun and flew out, Tang Zheng stopped in his tracks, eager to celebrate with his team.

For him, the competition was over at this point. Among the opposing team’s five members, three were already down and all six of their own were still standing. Was there any need to continue the battle?

In the minds of the students on the First Cultivation Ground, it was time for the opponents to surrender and all they had to do was graciously accept their victory.

Seeing the team’s lax stance, Tang Luo, with a raise of his eyebrow, yelled, “Foolish!”

Didn’t these silly boys consider that if the fight was already over, why would Ji Ming and his comrades risk a confrontation with the tornado when they could simply admit defeat? There were plenty of Fierce Realm warriors around who could protect them.

The fact that the opponents decided to trade three of their members for six Spirit Arts indicated they were determined to fight!

While the six Tang fighters readied themselves to accept surrender, Ji He and Ji Zai were already brandishing a silver spear. They didn’t even glance at Ji Ming and his comrades, who were caught in a whirlwind, as they charged towards the nearest Tang Man.

Tang Man, who was intending to turn around and celebrate, was taken aback by the sight of the spear-wielding boys brimming with killing intent. With no energy left to unleash any Spirit Arts after unleashing Wu Luo’s Finger, he was left with only his fists to counter the two.

However, before he could react, Ji He’s spear tip had already grazed his chest, lifting him off the ground. Ji Zai’s spear was aimed at his abdomen. In a blink of an eye, Tang Man was defeated, and collapsed on the ground in uncertainty of life or death.

The ferocity of Ji He and Ji Zai made Tang Zheng lose his composure, and he shouted loudly: “Be careful! They haven’t given up yet!”

But what good was a warning? The six who had used the Combined Attack Technique and Wu Luo’s Finger were now in their recovery period, and utterly defenseless against Ji He and Ji Zai’s exquisite spear techniques.

After defeating Tang Man, instead of pursuing Tang Xing, Ji He and Ji Zai turned around and charged towards Tang Ya who remained motionless in shock.

The situation was changing rapidly and she hadn’t had time to react. Tang Fengran wanted to rush to her aid but it was too late.

In just a moment, Tang Ya was pierced through her right chest and abdomen, lifted into the air, and blood was spilled all over the ground.

“Sister!” Shocked by the sight of her sister’s demise, Tang Zhen charged towards Ji He and Ji Zai, her palms aimed directly at Ji He’s chest with red rage filling her eyes.

“Tang Zhen, stop!” Tang Fengran, seeing Tang Zhen’s actions, shouted sternly, but the furious Tang Zhen could hardly be stopped with mere shouts.

Ji He and Ji Zai, seeing Tang Zhen rushing towards them, pulled their spears out from Tang Ya’s body. Their arms shone brightly as they swung two spear shadows filled with irresistible force at Tang Zhen, left and right.

“Crack! Crack!” Their spears collided and a bone-cracking sound reverberated. Tang Zhen’s frail body was hurled into the air and crashed onto the ground, unconscious.

Tang Xing, who had already run to Tang Zheng’s side, watched the dreadful state of Tang Zhen, and his eyes flooded red. He charged towards the spear-wielding boys once again!

“Get back here!” Tang Zheng yelled at the impulsive Tang Xing, but it didn’t make him hesitate at all.

He had already realized that the physical strength of Ji He and Ji Zai was incomparable to the Tang clan’s warriors. It felt as if they began forging their bodies from the Mortal Realm. Their silver spears were deadly on contact and injurious even on graze.

Their only chance of victory was to disperse, recover during that period, and attack with Wu Luo’s Finger using their absolute spiritual power to kill and defeat the two.

But what heed can the youngster pay to such strategizing when he saw Tang Zhen suffering severe injuries? The moment he saw Tang Zhen being hit and flying, his mind filled with thoughts of murder and he only wanted to kill the two units who had harmed Tang Zhen.

Of course, that was exactly what Ji He and Ji Zai wanted to see. Seeing the youngster rushing at them, they stepped over Tang Zhen who was lying on the ground, raised their spears and thrust them towards Tang Xing.

The little youngster, consumed by murderous intent, was like a ferocious animal. Although he had lost his reason, he acquired superior response ability and managed to avoid the lightning-fast jabs with a slide tackle.

Having closed in, Tang Xing jumped up, brought his lethal killing intent with the left index finger extended. Even though his right hand and three fingers on his left hand were tired and lacked the energy to condense spiritual energy, the energy erupted from the Guan Chong acupoint on his left index finger. With the power of Wind Attack, it was directed towards Ji He’s eyes.

In spite of being severely injured, he was determined to make Ji He pay the price for hurting Tang Zhen. At such close quarters, he didn’t think Ji He had any chance of turning the tide. As for Ji Zai, he was left to Tang Fengran and Tang Zheng. That’s what the youngster thought.

But reality was cruel, Ji He abandoned his silver spear as Tang Xing approached, resolving to fight barehanded. In response to Tang Xing’s supposedly swift finger attack, he merely crossed his spariding arms in front of his face. The Wind Attack bounced off his arms, only pushing him back a bit.

“Impossible!” Tang Xing, watching Ji He’s fast and powerful counter, was stunned. But he forgot that he was still on the battlefield, there was no room for him to be dazed.

The whistling sound of wind got closer and closer.

Ji Zai’s right leg, pulsing with overwhelming force, landed on Tang Xing’s left ribs with a whip, sending him into the air.

Tang Xing felt as if his rib bones had all burst, his head was blank, and Ji Zai’s battering hadn’t stopped. With a leaping spin, he stomped on his belly.

With a muffled thud, Tang Xing was swept into the air like a prawn, tracing a long parabola, and smashed into the distant ground, losing consciousness.

Just as he was severely beaten, Xu Lao Ying could sense a surge of savagery and killing intent emerging from the depths of Tang Luo’s heart!

This was a most instinctual reaction. Although the martial arts competition was inherently brutal, Tang Luo could not bear to see any harm befall the young boy.

Xu Lao Ying was genuinely worried that Tang Luo would rush out and slaughter Ji He and Ji Zai. Even though that burst of killing intent was quickly suppressed, Tang Luo’s gloomy expression made him realize that it wasn’t an illusion.

Because of Tang Xing’s sudden charge, Ji He and Ji Zai let go of their silver spears. The silver spears, entirely maintained by spiritual power, rapidly dissipated into thin air once they let go. To form Spirit Weapons again, they’d have to gather spiritual energy once more.

But with Tang Fengran and Tang Zheng already closing in, they wouldn’t have the opportunity. Within the short timeframe, it felt like an eternity. Tang Man, Tang Ya, Tang Zhen, Tang Xing were successively defeated, with their life or death unknown. However, their sacrifice wasn’t in vain. Tang Fengran and Tang Zheng had finally survived their recovery period. They cast Wu Luo’s Finger with their right hands towards Ji He and his companion, killing intent palpable.

If they considered this a mere competition before, all they wanted now was to kill Ji He and Ji Zai!

“Die!” With bloodshot eyes, Tang Zheng lunged at Ji Zai, releasing the Wu Luo’s Finger attack. The white tornado, brimming with violent intent, swept towards them!

And Tang Fengran’s attack was even more astonishing. She unleashed the complete Wu Luo’s Finger, and with the concoction of five white Wind Attacks, her tornado was thicker than Tang Zheng’s.

In the end, the Slaughter Immortal Army couldn’t completely defeat the six Tang warriors within their recovery period. Facing the furious tornadoes, Ji He and Ji Zai swiftly rolled backwards, attempting to evade.

But how could Mortal Realm warriors dodge Spirit Arts that moved at such tremendous speeds? Just when the two were about to be hit by the Wu Luo’s Finger, two silver shields sprung up in front of them, countering the white tornadoes.

“We surrender!” Ji Fu, with a glum face, gnashed his teeth and spat out these four words..

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