I Can See Your Combat Power - C.256 - 252: Ji Fu’s Counterattack

I Can See Your Combat Power

C.256 - 252: Ji Fu’s Counterattack

Chapter 256: Chapter 252: Ji Fu’s Counterattack

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“Madman, you say?” Tang Luo chuckled, perhaps so.

He returned earlier than Ji Fu intentionally, to discuss with the family’s leading elders. Because what he was about to do didn’t concern just one or two people— it was about the survival of the entire Tang Family.

However, before he needed to find them, the man at the entrance, Chang Fu, informed him that the Clan Leader, the Principal Security Officer, the Mountain Lord, and the Second Elder, representing the full authority of the group of elders, had all been waiting for him for quite some time

They entrusted the proof of their absolute authority to Tang Luo. He was dumbfounded as he accepted their nameplates.

No one knew the psychological strength one required to entrust the survival of a clan to a youngster, but the leaders of the Tang Clan had done just that.

With this profound trust, Tang Luo felt an unparalleled confidence. It’s not convincing if only one person has the determination to stake all, but if the whole clan shares the same belief, it lends a formidable weight.

The principle, “Though Chu has only a hundred households, it’s still Chu that would put an end to Qin”, was tremendously applicable here.

Tang Luo willingly accepted Ji Fu’s label “madman”, leading both men into the main hall where the three of them sat cordially together.

The mahogany box in the middle was the centerpiece of the conversation.

Ji Fu, with an icy expression, asked, “So, if I tell you the location of the treasure trove, you will not disclose this information to the An Clan?”

“Of course-” Tang Luo enjoyed this direct negotiation. It seemed this guy was not that brainless after all.

Ji Fu knew it’d be as such, he coldly responded, “Why should I trust you? What if you disclose information to the An Family after retrieving the treasure? Wouldn’t my Han Family be sunk into an unrecoverable state?”

“See, that’s why we need Mr. Xu here to be our guarantor.” Tang Luo nodded his head, fully agreeing with Ji Fu’s statement.

“Me?” Old Man Xu was quite surprised, having no clue he could serve such a purpose. He initially thought he was only here to share the spoils of the treasure vault.

Tang Luo twitched his mouth, somewhat speechless.

Although Old Man Xu was only the son of a sage’s family, he represented the currently thriving Xu Clan. To put it bluntly, if Tang Luo decided to monopolize the Han Family’s treasure vault, Old Man Xu could return to Yuanzhou on his sword, and within ten days pull together a powerful army – by then the thought of expanding his interests would be meaningless.

To be more realistic, if not for the close relationship between Tang Sen’s family and Old Man Xu—with Shuhui being his aunt—in the room, the most dominant force commanded by just this Xu nobleman.

For the life and death of the Han Family, however, the guarantee of a roaming Xu Clan member was still insufficient in Ji Fu’s eyes. He said coldly, “That’s still not enough!”

“So what would suffice, in your opinion?” Tang Luo spread his hands, suggesting Ji Fu to propose a solution.

A flash of cold light crossed Ji Fu’s eyes, as he said, “I want every direct descendant of the Tang Clan to practice the Undying Warrior Technique! And then conduct a search in the Spirit Realm.”

“Heh, you are quite calculating.” Tang Luo scrutinized Ji Fu’s face. This man maybe wasn’t as foolish as he thought.

Originally, Tang Luo’s plan was to retrieve the Han family’s martial arts and secret techniques from the treasure vault for modification. He realized that these sacred martial arts techniques are unique—so unique that they are lethal once exposed. Therefore, the Han Family’s main technique, the Undying Warrior Technique, was in his opinion merely material to improve the Heavenly Pathway Technique, while the real gems were the rest of the secret techniques.

But now Ji Fu’s demand for every member of the Tang Clan to practise the Undying Warrior Technique was a different matter.

If the treasure vault was retrieved first, it was certain that the Han Family’s Undying Warrior Technique would be included. That meant the Tang Family would gain this primary technique regardless.

If it was inevitably going to be lost, the issue of disclosure wouldn’t exist. Ji Fu directly spotted this crucial point.

If Tang Luo were to break his promise after the retrieval of the treasure vault, there would be countless ways of leaking information, each of which could lead the Han Family to destruction.

The only way to make the Tang Family keep their promise was for them to also practise the Undying Warrior Technique!

In the end, after hiding their real identities, the An family’s clue to find people relied on characteristics of their martial arts skills. If all the direct descendents of the Tang Clan also possessed Han family’s martial arts characteristics, the Tang Clan would absolutely keep Han family’s secret at all costs.

This is because if the news were leaked, the Tang Family—who had practiced the Undying Warrior Technique—would have no way to explain that they were not descendents of the Han Family to the domineering An Clan. Following the principle of killing the innocent rather than letting anyone go, the An Clan would regard the Xiling Tang Clan as a branch of the Han Clan.

When the Tang Clan was also considered as a branch of the Han Clan, how could they dare to leak any information?

Only in this way could the Han family maintain control without complete loss. They wouldn’t be a lamb waiting to be slaughtered just because Tang Luo had a grasp on their only hope for survival.

This was his—the only chance for survival he could see. Ji Fu asserted with shining eyes, “If you can’t achieve this, then we have no need to continue our negotiations!”

Either they would perish together, or they would live and die together. The reckless Han Family’s Saint Child gave the tough decision back to Tang Luo.

Tang Luo, serious-faced, pondered the benefits and detriments of this situation.

Although he had always appeared reckless, as if he wouldn’t care about his own family’s survival, he was absolutely clear that everything, including whatever secular sanctum, millennium-old family, or worldly holy land, was not even comparable to his family’s servants. His reckless behaviour was merely to intimidate Ji Fu.

That’s because Ji Fu once lost everything and had only just recovered a little breath of life. He would never allow the tragedy of his clan’s extermination to be repeated.

But now Ji Fu’s demand was essentially binding the Tang Clan to the fate of the Han Clan. If the Han Clan were found, the Tang Clan would definitely not get away. It was equivalent to sacrificing his own life based on the other party’s prudence.

Damn it, this feeling of powerlessness! Tang Luo could feel Ji Fu’s earlier anguish. His face was now contorted in discomfort.

Seeing Tang Luo’s tormented expression, Ji Fu was happy. He had successfully remedied his mistake.

Either perish together, or if you want the treasure box, practice the Undying Warrior Technique. Now we’re on the same boat, I’m no longer afraid of you leaking any information.

Of the three people there, only Old Man Xu still didn’t understand why practicing the Undying Warrior Technique was such a difficult matter. He timidly brought it up, “Is that a difficult thing to do?”

The Tang Clan desired the treasure vault for its greed for the Han Family’s martial arts, right? If they got it but didn’t practice it, what’s the point of opening the treasure vault?

Ji Fu did not take notice of him, and Tang Luo still said nothing, pondering with a stern face. Feeling awkward, Old Man Xu shut his mouth silently.

After a while, Tang Luo raised his head and said somberly, “Agree.”

“Good!” Ji Fu laughed, “Gather all the direct descendants of your Tang Clan, I will pass on the Undying Battle Body technique to them. Once everyone reaches the Ninth Stage, you and I will open the Minor Spiritual Realm.”

“How much time is needed?” Tang Luo asked, raising his eyebrows.

“If only the Ninth Stage, at shortest three months, at longest half a year.”

Tang Luo nodded his head. Half a year was acceptable: “Then, it’s settled.”

Ji Fu said in a deep voice, “During the next half year, I will stay in your Tang Family instructing you on how to practice the Undying Battle Body. Let’s start with you. Any problem?”

“None.” Tang Luo replied calmly..

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