I Can See Your Combat Power - C.260 - 256: Brothers

I Can See Your Combat Power

C.260 - 256: Brothers

Chapter 260: Chapter 256: Brothers

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Old Master Xu could sense the turmoil in Ji Fu’s heart, he chuckled and said earnestly: “Don’t dwell on it, rise and fall are inevitable for any family. Once, the Han Family stood unafraid even in the face of the Demon King, and even after their ancestral lands fell several times, they were still able to fight back to the top. I believe this time will be no different.”

In this world, only sincere words can truly move a person. Ji Fu had heard many flattering remarks and understood that most were merely empty words. But he believed in this.

“A hundred years!” Ji Fu clenched his fist and said excitedly, “Give me a hundred years, and I will definitely become the Saint Lord of the Han Family, leading the Slaughter Immortal Army back to Zhongzhou! I wonder if my younger brother here would like to be my non-blood related brother, being the future Saint Lord of the Han Family?”

“What a coincidence!” Old Master Xu said heartily, “A hundred years too! I will undoubtedly suppress countless members of the Xu Clan to become the next Saint Lord. I think that should qualify me to be the brother of the next Saint Lord of the Han family!”

“Younger brother!” Ji Fu extended his right hand, his eyes filled with excitement.

“Elder brother!” Old Master Xu, even more moved, clasped Ji Fu’s right hand and held on tightly, his eyes filled with deep emotion.

Tang Luo, his eyes wide in disbelief, couldn’t comprehend how a simple business negotiation had suddenly turned into a mutual admiration society, and ended in a hurried brotherhood.

Watching their brotherly display, Tang Luo knew there was no stopping it. Propping up his chin, he sat aside, watching the two towering figures clasping hands and speaking excitedly. Oddly enough, it was quite a sight to see.

After a while, the two calmed down and sat. Old Master Xu’s gaze then rested on Tang Luo’s face.

“What? I’m not getting involved in this, don’t even think about it,” Tang Luo replied, icy and direct.

“Hmph!” Ji Fu huffed, “Why would I want to be kin to someone as sly and profit-driven as you? Brother, don’t even think about it!”

“Yes, yes, yes-” Tang Luo nodded incessantly, “I’m not worthy, not worthy. Just the two of you be brothers, don’t include me.”

“Aye- Aye!” Old Master Xu clearly had a different opinion, “Even if you don’t want to be my non-blood related brother, you’re still my younger brother. You should respect your elder brother!”

“Ha~” The corner of Tang Luo’s mouth twitched sarcastically, “Can we each mind our own business? We are all wanderers of the martial world, let’s not be too ceremonial.”

As cunning as Tang Luo was, he would not fall for Old Master Xu’s trap. What did respect mean to him? Surely not giving away the fortune he earned with his own brains? The wealth he earned himself, why would he share it back? Ridiculous!

“Let’s not talk about this anymore! I can’t afford such a brother,” Ji Fu once again rejected Old Master Xu’s goodwill, picked up the pen and paper on the table, and began to write down the method of practicing the Undying Battle Body.

Watching the two reject him, Old Master Xu sighed, deciding not to bring it up again.

The reason he genuinely wanted Tang Luo and Ji Fu to be of unrelated brotherhood wasn’t because of some twisted pleasure, but a vague premonition. A century later, the only one who could truly help Ji Fu would be Tang Luo. If he were to become the Saint Lord of the Xu Clan, many decisions would be out of his hands.

The Tongming Sword Body only had the ability to resist all poisons and strengthen the six senses. This sixth sense also known as intuition, allowed Old Master Xu to sense the unknown future. From the moment he met Tang Luo, his intuition told him to be good to this cousin. He didn’t understand why until recently. Judging by what happened tonight, if there were to be another Saint in the world, it would likely be this cousin.

Without any secret method of cultivation or nourishment from the spiritual grass and godly medicines, he surpassed the Divine Son of the An Family by a whole year to reach the peak of transcending the mundane. Such a martial artist, who also possesses such intelligence, what heights he would reach in a hundred years, even he could not imagine.

Seeing the two’s attitudes, it seems they have little interest in burying the hatchet. This really breaks Old Master Xu’s heart.

While Old Master Xu was fretting secretly, Ji Fu had finished writing the Spirit Carving technique and the Rune art, and pushed it towards Tang Luo, saying, “This is the method for practicing Undying Battle Body, the key part is the Rune art. I can only remember the ten patterns on the arms accurately, you start with this.”

“A martial artist uses his arms the most and can control the spiritual power most accurately. Although I don’t want to admit it, with your talent, you can master this ninth-rank Undying Battle Body within a month at most. Once you mobilize the Undying Battle Body, there will be 10% spiritual power circulation within your body, starting to enhance your physical body, probably giving you the strength of nine bulls and two tigers. However…”

Ji Fu’s words darted halfway, because he saw Tang Luo holding the Runes, and his hands were glimmering, and the light was getting brighter and brighter. Each Rune is a spirit array that is carved into the body, corresponding to the meridians and the natural principles of heaven and earth. Carving each rune requires to correspond to hundreds of spirit points at the same time. That’s why the Rune Art is so difficult to memorize. Just the ninth-rank Undying Body Rune Art alone requires remembering more than three thousand spirit points distributed in different meridians, each of which must not be mistaken. If a spirit point is drawn wrong, not only will the runes not appear, but your meridians will also be severely damaged, requiring recuperation before you can carve spirits again.

However, he never expected that there would be someone in the world who looked at the ninth-rank runes only once and started to draw spirits, and the first spirit rune had appeared!

“I must be dreaming!” Ji Fu looked at the increasing brightness in Tang Luo’s arms and said in disbelief.

On the other hand, Tang Luo stopped listening to Ji Fu after he got the Rune Art. He put all his thoughts on this Rune Art because he was extremely afraid that his guess was nothing but a pipe dream. If the Undying Battle Body was different from other martial arts, he would be completely at a loss.

As soon as he saw the Rune Art, he was amazed by the astonishing wisdom of the ancestor of the Han family. The numerous spirit points were like a spirit array portrayed inside the body. He faintly felt that these spirit points made him feel oddly familiar.

Some spirit points are connected together, forming a pattern very similar to the inscription on his Star Core. Since Tang Luo became able to introspect, what he observed and studied the most was the Star Core in his Dantian. He always felt that the mysterious texture on the surface of the Star Core must have some use, but he never found out.

When he saw this Rune Art, a light bulb went off in his mind. He vaguely felt that these runes might be the key to controlling spiritual power.

Otherwise, how could the Star Core violate the natural law of cultivation, hold the overflowing spiritual power that should be absorbed by the viscera and bones in the Dantian, and circulate around it following a specific rhythm?

While pondering, Tang Luo also didn’t stop carving spirits. Because of this nameless familiarity, the speed of his spirit carving far exceeded his imagination.

Each rune consists of more than three hundred spirit points. Not only he can find the position accurately, but he can also vaguely feel where the next point should be in his heart, this kind of mysterious feeling cannot be described but truly exists.

Moreover, every time he compares the Rune Art in his hand, he finds that the next point is the one he feels, this is…. interesting!

With spirit carving becoming a mean to verify his guess, Tang Luo’s arms began to shine brightly at an astonishing rate. What was originally a faint light finally turned into a silver glow..

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